Sid: I can tell you that God wants everyone everywhere to have their houses 24-7 filled with the atmosphere of Heaven.  Speaking of the atmosphere of Heaven, and  the atmosphere changing, that is really an amazing story Julie True about how the atmosphere changed in a counseling between a husband that was fighting constantly with his wife in the counseling session. Tell me about that.

Julie: Well, a lady who was a counselor who was working with a husband and wife, she said that they came in fighting from the very beginning and she decided to just put on a CD of mine to comfort her.  The counselor said that it just changed the atmosphere and the husband and wife both of them just started weeping.  They just kept weeping and weeping and then it kind of freaked them out because they didn’t understand what was happening. And they asked her, “Is that Christian music?” She said yes and told them that God was touching them and cleansing their hearts.

Sid: Julie tell me about the person that had a uterine cyst when your music literally sang over her.

Julie: That was a lady that came to our church one night and she had actually had a cyst that was enlarged and it was putting pressure on her nerve.  She was in excruciating pain and had been absolutely incapacitated for the whole day and insisted that her husband bring her to church for prayer.  We had never met.  She had been watching archived shows of your’s that day. Her faith was being, you know, built up and she could receive healing from God.  She told her husband that I know that Julie True goes to this church but I would love for her to sing over me because I’ve heard that God is using her music.  So anyway she comes in. It is totally crazy story about how she came in to get a heating pad and the usher led her in to this room. She had no idea we were in there because the church service was going on in another room and she stumbles on to us, me and two prayer people that were with me.  So we end up praying for her and singing over her.  I sing over her and she had about 30% better instantly where she could actually move and was able to sit in a chair which we had not been able to do.  By the next day she was completely healed of that whole situation. And she had had an ultrasound before and had one after, and the cyst had shrunk and she had no more pain.

Sid: People are being healed, suicides are being prevented.  Again, how would you like that supernatural peace just saturating your entire house, your entire family? I think it would change everything and everyone.  Tell me about the suicide that was prevented.

Julie: Oh wow that one really touched me.  A person who carries my CD’s in South Africa had a lady call in who just started weeping and weeping on the phone.  And the girl that was talking with her could hardly understand her.  And she starts finding out that this husband and wife, that their son had been murdered about a month earlier. And the husband had been so distraught that he was at a point of complete hopelessness and was going to commit suicide.  He went out to get in the car and leave and go carry out this thing and my CD “Breathe You In” was playing in the car. And God, I don’t even know what part it was, but God used it to arrest him and he just was touched by God and completely changed him.  He let go of the whole idea of suicide.  He came back and they said that they just keep that CD playing 24-7 in their house and it has been like a life line to them.

Sid: How about the person who was watching “It’s Supernatural” when you were on and literally they could feel the robe of Jesus brush across their face.  And then their whole family had manifestations of God.

Julie: Yes, this lady said that it affected her whole family, her husband especially had been, she had taken him to church and he had all these kind of churchy experiences, but somehow God used my music in that moment to really touch him and he cried and cried.  Then he closed his eyes and for the first time in twenty years he just began speaking in tongues and spirit language and he was in the presence of God.  She took a picture and said that in the picture she could see angel wings around him.  So they had an incredible encounter.

Sid: I think everyone that listens to your music is going to have incredible personal encounters of intimacy with God.  But there was a change in your life when you began for the first time to learn you couldn’t work for intimacy with God.  It was simply because God loved you.

Julie: That’s right. Well we had had a speaker at our church that really had a big impact on me, and had had a lot of understanding about the love of the Father, and the heart of God as a Father. And so I started receiving that and understanding the truth. And I had really believed a wrong picture of who God was and thought He was kind of this stern person that was shaking His finger at me and that every mistake I made I was being held accountable .  And there was just no place for the fact that Jesus loved me and His grace covered me and it wasn’t about how well I performed.  And you know when you receive that love then you have something to sing about.  So it is hard to sing about somebody that you feel like doesn’t like you very much.  Anyway it changed everything, it changed the whole way that I communicated with God.  I began to sing songs of love to Him and songs of the thankfulness.  Those are really key things. Thankfulness opens up the heavens to us, and it opens up a pathway between us and God.  So that was a huge turning point in my life.

Sid: You know one person said describing your music, “it is the most meaningful heavenly music I have ever listened to.”  Another person, a friend of mine James Gall, prophesied over you that your music would be an interactive healing experience.  What does that mean to you?

Julie: Well, to me what I didn’t really know what it meant in the moment when he said that; but what I realized since then is that every time I lead a soaking worship and prayer time it is me interacting with God.  Then people kind of opens up a place for people to come along with me in that place that I am connecting with God, and then it helps them.  So that is what I think it means, we are both interacting with God, we are both receiving healing, and He is touching deep places in our heart.

Sid: Speaking about touching deep places even people with Alzheimer’s are being touched and affected by your music.  Tell me about the selection we are going to play today “Free to Fly.”

Julie: It was the last song on “Sounds of Healing” which was another one of those interactive healing experiences, and I had been through just a whole lot of things in the midst of that soaking time that we had that day.  It was at the very end I had sung about having nothing holding back from God and then pure peace.  We just sensed God’s pure peace and I was singing about how there is nothing like it.  And then the violinist just started playing in this beautiful melody on the violin.  I felt like God, I was just like an eagle being set free.  I was just free to fly there was no ceilings in God.

Sid: You know, I’ve had dreams in which I’ve seen myself flying and it is the neatest thing in the world.  I’m just curious, has that ever happened to you?

Julie: I’ve never had a dream about that but I’ve definitely felt that musically and in the Spirit.

Sid: Well, you know what?  I believe people are going to feel that way when they hear “Free to fly.”

Sid: That was from “Sounds of Healing.”  I want you to have two CD’s music CD’s by Julie True.  One is called “Breathe You In” the other “Sounds of Healing” and I want to saturate your car, saturate your office.  I mean doctors are using this.  Counselors are using this.  Healing rooms are using this.  Now it is time for you to use this music and we put together what we call a mini soaking kit.  It includes two CD’s and a special bonus on how you can have your own soaking room.  Whether it is just you or your family and have intimacy with God and hear God’s voice and just enter into an interactive experience with God.

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