Sid: My guest, by way of telephone is Katie Souza. I am so excited about the revelations that God is showing her where she’s been able to be set free.  She has been able to be healed of things that she could not be healed of previously.  And she is getting other people healed and when you listen to her step by step teaching, for the Healing School and then the bonus CD we are offering the six from the Healing School and the bonus CD on how to activate the Glory Light of God step by step, how to do this. You are going to be walking in a whole new level.  On yesterdays broadcast we were talking about the activation of the Glory Light and you were telling me a testimony, Katie Souza.

Katie: Yeah, it was just awesome.  You know when you start to understand that what Jesus said.  He said that the prince of this world is coming, but he has nothing in me that is in common with him so he has no power over me.  So, I began to understand that as I got my wounded soul healed in the Glory Light, then I would begin to have more dominion over the demonic because  there would be nothing in my soul in common with demonic powers.  And I saw that playing out when I went on tour and I had a dream one night.  I had a dream I was cooking meth.  That is when you have a laboratory where you cook the drug called methamphetamine and that is one of the sins that I use to take part in over a decade ago.  And so I have that dream and I wake up and I say gee Lord, I haven’t done that for over a decade, but I don’t think that it was coincidence that you would have me have that dream.  I believe your showing me a wound in my soul because sin creates the wound.  And boy cooking meth is a sin and it put a wound in me.  And so I said, I’m just going to believe that you want that healed today for some reason before I go to my first meeting.  So, I lay down and I began to put the glory light of Jesus on my soul to heal that wound and in fifteen minutes, I got the healing.  We teach on that the CD that you are offering that the people can know how to do it and how to know they got the healing.  So in fifteen minutes I get the healing and I go to the healing.  I walk into the room that I am going to minister in and I smell in the spirit the chemical used to cook methamphetamine. And I thought, that can’t e a coincidence, so I go to the hostess who is holding the meeting and I tell her about my dream and I tell her what happened.  She said this, well this room, before we bought this building was used as a methamphetamine lab.  And I knew what Jesus was doing.  I knew that the Lord was saying, you got to go minister in that place today.  You need to have complete dominion so that there can be nothing in you that is in common with the demonic  so that the demonic will have no power over you.  So, that is why God showed me that in my soul that night and when I got the healing of it I walked into that building,  I had authority that I wouldn’t have had before and signs and wonders broke out.  We even had a woman that was getting healed of bipolar.

Sid: Have you had many people healed of such things healed of bipolar and things to do with their memory and their brains?

Katie: Yeah, and we teach that on the disk that you are offering too.  We understand who the king is that is over some of the mental disorders.  We’ve had people in meetings feel like a hand was scooping through their mind and their mind instantly cleared up.  We’ve had people in the meetings see like light filling their mind and then they got a healing of mental disorder.  A husband was healed of mental disorders.  We have had a lot of healing of things that are attached to the brain.

Sid: Now, you stated that you had the Glory Light of Jesus shine on you to get you healed.  How did you do that?  But for those that are listening.

Katie: Well, first I have a scriptural understanding that the glory light of Jesus the Messiah heals us.  I saw it in Malachi 4:2 says the son of righteousness, meaning Jesus arises with healing in His wings and the beam.  That is in the Amplified.  That means beams of light and I started to look at that word healing and He arises with healing.  Well, I know that Jesus uses light to heal, but can it actually heal the soul, our mind, our will and our emotions.  And that word healing that there is the word, Marpai it actually means to mean sound of mind.  And I began to see proof.  Every where Jesus would say, “I’m the Light of the world”, “I bring the light, which is life” I would see that those words would be… that they would translate from the Hebrew and the Greek into the word soul and into the word healing for the soul and light for the soul.  So I believed what I saw in scripture, that the light can actually heal the parts of your soul, your mind, your will and your emotion.  And so very briefly, the very most basic thing I did was that  I get my soul wounds healed.  The first thing I do when God brings something to my mind.  Oh, remember when that happened or this happened I first put the blood of Jesus on that.

Sid: Now what most people when something comes to remembrance, they repent, they say they are sorry.  But, your finding that it is much more effective to do the next two things.

Katie: And that is what we have been missing, that is what we have been missing, Sid.  Because, I’m telling you what?  Let’s say somebody really offends you, they really hurt your feelings and you get offended and worked up and maybe speak against them.  And then you go before the Lord and say I’m sorry, I repent.  I forgive them and I repent and bless them and everything else and the next time you hear that person’s name you catch yourself still feeling upset about it. Your thinking, why I repented, I forgave.  Well, because creates a wound and we have been repenting and putting the blood of Jesus on the sin, but we have not been putting the glory light of Jesus on the wound to get it healed.  If the wound is still there, wounds control your mind.  They affect the way you think.  They affect your emotions, so we need to do both.  This is the missing thing that we have been doing.  Even with fighting the demonic.  We have been claiming the blood of Jesus on any of our sins to cleanse, to close the door so the demonic powers would not have legal right to afflict us.  Then we are fighting and warring and we are wondering why we aren’t getting the victory.  Well, one of the reasons is because we put the blood which forgives the sin but we have not put the glory light of Jesus to heal the wound that was created by the sin.

Sid: You know that’s what I love about your six CDs in the Healing School.  You make it so easy to understand.  And we are throwing a very special bonus, which would be worth the whole..If you got this bonus it would change your destiny and your life.  It’s called the Glory Light and how to activate it step by step.  I think that it’s time Katie, for you to pray for us to have those scar and those wounds removed and for healing to break out.

Katie: Yes, I just want to release right now into whatever atmosphere that you are sitting in right now the power of the blood of Jesus and the glory light of Jesus now.  I ask that Jesus presence break out where ever you are out right now.  And I ask that in His light, in His glory light that you would receive revelation.  That you would get dreams and vision about what ever wound is in your soul and God wants healed in Jesus’ glory light.  You would have an understanding.  A memory would come to your mind.  Or you would see a picture or you would have a dream tonight, even as you are soaking right now and receiving the light because in His glory light we see light.  That is what the scriptures say.  Then you would take that revelation and you would begin to meditate on the scriptures about the light of Jesus.  How He is the light of the world and how when your eye or your soul is filled with light your entire being will be sound.  And I decree the loosing of light upon every wound and the blood on every sin in Jesus name.  Wiping away the sin that created the wound and then the glory light going to heal the wound.  More and more light.  I decree more and more glory light, more and more of Jesus’ glory light loosed and penetrating, going deep, going back in time to the very place that that wound was formed inside your soul.  I decree right now that you are going to receive a healing in the glory light and its going to change the way you feel.  It’s  going to change your emotions.  It is going to change your peace level.  It is going  to change the amount of dominion that you have over the enemy.  Everything that is in you that is in common with demonic powers is going to be healed in the glory light of Jesus and you are going to see a whole new level of dominion and authority as the stuff that’s in you that is in common with the demonic is taken out in the glory light and you’ll have total dominion and authority over powers and kings and master spirits.  And I decree more light, more glory light, more glory light, more of the glory light, more of the glory light, more of the glory light. Transformed into His image in the presence of the glory light.  And that tonight angels will even come in and beam the glory light of Jesus into your room as you sleep.  That they will beam it into your mind so that your mind, all of the wounds attached to your mind will be healed.

Sid: How would you like six CDs of this type of teaching and anointing  that is on it.  It is called the Healing School and then the bonus CD, “How to activate the Glory Light of Jesus,” step by step.

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