Sid:  My guest Retha McPherson from South Africa had it made in life.  She won Mrs. South Africa; she was a spokeswoman for South Africa speaking all over; her business was prospering; her family was prospering.  She went to one of the best churches in town, a born again church.  But, she’ll tell you until this experience she did not have intimacy with God and she knows the difference between religion and intimacy.  She was in an auto accident and her son was left to be a vegetable in a coma and she desperately cried out to God and made contact with God.  Many miracles have happened to her son, the greatest was he actually went to Heaven during this time and was given messages of what to do for his life and he started being prophetic.  He knew things about people, he knew the dreams that his mother was having from God.  And he began to prophecy, he began to write and because he still had the crippled body. He was blind and Jesus came him his vision back, verified by doctors and he’s in process of being completely healed.  But he writes these messages down and his mother, Retha McPherson put this together in a book it’s called “Message from God.”  But the day before it was suppose to be published she got some hate gossip that this isn’t from God and she said, God this is the last thing I want to do is dishonor You.  My whole purpose is to live for You; You’ve got to show me the truth.  So you were desperately praying to God and what happened Retha?

Retha:    At night I had just woke up with this…the whole room was glory white.  It was a white that we don’t understand, if you put your hand in, you won’t see your hand.  It’s like just glory and I realized this is Jesus, and I was calling out, I said Jesus is this you, Jesus, is this you?  And He says yes, I forgot all about the book that I was so desperate to know.  My first words to Him was just tell me, why are you so good to me?  And His words back were, because you love me.  And this was for me, so amazing and I realized that I want Him to talk to me about the book.  So I said, Lord the book.  He said to me, give me back the book.  I saw in my spirit how I gave the book back into His hands; so He took the book, He blew His Spirit in the book.  He gave the book back to me and He says you go and do what you need to do.  And then He said, He said a couple of things about our ministry and how it will go all around the world and He will open up doors because He heard my heart, I’m in Africa how am I ever going to do that?  And He just said to me, I will take care His words was, you build My house, I’ll build yours and I’ll take care of what you need to do.  And then the next morning I woke up and like really, I was jumping up and down because of what had just happened I was so ready to let this book go.  And then Aldo was just writing, his words were, “What happened last night in this house cause Jesus was here?  And I was like, how’s this?  And he kept on writing and he says, “Jesus says thank you that we are obedient to do the book.  And he says the book is not the ultimate the word is the ultimate and he says, but this book has His breath in it and it will change people’s life.

Sid:  Tell me a few specific people the reaction they had when they read the book, “A Message from God?”

Retha:  We had, I spoke one morning at a business breakfast with men, and the one gentleman he read the book and he phoned me the next morning and he says “I could not put the book down.”  He says, “I thought it and I finished it; you won’t believe I do not read, he says, “but I could not put the book down and as I read it I felt the Holy Spirit and he says eventually I was on my knees.  And I said to the Lord, I’m not going to stand here before you touch me and he says and I know that I’m filled with the Holy Spirit.  And this guy was a very very and he still is a rich man.  He went downstairs to the galley and he toke all his wines, very old wines, I mean I didn’t say that in the book but he just took it all out and he throwed out all his alcohol at his house everything and today he is such a blessing to many people.

Sid:  Now the thing that is so amazing is that in your country, South Africa as well as in the United States usually it’s the women in the forefront of Christianity and many men take a back seat.  But men seem to be reading your book from cover to cover and their lives are being transformed.

Retha:  Oh yes, the mails that I get is so many men because I think of this as a child or a boy and men can relate if that could be their child.  And then we had another man from Namibia, it’s a country just next to South Africa I was speaking there and he got the book and he climbed into a tree on his farm.  He read the book, finished the book in the tree and he said to the Lord, I’m not getting off this tree till you touch me.  I want what she has and God’s says this is your life that you then want to give me.  He says, yes Lord, take my life.  So he got off the tree.  He phoned us and sent us a mail and said, my life changed.  And this is the purpose of the book, God wants our life, God want to be your God, he wants to be your everything, your first love.  He says in Revelation that this is thing, you left your first love and people have so many other Gods and your own life can be your own God.  God wants Him to be first.

Sid:  What would practical steps would you see someone doing, the first they have to read the book because the anointing of God is on the book to motivate someone to want to do this.  Then after they read the book, what practical steps can they take to go from the intellectual to the experimental?

Retha:  I think it is to really seek God.  The Word says that those that seek me, will find me and God is Spirit so we have to stop thinking with our logic, we have to stop…we have to think Heaven; God says to think about the things in Heaven.  We have to stop thinking about the things on earth and let this be our God.  We have to really push deeper and deeper into God and the Holy Spirit inside of you will open it up.  You just need to be open, this is the big thing because we arguing and we are thinking and it’s all about us because we are so great and we are so self-controlled.  God wants us to put everything down, the control freaks, all those people put it down, invite God in.  This is not a spooky thing it’s very…it’s very…I tell you the Supernatural realm is more tangible than me you being here on earth.  The supernatural is part of Christ because God is supernatural.  You just need to, to the first thing that I would always say is to bend your two your knees, because in the spiritual realm you will be noticed with a humble heart.

Sid:  You also talk in your book about being still before God, what difference does that make?

Retha:  Ah yea to be still, and there is a place in everything to speak to God to tell Him your heart, but then there is a place to be still.  And I believe in intimacy, there’s not much words it’s just love.  When you get into intimacy, when a husband and wife get into intimacy there is not a lot of discussing and arguments and why Lord why it’s just be still and know that I’m God.  And close your eyes, look at Him, visualize Him, hear Him he says I’m in the breeze of the wind, I’m around you; I think we have to just try to get quiet.  But life is so busy that we don’t get quiet any move and people are use to give God there last minutes of night.  Give God your best time.

Sid:  You know, I’m reminded of something God spoke to you when you had an example of a mosaic at the UN and it was like all people’s lives and there’s a mosaic or plate of everyones’ life and at various times it breaks;  like in your case it broke and God said to you, “All broken pieces of life are nothing more than a beautiful mosaic of your future that’s if you trust God to put it back together rather than you putting it back together, comment on that.

Retha:  I cannot do it myself, I tell you if this is read, I can understand how people say, “I’ve lost it, I cannot do it, you know I this is just too much,” because it is too much.  You cannot do it the way we walk this walk was not about my own strength, this was God in me cause it is not me living but Christ in me.  It’s not my strength but Christ’s strength.  We cannot do it by your own strength.  And I tell you, I cannot say one thing.  He gave me this scripture He said, “Whatever you ask and want in love, if your life is mine, he says far more than you can ever dream or pray for I will do for you.  And in ICU I stood in front of that bed and God said in ICU to me, He says this word will go around the world and this is what I am doing now.  You know this word America, this is not me, this is Christ.  I could not do it.

Sid:  I know that He wants this book in the hands of everyone listening and it’s just men, woman need this desperately too.

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