SIDHello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter, right here with Debbie Rich, and she was just telling me that same glory that was on her; and then jumped on every member of her congregation; to the fact that they couldn’t even sit in their chair, because glory is a Hebrew word, Kabod; which means heaviness; and drunk in the Holy Spirit, but when they are drunk they change.  When you come into God’s presence, someone has to change, and it is not God.  Guess who does the changing?  And then that night, she goes to a prison and no one knows anything that happened, and what happened in this prison?

DEBBIE:  And we just walked in the room and began to sing; and thirty some men fell out of their seats under the same glory of God.  And they were there for three and a half hours.

SID:  And you told me you have taken this to how many nations?

DEBBIE:  It will be 26 in another few weeks, it is 24 right now.

SID:  Let’s go big time!  We are on in more nations than that.  Let’s, actually I don’t know what the number is, but we are in a lot of places throughout the world.  Right this moment, I want you to look in the camera, and I want you to speak to the people about God’s glory.  And I know and you know, and you are about ready to find out what it is to be touched with a confrontation with the presence of the real God; Debbie Rich

DEBBIE:  Well, as you are listening and you are watching, the same God who is big to me, and is big to me on a daily basis, wants to be that big to you.  And when you get hungry and thirsty, the Bible says that those that are hungry and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.  And when you say Lord, be real to me; Lord I desire you more than I desire the air that I breathe or the food that I eat.  God I want you to be number one in my life.  Show me your glory; show me your love; show me your power;  he will more than accommodate you,  even right now as you are watching this, the presence of God will overwhelm you, saturate you.  It will come on you as a heavy coat and he will become so real to you. You may laugh in the joy as the Holy Ghost as I did. I had had a broken heart and he wanted to put that broken heart back together, and pour in the healing balm of Gilead. And I live in that kind of joy unspeakable on a daily basis.  You may weep under his awesomeness; you may fall, because as his heavy presence comes over you, flesh was not made to stand in his presence.  You may want to just kneel or you may want to just sit,  And you may not have the kind of manifestation  that I have had, or someone else has had, but if you just say  I desire you Lord, be surreal to me,  right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,  He is reaching out to you.

SID:  Debbie, tell them just quickly a couple of things that have happened to people that have been under Gods glory.  Just real quickly, people have been healed their marriages.

DEBBIE:  Yes, their marriages have been put back together, where people fall out in the power of God that were in the middle of divorce and rolled into each other; laughing and crying branding marriages, cancers going, terminal diseases going, sugar diabetes healed.  We have had blind eyes opened and deaf ears unstopped. When we aren’t even laying hands on people for healing, or teaching on healing; just in this joy, just on God becoming very real to people, paralyzed people who began to walk, breast cancer going.   All over I am thinking of many people, and so I pray for you right now. Father in the name of Jesus I pray for these people who are watching right now, for every man,  woman, boy and girl, I pray for them to have the reality of the Holy Ghost; just saturate them right now, where you become their number one focus, you become the love of their life, you become their all and all  and I pray for them that disease will leave their body  right now, no matter what the doctor has said,  You shall live and not die and you shall declare  the goodness of the Lord and I pray for joy to come to people; for depression to go in the name of Jesus Christ.  For oppression to go, for bondages to be broken, alcoholism to go, drug addiction to go.  People who are contemplating suicide, even as you are watching this now, it is by the leading of the Holy Ghost that you are watching this.  You will not commit suicide; you will let God come heal your heart and become to you as he has become to me.  Lord I thank you that you have told me that what you have done to me and in me you would do through me. In revival for many others, that their first love would be restored.  We pray for the backsliding Christian to come home; those that have been hurt and bitter, maybe even in church, to come back to their first love  right now; for the reality of the Holy Ghost to be real in their life’s in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray amen and amen.

SID:  Debbie I don’t know about anyone else, but I am almost trembling with the Spirit of God, he is so good,

DEBBIE:  Yes he is.

SID:  In fact in your book you have a subtitle, Good God, Bad devil; by the way, how did you handle that worship leader that married your husband?   Do you harbor any un-forgiveness towards her?

DEBBIE:  No.  I had an opportunity to go out and put my arms around her, and tell her that I love her, that I forgave her, and that I knew that God would if she would just turn to him.  And she said, Debbie, too much has happened; it is too late for me.  And I said, is it too late for the blood of Jesus?  And she began to weep and I prayed with her.  And I have found out, I have not been in contact with her, but I found out that their marriage crumbled because he has not changed.  And she went on to Bible school and I found out she is doing missions work as well.  And you cannot have a live relationship with the Lord, and harbor bitterness and un-forgiveness.  Stuff happens, we live on this earth and stuff happens. But the blood is more than enough if you are the victim  If you have been the one that someone has committed  adultery against you or you are the one  that has hurt someone else, it is the same blood  that will restore us all and give us all  new life and new hope and I pray for her.

SID:  You know my experience is that forgiveness is one of the greatest obstacles to intimacy with God, to receive your healing.  Un-forgiveness is such a big problem.  You take a great deal of pleasure in seeing marriages come back together.  Very briefly, tell me about one marriage that has come together in your ministry.

DEBBIE:  Alright in Montana, a lady told me that her husband came in and said I do not love you anymore, I haven’t in a long time; I am leaving you.  We were in the middle of revival, in Bozeman Montana, she said I have one last request and come one night to revival.  He said, it won’t do any good.  She said, alright but I won’t ask you for anything financially if you will just come one night. They had a little boy and a little girl and he came that night and he was trembling by in service and they said every time that I got near him and the joy was breaking forth everywhere and people were running in ecstatic joy.  They said that he would holler out, oh she is coming for me. And when I gave the altar call he came running and he fell out before he hit the altar under that heavy presence of God.  He was so changed that night when they went home, his wife said that she couldn’t even go to sleep.  He just kept holding her and staring at her.  And he said where was I what was I thinking?  How was I so blind?  I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world.  I have the most beautiful little children and he would go in there and wake them up and hold onto them weeping.  And the next night he talked to me as well, and he said what if you would of never come?  He said, I would of lost my whole family.  I said no I am convinced in the goodness of God; that God would of sent someone in His great grace and mercy.  I am just glad that I got to be the one.


SID:  What about you, I mean what about you? You are watching us by divine appointment.  You want to leave your husband not for reasons on which Debbie had; which she had real grounds for, but you just want to leave your husband because you feel that there is someone better for you, or you want to leave your wife.  Well I tell you that God hates divorce.  He hates it with a passion, and I believe that when Debbie prays for you right now, she has only got 40 seconds, a miracle, pray for her marriage and his marriage right now.

DEBBIE:  Father again in the name of Jesus Christ we thank you that three strands of cords are not easily broken.  And as they turn to you, they have you and each other; and I come against the power of the enemy that would separate them.  Lord you hate the separation of your spirit, soul and body.  And I pray for a new love and new communication, a new intimacy and a new understanding to come between them that they fall in love all over again, and in love with you Lord; and that, that marriage will be better then it ever was in the beginning.  And that they enter into a time of communion and honeymoon of worshiping you and forgiving one another.  In Jesus name I pray amen and amen.

SID:  Thank you Debbie.  Good God, bad devil.  Who do you want to be linked with?  Repent of your sins, believe Jesus paid the price for your sins; ask him to be your Lord and Savior now.  Visit us at our website at

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