SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, John Paul Jackson, is such a fitting guest. And let me tell you why. This is the Christmas-Chanukah season, and Chanukah is known as the Festival of Lights. You have the Chanukah menorah and Christmas you think of light shows and displays. But you have never seen a light show like John Paul Jackson saw. It literally is a spectacular of all spectaculars because the lights were caused by God, produced by God. Four hundred people at this meeting and just about all outside of a half a dozen saw the most magnificent light show, which were, I believe, just angels in the spirit realm just moving and slowing down just enough so you could see these lights all over. And someone might say, well, but it could have been a magic trick. It could have been just strobe lights or something like that, except a half a dozen people walked over to John Paul Jackson after the meeting and they said, “We didn’t see any lights.” But we’ll talk about that a little bit later. John Paul, last time I had on the show you had an End Time revelation, and I’m reminded of the angel coming to your mother. What did this angel tell your mother?

JOHN PAUL: That she was going to become pregnant after having a miscarriage, and that she was going to have a son and that he would have an 11th hour ministry, and that even her pregnancy would be a sign of that 11th hour ministry.

SID: And what does 11th hour ministry mean to you?

JOHN PAUL: An End Time ministry, a ministry that says the Messiah is coming and prepare yourselves.

SID: You had a 10-year window, what’s going to happen over the next 10 years. And some of the things have already started, such as it had to do with weather, with politics, with wars, with the economy. In weather, what’s happened?

JOHN PAUL: Well take a look at the geophysical issues. There’s been three major earthquakes in the world just recently. And what we find out is you have Haiti, you have Chile, you have New Zealand. The plate shifted and one of the things the Lord told me was the physical plates on the earth would shift and that would actually end up causing a wobble, a slight wobble in the rotation of the earth. And so the plate in Chile shifted three feet. That’s unheard of that a huge plate would shift that far. But the plate in New Zealand, Sid, shifted 11 feet. That’s a major shift that will cause a wobble to some degree in the earth, and that causes other earthquakes to take place.

SID: And you also said there would be very unusual weather patterns.

JOHN PAUL: Yeah, very unusual weather patterns. Jet streams would shift and there would be unusual weather patterns so that everything would be in the record. So you have the record rain, you have record storms, you have record heat, you have record cold. So we have California who went through the coldest summer in their history. You have Moscow who went through the hottest summer in their history. And so you’re having extremes everywhere on earth. You’re having extremes. You’re having Pakistan having over six weeks of flooding from rains that won’t seem to leave the area.

SID: Now a couple of things I’ve got to ask John Paul. Israel. Iran is posturing itself. I mean, some of the terrorist organizations have got more rockets and missiles, and bombs than a small nation right in and adjacent to Israel. What’s going to happen there? Is God showing you?

JOHN PAUL: Yes. Well Israel and Iran are going to have a conflict. There will be explosions that take place in Iran and also in Israel to some degree. But Iran will be hit. It’s gonna be hit by Israel. I’m not sure if anybody is going to join with them, but I do know that Israel is going to be a proponent of that. I know that from that Israel will not be expected to survive it, but they will, and it’s going to be miraculous. Again, God is going to show His hand of protection and His hand of provision for this incredible nation that He has chosen to speak messages into His kingdom and to advance His kingdom. They’re going to return, people are going to return. And if you’re watching there are so many people. My great-grandfather was Jewish and my grandfather was Jewish, and they came to know the Messiah. And I know that what happens when that takes place lives change, thought processes change, supernatural events begin to occur again, and you’re going to see supernatural events occur.

SID: John Paul, it’s my belief that there is going to be a huge revival among Jewish people.

JOHN PAUL: Yes, there is.

SID: And then we Jewish believers are going to infect the congregation, the church and we’re going to, they’re supposed, the gentiles provoke the Jew to jealousy. These Jewish believers will be like Paul the Apostle, like a forerunner of the 144,000. It says the Word of Lord will go from Zion. I believe that’s about ready to happen.

JOHN PAUL: I believe that.

SID: And I believe all the tenseness that’s going on will do nothing but cause Jewish people to cry out, “God, if Jesus is the Messiah, please show me!” What did God show you about the economy of the United States?

JOHN PAUL: Well the economy of the United States is going to get weaker. In fact in 2011, you’re going to see an end of this, what I call a bubble.

SID: It’s got to stop somewhere.

JOHN PAUL: It will get worse in 2001. As the year progresses things are going to get dramatically worse.

SID: The reason I have him on the show is that most of the prophecies that God has shown him have not come to pass. They’re going to happen over the next 10 years. I’m convinced of this, and that’s why I’ve had him on the show. But he recently had a visitation from the Lord that showed him a key that no matter what happens to the economy, no matter what bombs go off, no matter what happens to weather, no matter what happens with disease, no matter what happens in the political arena, we that know the Lord will be okay. Tell me about this visitation.

JOHN PAUL: Well this issue of justice, the Lord began to talk to me about justice and He actually came into my office early in the morning. I was there before the sun even came up, and I was writing about His names. And I had just put on my heart, a burden on my heart, the names of God, all the ways that He provides for us because His glory and His acts, and His names are inseparable is not a God. He is not a God who doesn’t bring peace, but He doesn’t bring peace. He is God, Jehovah, Shalom. He does bring peace and He is peace. When He comes peace comes. All of His names are that way. When I came to Jehovah Mishpat, the God of Justice, I felt a hand on my back and it’s almost like I could feel the fingerprints. And the spirit of the Lord was there so strong I didn’t even want to turn around to see who was there. I actually thought it was one of my staff who had snuck in to the office and was laying his hands on me to pray for me, and I just was gonna let him keep praying for me. It was that real.

SID: I understand that. Many times I’ll feel something touch my head and it’s an angel. But this was the Lord.

JOHN PAUL: This was the Lord. I believe it was the Lord.

SID: So why does He want you to teach His understand by revelation of justice at this moment in history?

JOHN PAUL: Because over 500 times He talks about it in scripture. If prophets were to cry out forth and priests were to ensure its applications, and kings were to implement the process of justice throughout the entire kingdom. And Isaiah 59 is happening right now, Sid. And that is, “No one is crying out for justice,” Verse 4, “No one is crying out for righteousness. Justice lies buried in the streets, dormant in the streets.”

SID: Well listen, we don’t want it buried in your life any more. You’ve had some injustices, injustices involving money, injustices involving health, injustices involving wives or husbands, injustices involving children, injustices involving employers, even going back several generations and no one is crying out for justice because they don’t know they can do it. But when you learn how to do this your injustices are going to get settlements. And I’ll take a settlement from God any day. Be right back after this word.

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