Sid: Now that’s fine at that moment but, after that moment what happened with, let’s take your wife, this had to really hit her as hard as you.  How did she deal with it?

Dave: Well, it struck her very hard but she found a special grace from the Lord that was different from mine.  And, I actually believe that people watching one of their loved ones struggle with something, whatever it may be, often have it tougher than the person in the middle of the battle.  There was a grace that the Lord gave to her to carry her.  She mentioned several things.  One thing she said, she felt like a hand was on the back of her head; on the top of her head at the back; just resting on her head.

Sid: How long was this feeling on her head?  How long did this last?

Dave: Well, I was in the hospital a total of six months.  The entire battle took place in the course of six months of our life.  Throughout that time she had this constant sense of a hand on her head.  Actually, at times she her hand up to brush it away, thinking that something was on top of her head.   Later a friend of ours, Randy Clark told us that people will often tell him that their sense of angelic presence an angelic ministry is typified by a hand on their head.  But, I would say whether people feel it or not, He commands His angels, gives them charge over us to minister strength to us in amazing ways.

Sid: Okay, if your wife, God gave her an extraordinary grace, she felt the presence of God.  I get that, how about you?  I know you heard what God said that he wasn’t surprised but, that that is not a whole lot of solace when the doctor gives you a death sentence.  You’re going into a hospital, you’re in the cancer ward for six months, you must have had a time.

Dave: Oh, I had my moments.  And I found the freedom. David found in the presence of the Lord the freedom to inquire of the Lord to lift up his complaint to express himself.   Not only his great joy and pleasure and worship, but, he would express his fears and felt free to ask his questions.  I felt that same freedom.

Sid: Oh, oh by the way I think it’s amazing the name of the hospital you went into.

Dave: It was Holy Spirit Hospital.

Sid: Ha, Ha, Ha.  That had to be a sign for you.

Dave: I recommend, I recommend going to Holy Spirit’s Hospital all the time.  It was wonderful.

Sid: Okay, they decided that the best way to treat your cancer from their viewpoint was chemotherapy.  You decided the best way to treat the cancer from your viewpoint was prayer.  Tell me about the prayer.

Dave: Well, there was, there was all kinds of prayer erupting.  Our church kicked into a new posture of prayer and we found that they were having spontaneous prayer gatherings throughout the day or night.  People would be awakened to actually come over to the hospital and pray in the visitation room right across from where my hospital room was.  So there was constant prayer going on for us.  Prayer gatherings of pastors in our region were standing with us we felt very supported, very covered.

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