Sid: My guest Dr. Caroline Leaf and Dr. Leaf has been a Neuroscientist, where she has researched the brain for over twenty years, cutting edge research on the brain.  I am so excited because I spent the last twenty plus years, as she has too, studying the Bible.  As I found out what she has found out about the brain, what science is finally doing is catching up with the words of Jesus and this is the effect that it’s having on me.  It’s causing me to realize what is going on physiologically to myself and based on every thought, I take captive.  Based on every word I speak with my mouth.  I’m going to be more careful then I have ever been before, Dr. Caroline Leaf.  Has anyone else told you that?

Dr. Caroline: Oh, yes.  Yes, so many people and myself, included.

Sid: You make a statement that each people listening to us has a unique gift inside that can literally change the world.  What do you mean by gift?

Dr. Caroline: Well, I love this topic.  Over the years working with all the people that I have worked with it is something I have noticed, that people lack self esteem in general.  And then there is a whole move around, some are more gifted and some aren’t and what’s intelligent and what isn’t.  And I really studied this and researched this and looked at the parallels in science and scripture and essentially your gift is so simple it is so profound.  It’s so not what the world was telling us gifting is.  Your creational gift from God, your gift from God is the unique way in which you actually think.  So, let me say that again.  It is your unique way in which you actually think.  So as you are listening to me now, you are thinking to build thoughts.  The unique way that you think, Sid, is different to how I think to every single listener who is listening to us now how they think to every single other person in the world.  This means that every single person is gifted because every single person thinks.  And every single person thinks in their own unique way.  And this for me is so exciting because over the years, I studied this from a scientific angle and a spiritual angle.  And if you look at how God talks about us being uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made.  And in Ecclesiastes 3:11, it talks about how He has planted eternity inside us, a divine sense of purpose.  And there is so many other scriptures.  Another one that I just have to mention to highlight to what it means is in Proverbs 9 verse 1-5.  It talks about a wedding feast and that wedding feast.  It talks about how a house is built on seven pillars.  Those seven pillars build the house and it’s the house of wisdom.  I’m just simplifying, summarizing that particular Proverb.  The point I’m making is I was leaping with joy and excitement when I saw that in the Word of God we talk about seven pillars of wisdom.  And then I also saw that in science there are seven neurological pillars or seven pillars in the brain.  And in scripture we talk about the seven pillars of wisdom so we use our seven pillars of wisdom that it will build a house of wisdom.  In science, in neuroscience in order for you to think with wisdom, to think with intelligence you have to think through your seven different neurological pillars.  And I mean that there are just many more spiritual and neurological parallels.  But what it showed  me was, I started digging through the science and really trying understand my own patients and doing my research I found that in the depths of the unconscious mind of men and the mind is what the brain does. I found that we all have the ability to process information.  We all have this ability to think things through, but it is different for everyone of us.

Sid: Well, you make the statement that our thought patterns are as unique as our fingerprints.

Dr. Caroline: That’s exactly, that’s exactly what it is. Your thoughts pattern is as unique as your finger print.  So, although all human brains look very much the same and have the same structures.   There is little difference because male and female brain in terms of sizes and that kind of thing. Were totally equally balanced.  But the way that we use our brains, scientifically we call it the Techtronic architecture.  Like you can have different designs, we all live in houses, but these different designs, different houses.  In fact, they are in your brain as well.   Different architecture, different like end results.  Our trees don’t look the same.  Our thoughts grow on nerve cells.  Nerve cells look like trees.  My trees will have the same physiological nature as your trees but your trees and my trees will look different.  Every person who is listening to us now at the moment will be hearing the same message but thinking through it differently, but will process and look different inside their own brain.  And that’s what our gift is.  It’s this piece of eternity that God has given us.  It is this piece of well, God is everything and He thinks in a certain way, I mean He is everything so He gives us a piece of His thinking naturally, a literally  kind of spiritual way of understanding it.  We talk about the scripture; there is a divine sense of eternity placed in our minds. When God says to us that you have the gift to see, well He gave us the gift of thinking to choose, the gift of free will, He enables us and empowered us to think in a unique way.

Sid: Well, let’s do the flip side, if you don’t think properly within your gifting.  What happens?

Dr. Caroline: Well, our gift becomes blocked and I talk about that as gift blockers.  So we have these, there is a certain way that I need to think to be able to do what I do, which is to study the brain and write these books and teach people about their mind and if I happen to not  think through things properly, if I happen to think negatively, think in a toxic way.  Build a toxic thought, that big black tree actually interferes with my ability to process other incoming information.  So we have a gift blocker.  So our wonderful way of thinking that result in a very positive end result can become blocked by a negative thought.  Because a negative thought is a real thing. So that is a converse.  A converse is that we can block out own gift by the way in which we process information.

Sid: And if we don’t understand and literally are sabotaging our self by blocking our gift, what would this result in?

Dr. Caroline: It results in increasing levels of toxicity in our brain and in our body and related,  this where my other book comes in as we, we think to build thoughts I’m thinking, if my thinking is blocked thinking and not thinking according to my gifting, I am going to be building thoughts.  Those thoughts are not what they should be.  There’s a lot of toxicity in those thoughts.  Eighty-seven to ninety-five percent of current mental, physical and emotional behavioral issues in our lives come from our thought life.  So when I block my gift.  When I block the ability to think to use my gift, to operate according to who I am, the true you, it’s going to result in a physical emotional reaction.  Spirit, soul and body are interlinked.  We are going to feel this physically in our body.  It’s going to affect the lifestyle choices, the decisions that you make.  The things that we do, everything Sid, gets affected when our gift gets blocked, our relationships, and our ability to relate to people. You see there is something you can do that no one else on this planet can do.  You form part of a puzzle.  If you do what you are supposed to do, there’s a hole in that puzzle.  There is a whole lot of people that are supposed to be influenced by you.  Now you are stepping into a gifting.  You are using the gift that God has given you are using the gift that God has given you and you touch millions of people’s lives.  And so many people out there think, well, I have to be Sid Roth to be successful in ministry.  Or I have to be Bill Gates to be successful financially or whatever or we look at other people and think, I need that to succeed.  Meanwhile, you would make a lousy Bill Gates, I would make a lousy Sid Roth, you would make a lousy Caroline Leaf but you make an amazing Sid Roth because you think in your unique way and I could learn from you.  But I can’t be you and this is what we need to tell the world.  This is the message of the gift in you.

Sid: Now tell me about the questionnaire of the 210 questions called the gift profile.

Dr. Caroline: So, what I have done over my years in clinical practice, I would work with helping people to identify the unique way they think , this gift.  And I developed a profile questionnaire based on identifying the structure of your gift.  So your gift is how you uniquely think, has an actual structure and that structure is aligned with the brain science.  And that structure thru questioning you can actually identify how you think and how you pull this whole thing together.  I have put in a very simplified summarized version of 210 questions that people work through; very simplistic that are yes/no answers and you just scored all the explanations and a book.  And what that will tell you is that it described the structure of your gift.  So, if you think in a unique way, what does that mean?  By doing the profile and looking at the description of this, what it means.  You think like this.  And the book is filled with explanations of how, what that means, of what each part of the gift means, how it combines to create the uniqueness of how you think.

Sid: You know we don’t have time to go into it but you have a fascinating section about the G factor and Albert Einstein and his brain and how he thought.  But I liked it when you said that the brain is wired to work in a specific sequence and when you discover that sequence you unlock such great potential.  And if you don’t think properly within your gifting, using the two sides of your brain, it doesn’t work in harmony and it results in toxic thinking which results in illnesses, results in disorders of every possible kind.   So you must have some marvelous stories of people that have taken this 210 question survey,   found out what their unique gift was and moved into it.  We’re making this hard back book titled “The Gift in you” discover new life through gifts hidden in your mind and four DVDs on the same subject, they all work together.

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