SID: Hello Sid Roth, your mentor of the supernatural here with Jeff Burke. Jeff was a pastor at age 21; his father was a pastor in a Baptist church. They did not believe in the charismatic, the gifts of the spirit. Little by little he got into the demonic, into witchcraft, and he liked it. He liked that power. He was so prosperous; he was doing better every day. But then his mother and father got filled with God’s Spirit, began praying in unknown tongues and unknown languages and he was finished. I mean he’s lost everything. He went to rock bottom and he prayed and he said “God, I don’t even know if you’re interested in me anymore, but what should I do?” And God said “Return home.” And he went home. And when he went home, he got right with God; and one day he was praising God and something horrible came out of his mouth. What was it?

JEFF: Well, this voice came out of my vocal cords and it said “Shut up that blankety-blank racket!” (in a gruff voice);  except, it didn’t say it that kindly.

SID: I’m sure it didn’t.

JEFF: So it scared me, and I’ve been in a lot of places where I should have been scared, but that scared me the most of anything. So I slipped my foot across the covers, threw the covers back, ran over, turned the light on. And when I turned the light on I was shaking and sweating and I said “That wasn’t me, that wasn’t me.” And again I heard that voice, and the voice said “Your mother and father are awake.” “Go down the hall, knock on the door, and go in and tell them what happened to you” And so I did. I went and knocked on the door. They said “come in.” They were awake. I went in and sat on the edge of the bed. I told them. I said “Look, I’ve been doing a lot of things that I’m not proud of; been doing a lot of things that I’m ashamed of; however…” I told them the experience that just happened to me. And I said “But I don’t believe I can go through that deliverance stuff you all talk about, because I’ve seen The Exorcist and I’ll die.”

SID: Well that’s what you thought. You wouldn’t have died; the demon would die. But go ahead.

JEFF: But my dad looked at me and said “Son, nobody’s going to die.” And he said “I’m going to pray for you, and your mom’s going to pray for you.” And so they laid hands and prayed for me and he said “The Lord told me that in three days, He will tell me what to do with you.” And that shocked me because I was wanting something to happen then, but I went back to my room, grabbed all the nightlights, stuck them down the hall, I got all the extra Bibles, put them around my bed, opened them up…(laughs)

SID: You’d seen enough vampire movies. I understand, ok.

JEFF: So he came in three days and said “Do you still want to be delivered?” And I said “Well I have to have something or I’m going to die; and I have to have the Lord. I have to. That’s the only thing I know to do.” And so he put me in the car, drove me to a place called Gillisonville, South Carolina; went over to a church with a pastor friend of his. They sat me down. They actually began to cast out different demonic personalities. I think they counted about 26.

SID: Could you hear them speaking through you when they were casting them out?

JEFF: Yeah, there were things that were speaking. I could hear; I was conscious. I wasn’t totally out of it but I still had a peace about me while I was sitting there.

SID: So how many did they cast out?

JEFF: About 26.

SID: And after they did that, what happened?

JEFF: Well after they did that, they stood up and they said “Now the rooms have been swept clean. You need something to fill it so we’re going to pray, for you to be baptized in the Holy Ghost.” So they laid hands on me and I was filled with the Holy Ghost.

SID: Now, it’s a good thing you found someone that knew what to do and was very experienced in deliverance.

JEFF: Well this was only the second time they had done that (laughs).

SID: Did you know that?

JEFF: I didn’t know that at the time.

SID: Oh my goodness! Can you imagine if he had known that? But you know what? There’s such power, such power in the name of Jesus that it didn’t matter that they didn’t have experience. God had the experience. And so, what’s it like to be possessed, have all these spirits in you, and then be free and filled with The Spirit?

JEFF: Oh man, that was… That’s probably the best thing that ever happened in my life. It felt like somebody had taken a wire brush, went on the inside, and scrubbed me down from all the filth and the dirt that was in there. And so it was just a tremendous feeling of cleanness on the inside. And it was a tremendous blessing.

SID: Now when did you find that God was using you in His supernatural? You see there’s two super-naturals; there’s the supernatural of the devil and the supernatural of God. But once you see the supernatural of God, why would you want a cheap counterfeit? You’ve have to be nuts; mashuga – a Hebrew word – crazy! So God’s using you in His supernatural now. When did you realize that you started knowing things about people? And give me an example.

JEFF: One of first times that I knew something about somebody was – I had my first church, Spirit-filled church I was in, and a man had come in, and when he came in, I looked at him and the Lord began to speak some things to me. He says “I want you to tell him this” and I said I don’t know Lord so I went to my pastor. I said I believe I have a word for him. And my pastor said “Go for it!” I was hoping he’s say “Just sit down.” But I went over and I said “Sir, I believe the Lord wants me to speak these things; can I pray for you?” So I began to, the first thing I saw was like a sand trap on a golf course. At the time I’d never played golf so I found it unusual then I saw him in the sand trap. And so that’s I began to relate to him, “Your life has been in a sand trap for about six months and, but God’s about to bring you out. And when he brings you out, there’s easily going to be a Hole-in-one.” And then the Lord gave me something about a niece that he’d been praying for and he wound up weeping because of some things, but again, I thought it was kind of nuts.

SID: Right, using golf terminology and you don’t even play golf.

JEFF: So after the service this man comes up to me and he says to me, he says “Could I talk to you for a minute?” I said “Yes sir; I apologize if I offended you at all.” He says “No, no you don’t know who I am.” I said “No sir. I’ve never met you before.” He said “Well, I’m the golf pro out at the club.”

SID: Oh my goodness! You must have been so excited. You know what; and these words had such meaning for him. You’re going to have something that will have meaning for you. We’ll be right back.

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