SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter Here with Dr. Pat Holliday; and Pat, you found yourself in Israel. You were at a miracle meeting with Kathryn Kuhlman, you gave up your seats for some Jewish people because you felt the Jewish people should see these miracles; and two men came up to you, escorted you to the front row. Did you have some political clout there or something?

PAT: Only with Jesus Sid because I didn’t know those men. But you know Jesus knows them and I think they were angels actually.

SID: Alright, you were in the front row; something happened to you, what happened?

PAT: Well I felt the Lord come. And at first he just sort of touched my eyes like that and it sort of put me in a real light trance. I could hear everything around me but yet I was totally in the presence of God. And so then he spoke to me and he said “Pat,” he said “I’m healing your body.” I was a hypochondriac before I met Jesus. And I haven’t been to the doctors in 27 years. God heals me. And so he said “I’m going to heal your husband and I will save him.”

SID: Now what was wrong with your husband?

PAT: He’s healed him twice. At that time the cut a nerve in his back and the arm was like, he couldn’t move it.

SID: It was paralyzed.

PAT: Paralyzed, and so he healed his arm before he got saved Sid.

SID: Just like he said.

PAT: He was riding down the street, gospel music playing and all of a sudden he looked and his arm is keeping time with the gospel music. So he healed me of everything. I had all sorts of things going on wrong with me.

SID: But I want to know what happened to your face.

PAT: Oh that’s what you want. Well he took his hands like this and he pulled them across my face like this and then it was like a bucket of oil was poured over me. And then he said “I want you to go and do my work.” And so I believe when he pulled his hands over my eyes. That’s when he gave me supernatural eyes. And then the bucket of oil was the anointing you see. And so I came out into the lobby and the bus driver came up to me…

SID: Even before you share that -what do people say about the way you look after they saw what happened?

PAT: Oh yes, what they said, I came back home, my family thought I had gone away and got a face lift. At that time I was probably around 37 years old. I went into the hospital at that time and I woke up after that operation and the nurses had little, what do they call them? Magnifiers?

SID: I don’t know.

PAT: Magnifier. And they were right up on my face looking like this and looking like that and I woke up; they were looking for a face lift.

SID: Now even more important the bus driver in Israel comes up to you. What happened?

PAT: He came and he said “This is Peter. He cannot speak English.” He said “He wants to find Jesus Christ.” Well he called him the Messiah like you do. And I said “I’ll take him to the Messianic Jewish room you know. And so I took him by the hand and I’m leading him along. And all of a sudden I turned to him I felt led to pray for him I thought. And so I opened my mouth and I think I’m praying but then he answers me back. And then I answer him back, he answers me back. And then I drop him down in the Messianic room and I come back up to the lobby. So what happened was he came back up to me and he said “Come, come” and he takes me by the hand. And he leads me up and down these rows of busses. And he comes to this particular bus and he says “Tell, tell,” and so I opened my mouth and of course I think I’m talking in tongues right?

SID: In a supernatural language.

PAT: In the supernatural; I think I’m praying for him and so what happens is when that happened the bus driver answered me. And then I answered him and then all of a sudden I just stepped up and laid my hand on his head. And he just went crazy –“Whaaa! Hallelujah!” You know when somebody receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost…

SID: Ok now, if I’m understanding you right, what she did is she spoke in a supernatural language. She doesn’t speak one word of Hebrew but it ended up being Hebrew; the Jewish man was answering her back in Hebrew. And you did this for 25 people. You found out what you were saying. What were you saying to them?

PAT: I prayed and I said “Lord, what am I saying to them?” And he said “The Lord thy God loves you and hates the devil.” “If they want Jesus in their heart, tell the woman to touch you on the head and Jesus will come.” But you could just tell each person came alive. And one night I was up in the room. And I know nobody in Jerusalem; and 5 men called me. They were down in the lobby. They said “Can Pat Holliday come down to the lobby?” I don’t know anybody right. So I come down to the lobby and they’re sitting there. And one of them says “Pray, pray,” like that so I went around, laid my hands on each one of them. And every one of them came forth with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. After about the 25th time, you know what the Lord told me?

SID: What?

PAT: He said “These are end-time warriors.”

SID: Did you get that? 25 Jewish men are spoken to by Pat in a supernatural language. They feel the presence of God, the Spirit of God comes. Someone was just healed. Someone’s neck was just healed. Someone’s back is just healed. And if you’ll walk, you’ll see your hip is healed. The presence of God is so strong. Be back right after this for a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit.

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