Sid: I have got a pastor that many of you have heard of previously because he has been a guest and he’s been involved in one of the top revivals of modern times.  1995 Father’s Day he literally was under the presence of the Spirit of the Living God and in Pensacola, Florida Brownsville Church.  Pastor John Kilpatrick pastored what was known almost, as the Father’s Day revival.  Over 4 million people from all over the world went through that door of that sleepy southern church.  Pastor John, I’m going to take you back to Father’s Day 1995 and what happened to you that day?

Pastor John: Well, my mother had just passed away five weeks before and I was still basically grieving over her death.  And we had been praying for revival for about 2 ½ years at Brownsville and as it inched closer I didn’t realize that it was that close.  You know, you really cannot tell you’re praying for things but you really can’t tell when they are close.  I was really praying most sincerely for rival all those years.  And my mother passed away and I was grieving over that but I didn’t know still that revival was at the door and I wasn’t even going to go to church on Father’s Day.  I was going to call a staff member and have them go that day and take the service.  I had Steve Hill scheduled to come preach.  Because Steve had preached for me many times through the years and I had helped him in missions work around the world.  But, I remembered at the last minute I needed to go present a flag to the Father of Year that morning and I saw his little girl’s face and she dearly loved me.  And so I got up out of the bed and went on to church that morning not really wanting to go and not even realizing that revival was going to break out that day, which was Father’s Day.  I went to church and you know, it was like church as usual that morning and when it came time to introduce Steve I introduced him and went over and sort of flopped down in my chair.  He began to preach and I’ve heard him preach many times but there was a difference about him that morning whenever he preached it was very powerful. You could tell he had been touched.  He was touched and I knew he brought it to them in England and God just really touched Steve in such a powerful way.  I mean his voice sounded different, he carried himself different, and there was a mantle on him.  As he began to preach and as the service continued, you know at the very end he said you know if you want prayer come forward, come forward.  And when the people came forward there was about 1,800 people there that morning and about 1,000 of 1,800 came forward for prayer.  I was really sort of disgusted because I thought to myself.  My God, we got to pray for 1,000 people on Father’s Day.

Sid: (laughing)

Pastor John: And so, I sort of hesitated you know and he was praying for a few people and God was touching them, but I was sort of hesitating on the platform.  I just didn’t want to go down there.  I just didn’t feel like it, I was very depressed and I remember walking down the steps, Sid at Brownsville walking down the steps of the platform and I didn’t realize in the next seconds that my life and our ministry and our church was going to change forever.  I just didn’t know it.  Right at the door and I didn’t even know it.  So when I walked down the steps of the platform down to where he was to praying for people.  He never touched me.  I just walked up behind him and put my hand on his back and put my hand on this guy’s shoulder he was praying for and I felt like strong air conditioning coming around my socks.  It felt like real strong air conditioning air blowing around my socks and whenever he moved on I couldn’t, for the first time in my life, I had no control over my body.  I couldn’t lift my legs to move, to walk, to follow him on down the line.

Sid: Just out of curiosity, was your first thought maybe I’m having heart problem?

Pastor John: No. No. I could tell when I walked down off the stage, off the steps I walked into something that felt like, it really felt like an invisible river, is what it really felt like and as that air became to come around my socks, I knew in my spirit distinctively I knew that it was something spiritual.  And about that time my ankles flipped and my legs just sort of bowed out.  And coming from behind me is felt like an endless telephone pole coming through my legs and it was the Glory of the Lord that came into that church that morning.  And it just kept coming and coming and coming until finally a young man looked at me, he had got saved under my ministry on Easter, and he looked at me, he use to be a bouncer in a bar.  He said do you need help?  I said yeah, so he helped me back on the platform and I was barely able to stand.   I leaned over on the pulpit and I said to the Church, I said Church; this is what we’ve been praying for get in!  As soon as I gave that word, as soon as I said that I mean it was like there was two or three men up on the balcony with machine guns that just started cutting people down on below, on the main floor.  It looked like somebody was just shooting them down.  They just started dropping like flies.  That service that morning lasted, I hit the floor by the way, and that service lasted until the Church service that night.  The Church started at 6:00 people didn’t even leave.  And I hit the floor and I was on the floor for four hours.  I could hear everything, I was conscious but I could not function.  The Glory of God came into that Church so that strong.

Sid: Just out of curiosity, when you say that you could not function, if you wanted to stand up could you?  If you wanted to walk could you?

Pastor John: You know what, I don’t think so.  My body was like a noodle, my hands, my legs was like noodles, the Glory.  It reminds you of the scripture in the Bible when they dedicated Solomon’s temple that the Bible said that the priests could not stand to minister.  And when the Glory came into Brownsville that morning, I literally could not stand I literally could not lift up my eyelid.

Sid: How long did this last?

Pastor John: It lasted about four hours.  My two sons came over and they finally whispered in my ear in about four hours and said Daddy, are you okay?  I said, get me in my chair.  They set me in my chair and I told them to put my hand under my chin so I could use my finger to lift my eyelid.  I couldn’t even see it.  I wanted to see how many people were still there and what was going on.  I could hear the sounds of revival and I could hear the sounds that God was touching people.  But, I had been down for four hours I didn’t know what everything looked like.  I didn’t know how many people were still there. I took my finger and lifted my eye lid up and I’m telling you, no body it didn’t look like no one had left and the power of God was so strong in that building, it not only permeated that sanctuary but it permeated the entire campus.  And the first sight that I saw was a little girl standing in between her mother’s legs.  Her mother had been on the floor and her mother was just in a sitting up position.  That little girl was standing in between her mother’s legs and the front of her dress was wet.  Her little sash of the back of her dress was untied and she was barefooted and she had her eyes fixated on the ceiling.  Her mommy reached toward her little waist and said honey, are you okay?  And I remembered my first sight of revival, that little girl never moved her eyes from the ceiling and said Mommy don’t you see them.  Don’t you see the angels in the ceiling holding hands?  And I knew after God had put this little preacher on the floor for four hours I knew that that little girl saw angels in the ceiling holding hands.  She was below the age of five years old by the way.

Sid: Okay, history now shows this was a major major move of God’s Spirit.  You had over 4 million people come from all over the world to partake.  How did you exist when it stopped?  And then a better question than that, did you have any idea that you would pastor another revival again and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve never heard of a pastor having a great move of God’s Spirit such as you had pastoring it, finish its course and then come back in another part of the United States.

Pastor John: It is amazing, I feel you know, just tremendously honored and humble I really do.  When it ended it lasted four five years and 4 ½ million people came to the doors from all over the world.  And when it ended it ended just basically because physically we couldn’t continue, just weariness had set in your know and we just couldn’t continue.

Sid: You told me about a prophecy that there would be a move of God’s Spirit before it hit the Pensacola area and so someone heard by the Spirit.  But then, they said it would travel fifty miles to the west.  Now, you happened to be in a little city called Daphne, Alabama.  Where is that located in relationship to Pensacola?

Pastor John: Well, if you leave the parking lot of Brownsville and if you travel fifty miles west when your tires hit the parking lot of the civic center of Daphne Civic Center.  It is fifty miles exactly.

Sid: Well, this revival that has hit now is different than the last one and yet the same as the last one.    The biggest difference that I’m observing is tremendous miracles are taking place.  We’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But I am very, very excited as a matter of fact my producer said to me  she can’t wait to go to sleep at night after listening to your three CD series, “Mysteries Revealed”.  Would you explain why she can’t wait to go to sleep?

Pastor John: Well, it appears that the Lord is really dealing with the people all over the world right now in their sleep.  I ask people as I travel how many of you, your sleep patterns have changed?  Almost every hand in the house goes up.  God is speaking to people in their sleep and the Lord spoke to me here recently, he said that before His coming He’s going to reveal mysteries.  He said because in Heaven there will be no more mysteries.  And He said that He is going to reveal mysteries to His people.  And the Lord is doing that through people dreaming and by even giving visions to young people, young men and young woman, old men are dreaming dreams.

Sid: Well, the thing that is so exciting is you teach people how to move from being a servant of God to being a friend of God and it is to the friends’ of God that God reveals His secrets.  And these secrets… oops, were out of time.

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