SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. But you know, in order for it to be naturally supernatural we have to have everything that God has intended for us. The first congregation of believers, they had it. But as time went on many have lost it today. You see, the first believers in the Messiah went through the door of the fulfillment of Pentecost and tongues of fire came upon them, and they spoke in languages they had never been taught. Glenn Arekion, just to whet their appetite, tell me two or three benefits from praying in a language you’ve never been taught, a supernatural language from your spirit, not from your mind, that you have never been instructed.

GLENN: Well first of all, tongues would bring treasure out of you. The Bible says “We’ve got treasure in earthen vessels”. What’s the point of having treasure if you can’t tap into it? When you pray in supernatural language you will tap into this treasure and make your life better. Secondly, when you speak in supernatural language the Scripture says, Paul said that “we are speaking to God directly.” We’re not speaking to man. We’re speaking to God. How many people all over the world would like to have an audience with God, would like to talk to God, but don’t know how to talk to God? And here we have this great privilege of talking directly to God in the Throne Room when we pray supernatural language. And thirdly, when we pray in supernatural language we are strengthening our spirit man with the might of God, the power of God, and that’s what the church needs today. That’s what preachers need today. We need the power of God, the anointing of God to change this world.

SID: Okay. At age 14 you had a relationship with God. Your bedroom was like this sanctuary and you would pray hours and hours in supernatural language, and listen to worship music. Do you remember those days?

GLENN: Yes sir. Still do today. And when I was 14 years old I would pray and pray in that supernatural language called Tongues. I would pray everyday, all hours of the day, especially if there was no school, I would pray all night long, all day long. And my mom and my brothers loved to come in my room because they would say it had a peaceful environment.

SID: You know, I could understand that. It really was your sanctuary. But you had a relative that spent the night in your room and she was not a believer in the Messiah. What happened to her?

GLENN: Well she was visiting from Paris and my mother told me and said, “Well Glenn, you know, we got a visitor, so you’re going to have spend the night in a different room and let your cousin have this room.” And we did not know that she was demon-possessed. I didn’t know that she wasn’t saved. But about two o’clock in the morning she ran out of that room screaming, yelling, “I can’t sleep in that room! I can’t sleep in that room!” And she was manifesting, you know, going crazy just because she couldn’t sleep in that room. And in that room I was always praying supernatural presence, God’s presence was always there, and when there is demons and there’s darkness, darkness cannot stay in the presence of God.

SID: So therefore, if you have the presence of God in your room no evil can even enter there. No evil would be dumb enough to want to enter there.

GLENN: That is true. Because when you’re praying in supernatural language you are charging the atmosphere with the anointing of God, with the presence of God, and with the power of God.

SID: Listen, when he prayed in the supernatural language he was prophesying his future because he heard something about his future wife. Tell me about that.

GLENN: When I was a teenager I knew I was supposed to be in the ministry and I didn’t want to have girlfriends after girlfriends. I wanted to know who my wife is. And I would be praying about it. And this man of God came and told me and said, “God says to you don’t worry about your wife.” I’m thinking to myself, I ain’t worried. Lord, just tell me who she is. I’ll just be fine.” And I went to bed like I do every night praying in the spirit. And as I fell asleep praying in the spirit I had a dream, and in that dream I saw myself at the altar about to get married. And I looked back. I could hear the bridal music and I saw this girl coming in, but she had a veil on her face. I was like, take it off so I can see who you are. And she came and stood next to me. And as she stood next to me I heard the audible voice of God, “Your wife’s name will be called Anna.” So right there and then I just knew I wouldn’t have to go look for Peggy Sue or anybody else, or Elizabeth. My wife’s name would be Anna. And when I met my wife, I met her in church, I saw this girl. I said, “What’s your name?” She said, “My name is Roseanna.” I said, “Well that’s close enough.” But when we opened a passport, on her birth certificate her name is Anna Rose Elizabeth. God never made a mistake and he never makes mistakes.

SID: I’m wondering when you’re going to sleep praying in supernatural languages I believe if you’ve been doing this enough the whole time you’re sleeping you’re praying in supernatural languages.

GLENN: Sure, ’cause your spirit never sleeps. Your body needs rest but your spirit never sleeps, and you are always in constant communion and communication with God, and that is what praying in supernatural language does. It’s your development of your partnership and communion with the Holy Spirit.

SID: Now God knows what’s going to happen in your future.

GLENN: Yes He does.

SID: So therefore if you’re praying a supernatural prayer from your spirit that is hooked with God’s spirit that knows everything before your problem happens you’ve already prayed it through.


SID: So you really can’t worry about anything if you know you’ve been praying perfect prayers.

GLENN: That’s right because when you’re praying in supernatural language you’re praying the perfect will of God. The Scripture says when we pray in the supernatural language we’re praying mysteries, [Latin] Mysterium, meaning “the secret plan”, meaning it’s a plan hidden from the devil, but it is hidden for the saints.

SID: I like that. In other words, when you’re praying in English the devil knows what you’re praying.

GLENN: Sure.

SID: When you’re praying in supernatural tongues—

GLENN: He knows what you’re doing but he can’t sabotage it.

SID: I like that. You’re going to find out about supernatural protection when we come. This is so mandatory for the times that we’re living in. Don’t go away.

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