SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter of the supernatural of God. I want to be your mentor; and Jeff Burke moved so extraordinary in the supernatural. Jeff is it true that you’ve prayed for people that have instantly lost weight?

JEFF: Well the…I was in a place in Connecticut and there was a man there that lost weight while we were praying.

SID: How much weight did he lose?

JEFF: He lost 60 pounds?

SID: 60? How can you be so casual about that? Do you realize that you have everyone on the edge of their seat right now?

JEFF: Well praise the Lord! (laughs) It’d be good if I could can it but I can’t.

SID: I understand, before we went on the air you said that God spoke to your spirit and told you to pray for people right now. Would you pray for them?

JEFF: Yes I will. Father, just right now, in the mighty name of Jesus, Lord I just thank you Lord that you are releasing giftings among the people of God; and it’s going to reach out so it will be even a tool that will draw people into your heart into your life. Lord even right now let words of wisdom, and words of knowledge begin to stir up. And let the gifting of healings begin to move and flow in Jesus’ name. Now particularly, right now there’s a lady named Glenda, and I believe you’re from Mississippi, and you have an 11 year old boy named Troy. And there is some healing, particularly about some organs, and you go to him, you lay hands on him, and you thank the Lord for the gifts of healings and signs and wonders moving through. And the power of God will be demonstrated and manifested. There’s also a lady named Gloria. And Gloria, you’re praying about a restoration with a husband. And God’s going to move, He’s going to do something supernatural. He’s going to answer some things. There’s actually three other ladies that prayed with you last Tuesday. And so God’s going to answer and move for you. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Father for these things manifested and being released in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord.

SID: Now let me ask you something: when you said that did you see it? Did you hear it? What was going on inside of you?

JEFF: I heard the name Glenda and then I saw an 11 year old boy, I just saw that. And then I saw inside something in his organs, I saw like a darkness in his organs. But I know the Lord showed me because he wants to heal him.

SID: Now we’ve investigated you and the producer of our television show actually saw you speaking and moving. Just out of curiosity, you’ve been doing this a number of years now. Does it amaze you

JEFF: It amazes me every time. It really does.

SID: Tell me your favorite experience when you were ministering to someone; of all your experiences.

JEFF: Of all my experiences. I was in a place called Homer, Alaska and I was standing up after the service, after I had preached. And I looked and I saw a young girl there, about 17 years old. She was sitting beside an older lady holding a baby. And the Lord spoke to me. I heard the voice of the Lord say “This is her mother; that’s her child. She has had this child out of wedlock. And she was living in Oklahoma, but she’s moved here so her parents could help her raise the child.” And I said “Well Lord, I know you don’t want me to call that out publicly.” And the Lord said “No.” “But this is what I do want you to tell her:” He said “You go to her and you tell her ‘Aaron is not an accident but he really will thunder.’” And so I said “Well ok Lord; that sounds strange to me, but.”

SID: Sounds strange to me too.

JEFF: So I went to her and looked at her and I said “Listen, the Lord told me…”

SID: So why did you say that though, if it sounded strange? Most people would just… I’m not going to do that!

JEFF: Well definitely – obedience is better than sacrifice.

SID: Ok.

JEFF: So I said “Lord I will obey.” And so I walked over, I spoke, I said “Listen, the Lord told me to tell you that Aaron is not an accident and he really will thunder.” And I turned and walked away.

SID: I would have run, but go ahead.

JEFF: But she came up after the service and she said “Brother Jeff, listen. I’m about 17 years old.” She said “I just moved here from Oklahoma.” And she said “The child that you saw; that’s my mother; the child is actually my child. I had it out of wedlock. But I moved here to Alaska so my parents could help me with the child.” She said “But the real blessing is – he’s not an accident because his name is Aaron. I named him Aaron and God said “Aaron is not an accident.” She said “But I named him a very unusual middle name.” She said “His middle name is Thunder.”

SID: Wow! I tell you what! Pray! I want to hear that! I’m not shaking your hand; I am saying I want you to pray that move on me. And I want him to pray that that gift move on you. How would you like to speak specific words? But let me tell you, it’s not a game. He can only do that when God tells him to do that. Someone’s neck and back and hip has just been healed in Jesus’ name. Would you pray for the gifts for me and for everyone that is watching right now, to be stirred up? I mean specific words of wisdom. You’re so specific you even know nicknames. That is wild.

JEFF: Praise the Lord. Actually I do have a specific word the Lord gave me while I was sitting here.

SID: Very quickly if you give it. Why don’t you.

JEFF: It’s just something the Lord told me to do if it’s ok.

SID: Alright.

JEFF: Could you do your hands like this; if it’s ok?

SID: Sure.

JEFF: Father, I just want to thank you Lord for the increase of the gifts of healings. This man gives much and speaks much of the supernatural. But I thank you right now in Jesus’ name the supernatural gift of healing is going to increase and move. And Lord there will be a burden right in the middle of the palm in Jesus’ name, amen. Thank you Father. And increase every gift within him Lord. Everything he’s moved in and flowed in. I thank you for the grace and mercy of God and Lord that it’s going to be used indeed to draw people into your heart in Jesus’ name.

SID: And Jeff, very quickly look in that camera and pray for the increase in gifting in those watching.

JEFF: Father, just right now in the name of Jesus, Lord I thank you there’s going to be an increase of all those that have moved before and then there’s going to be fresh giftings that come. Lord there’ll be those words of wisdom, those words of knowledge, the prophetic gifts Lord, healings, signs and wonders. It’s going to increase. Whoo! Glory to God!

SID: I don’t know about you. I know about Jeff, I know about me, I don’t know about you, but I do know this: I do know the presence of God is just flowing like a river here. And when you’re in God’s presence, all things are possible so whatever you need in Yeshua’s name, that’s Hebrew for Jesus’ name. Now is the acceptable time. I mean it happened 2,000 years ago. Reach out. Whatever healing you need, whatever salvation of a loved one you need, whatever financial situation you need, whatever job you need, this is it. Go for it. I mean even Jeff’s watch is going for it right now. It was beeping. Go for it in Jesus’ name. He is so good, and if you don’t know Him, you’re nowhere; you’re out of it. Get to know him. Say “God, I want to get to know Jesus.” But ask Him to forgive you of your sins in Jesus’ name. He will become real.

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