SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Caroline Leaf. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Dr. Leaf has researched the brain for 25 years. When she started her research brain science was in the Stone Age, and as a matter of fact, people that reach your level there probably aren’t too many that believe in the Bible.


DR. LEAF: No. I think there’s only a few of us around.


SID: But you know what? I believe with the latest research you have, people are going to start, even agnostics, are going to start seeing, “Hey Jesus said what we’re just finding out in our research.” And the thing that’s so amazing to me is that you say God created us with a gift and everyone’s gift, and this is hard to comprehend, this is a lot of people on earth. But she says everyone’s gift is so unique and when you can learn what your gift is and operate in your gift you’re gonna have extraordinary peace. You’re going to accomplish your destiny. You’re going to be walking in Divine health. Your relationships are going to be better. And most people that take these standardized tests, they’re not tests for the gift that God’s given them. They’re tests for their talents. Explain.


DR. LEAF: Exactly. Well that’s exactly, you said it so well, Sid. What we need to distinguish between is our gift and then the manifestation of the gift. The manifestation is what you’ll see in terms of someone singing beautifully or playing the piano or a great mathematician, or a great orator, those are manifestations. And during the course of one’s lifetime, you know, you get experience of those manifestations will change and will expand, and we’ll have multiple things that we can do.


SID: Okay. You say our gifts are so unique it’s like as unique as a fingerprint. That’s how unique your gift is, how special you are. What happens when people realize they’re special, they’re unique, and then they find out what God created them to be unique for?


DR. LEAF: Well it’s unbelievable. You know, when I still had my clinical practice I would have boxes of Kleenex because to show someone who for years has been labeled, that you’re not a label, that you’re not what the IQ test or the personality test or the aptitude test is. You actually have a unique way of thinking that is different than is no one else who can think like, that you’re a unique design in a way that you think a designer [unintelligible], I often say. Because what it essentially is, is that your unique gift, Sid, is the unique way in which you think. You have a unique way of thinking. I have a unique way of thinking. 6.7 billion people on the planet, each and every one of us thinks in a unique way.


SID: How can it be so unique? I don’t get that.


DR. LEAF: Well it’s just in terms of physiologically, what happens is this, is that we are thinking all day long. You’re even thinking at night time. You’re a thinking being. God has blessed us with this ability to think. As you think, you think, you process this information from outside and as you’re thinking you’re making choices and you’re building thoughts. Now thoughts are real. They occupy mental real estate. They’re real physical structural things inside your brain and they’re constantly changing. So our thoughts are constantly dynamic and changing. Now the simplest way to explain this is if there was a car accident and you had five people at the scene of the car accident or 10, or 20, every single person would report differently, because each person perceives it differently. We each have this unique way that we filter information through the world as we think into both thoughts. So our gift of thinking filters and it builds the thought, and it’s different for every single person. That’s what the scientists have found. Physiologically, the process, and we can go into that in a moment, but physiologically it’s the same, we have the same physiological process. But the way that we use that physiological process is different for every person.


SID: So depending on which part of the brain you start with and cycle, if you can understand what part your strengths are you can improve your weaknesses.


DR. LEAF: Exactly. Well absolutely. And even nicer than that is that you actually don’t have weaknesses built into you. Now this is totally and accurately unique, too, the whole concept of talents and things, because we think, well I’ve got strengths and weaknesses. You actually build the strengths because God said, “I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb.” And he also says in Ecclesiastes 3:11, that “He has planted eternity in our minds and a Divine sense of purpose.” And we’ve got the mind of Christ. I mean, you saw how many scripture that we can use to explain that. So what it means is that you are wired for talent, for giftedness. You’re wired for strengths. So therefore, when you make bad choices, we build matrix in our mind that block our gift and weaknesses will actually manifest, but also how we define weakness. The world says, for example, that to be successful you have to be a linguist and a mathematician, and if you’re an artist or something else, you’re not as clever or smart. Now that’s not the truth. That’s just there’s a bell curve. And what they do is they say well if you’re in this part of the bell curve you are more gifted than anyone else out there. It’s the other around. There’s something that you can do that no one else on this planet can do, which makes you a designer. So that unique, that bell curve that world views and defines and giftedness is completely wrong, because everything that you can do is gifted because it’s a result of the way in which you think. So there’s something that each of us can do that no one else can do.


SID: Okay. You have a test which I took.


DR. LEAF: Good.


SID: And this test shows what I emphasize, what’s the first part of my brain, the second part.

Tell me what these different parts are, very briefly.


DR. LEAF: Okay. So the test that I designed is over years of research because I’ve done years of research in this gift concept and how the brain does all these things and how it builds all these thoughts, and that kind of thing. So what I was using in my clinical practice is I would help people to understand this is how I think. This is the structure of my thought processes, and if I work and in hand in the structure of my thought processes it’s going to produce a better result, whatever that result or design result may be. So from the brain science I’m summarizing huge years of research. We have used the brain as an example, this model is an example. It’s almost as though we can slice up the brain into seven distinct areas and each of those areas there are groups of nerve cells in each of those areas that are responsible for a specific type of thought. I call them pillars of thought, and there are seven pillars of thought. So the brain is almost in seven different groups. And that’s interesting because in Proverbs 9:1 it talks about “Wisdom has built a house on seven pillars.”


SID: So God knew how the brain was designed.


DR. LEAF: Absolutely.


SID: I’ll tell you what. I want you to hold that thought. You’re gonna find out how these seven pillars each operate and it’s the combination that makes you so unique. And I took this test, and we’re gonna find out if I’m suited to be a host of an interview show. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

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