Sid:  I said what about Gog and Magog and you said.

Joel:  One of my convictions is that all the prophets throughout the Bible, are all basically telling the same story. They’re all looking to and prophesying through the various different events through the day and they’re all pointing to the coming of the Messiah and the events that surrounding His coming. The basic story that they’re telling is that in the last days the antichrist, a charismatic military religious political leader will emerge. He gathers a vast coalition of nations primarily defined as a ten-nation coalition with many nations with them. They invade the land of Israel. The antichrist succeeds in all that he does. He crushes the power of the holy one, Israel. In Israel’s darkest hour, the Messiah returns, He delivers them, they turn to Him forever, He rules the earth from Mt. Zion. That’s the basic story. If people get that basic story down, then they look at the prophets and they see that all the prophets are telling the same story from a slightly different angle. When we get to Ezekiel 38:39, so many Christians try to complicate this and say, “This is a different charismatic military leader. This is a different coalition of nations. This is a different invasion of Israel, a different supernatural victory of the Messiah.” There is a significant key in the passage. God looks and speaks to Gog and says, “Are you not the one that I have spoken of by my former prophets? For many years they prophesied that I would bring you against Israel.” When people look at that they go “Wait a minute. So you’re saying that all of the former prophets that came before Ezekiel were talking about Gog.” If that’s the case, if Gog is someone other than the antichrist, then I say, “Show me one other prophet that’s talking about a Russian-led coalition.” They go silent. Ezekiel is telling the same story that all the prophets are talking about that Gog is another name for the antichrist. Why have people made Gog into something else. The answer is that when they look at the nation, they’re not Roman or European. They’re Middle Eastern. They go, “This can’t fit with some of our previous suppositions.” In order for their whole world-view to work, they need a mechanism to eliminate the world of Islam, because the bottom line is that everyone who does not worship the antichrist will be martyred or persecuted. We know that if there was an antichrist in the earth, the Muslims would not follow him if he was a humanist or Catholic or universalist. If the antichrist is a Muslim leader, then suddenly it makes sense why the Middle East would follow him, why the 1.7 billion would follow him, and why the most anti-Semitic people in the world that surround the nation of Israel today would follow him.

Sid:  You mentioned some things of George Freeman who is the CEO and founder of Stratford the world’s leading private intelligence forecasting company. What does he say about Turkey?

Joel:  This is what’s so fascinating. For years I’ve been saying that the Bible is clear. Turkey will re-emerge as the regional leader of the Middle East. In Freeman’s recent book called “The Next Hundred Years,” he says that in the years to come we will see Turkey emerge as a global super power as the most dominant power in the Middle East. He says that as the Western nations evacuate the Middle East, there will be an inevitable vacuum. History shows that the Middle East is not capable of being dominated by a foreign, Western power, but it is capable of being dominated by a Muslim power. Turkey historically has been the nation that has been able to do that for over five hundred years. Right up until 1924, the Turks ruled the entire Middle East. In the years to come, non Bible-believing secular analysts are saying that that is going to take place. The head wound that appeared to be fatal, is being healed, and the beast is arising from the ashes right before our eyes.

Sid:  What is God’s Holy Mountain Project?

Joel:  God’s Holy Mountain Project is an inter-faith project in Israel founded by Yoav Frankel. He’s an Orthodox Jew. Their desire is to see on the temple both the Mosque of Omar as well as a Jewish temple there on the mount side by side where everyone can go and worship God together all on this one holy location.

Sid:  Then another very intriguing man that you’ve personally met, Adnan Oktar, tell me about him.

Joel:  He is the most published author in the entire Islamic world. He has written nearly three hundred books in sixty-five languages. He literally has come out and said that he believes that during the age of the Islamic messiah they will rebuild the Jewish temple on the Temple Mount. He speaks about Muslims and Jews worshipping God together. They all believe that God is one. For the first time you have a significant Muslim leader from Turkey openly calling for the re-establishment of what he calls Solomon’s Palace on the Temple Mount.

Sid:  He has a new book. What is the premise of that?

Joel:  The new book that’s just come out is about twelve hundred pages is about how “The Mehide,” that’s the Islamic messiah figure, and Jesus will return in this century. This is one of the most significant Islamic books to come out speaking of their messiah figure as well as what they believe is the Islamic Jesus. They believe he’ll be the assistant to the Islamic messiah figure and that he’ll come soon.

Sid:  The best as you see it is a coalition of Islamic nations and they are going to attack the harlot who you believe is Saudi Arabia. Talk about that a little bit.

Joel:  The scripture says that the beast will turn on the woman and devour her. This is intended to be ironic. This is as if you’re watching the Lone Ranger and all of a sudden Silver turns and eats the Lone Ranger. That’s what we are supposed to see in Revelation when we’re reading Revelation. When we look at the breakdown of the Middle East, most of the radical Muslims are happy that the Saudi royals are funding their Jihad, on the other hand they look at the Saudis as an illegitimate, corrupt monarchy that needs to be overthrown. Likewise Iran would love to be the top oil-producing alpha dog of the region. Saudi Arabia’s terrified of Iran. They’re also terrified of a re-emerging Turkish dominance in the region. Right now Saudi Arabia’s quaking in their boots. There was just a news article recently that said that Saudi Arabia was allowing Israeli jets to land in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of potentially attacking Iran. What a lot of people believe is that this thing would break down between Sunni and Shia, but in fact what’s happening is we will see the coming together of various Islamic nations that are radical Islamists and on the other hand you have Saudi, Jordan, and Egypt. They tend to be viewed as more western-friendly. It’s really the more so-called modern nations versus the more radical Islamist nations that desire to see the re-establishment of a caliphate.

Sid:  And a caliphate is?

Joel:  It is the Islamic government run by the police, which is the pope, president, and general of the entire Islamic world.

Sid:  I know they have a plan for Britain to become Islamic. What about for the U.S.?

Joel:  Well of course they would love to see it, but as an intercessor, I’m saying that’s not going to happen. I’m going to stand with my nation and believe that we’ll remain strong as much as possible.

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