SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mel Bond. And Mel Bond had a visitation in 1984 from Jesus. And Jesus showed him a very specific way to pray, and he’s been praying that way and seeing the most outstanding miracles. And just as we went to break I was telling you about this article of a woman who had an ileostomy bag. Tell me about this woman.

MEL: Okay. To make a long story short, she had this ileostomy bag, which is a bag that carries human waste. It’s sort of a plastic bag. And I was praying for people in this miracle service at our church there in Winslow, Missouri. So she came forward and one of the business ladies in the community that didn’t believe in miracles, her name was Tina, and she brought this lady, and so she came forward. And she had one leg that was about this much shorter than the other one. She had knots all up and down her back bone, scoliosis of the spine. I remember laying my hand on her back and feeling those large knots about half the size of a golf ball up and down her back bone. And of course her spinal column was pretty crooked. So I just prayed like Jesus told me to. And I want to interject this real quickly that I’m not a special, any more special than anybody else. Jesus said in Mark, Chapter 16, “These signs shall follow them that believe.” And that’s one of the major reasons I’m on here. I want the whole world to be electrified, all the church world to be electrified.

SID: It’s time, isn’t it?

MEL: Yes, absolutely, with the anointing of God to where the purpose is to win the lost. And so as we’re all doing the miracles then that’s–

SID: We’re gonna drive the devil nuts when we’re all walking in miracles.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: So tell me about this woman.

MEL: Okay. So in essence I prayed for her and I mean within moments her leg just went like this, just that quickly. And her spinal column stretched out, straightened out. The knots disappeared. The lady stood up. And we had her legs sitting on her chairs, and I didn’t touch her legs because I didn’t want anybody to think there’s anything shady going on. I just speak the Word. “The Word of God,” Romans:116. And so then she got up and she was excited. She started dancing because she felt so good, and she was shouting. And all of a sudden this other Tina lady, that was a business lady, very dignified, and she came up, and I heard her whisper to her. And I didn’t hear what was going on, and I was praying for other people. And so they left. But what she said, she says, “Tina, I can’t find my bag. It’s gone.” And she says, “We’re gonna have a mess. Go back to the women’s bathroom with me and help me clean this mess up.” So she went back in the ladies bathroom and she removed her clothing, and the bag was gone. Her rectum had been sewed up for 10 years. It was open.

SID: No. Really.

MEL: It was open.

SID: I mean, I believe in miracles, but you’re stretching it a little bit.

MEL: There’s just nothing, I mean, God hasn’t changed. He made the sun and the moon stand still, the Red Sea to open. That’s the kind of God we serve.

SID: But there was something that was life changing for you that happened in 1984.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: Tell me about that.

MEL: September the 28th, 1984 was on a Friday evening. Jesus appeared to me and explained to me how to release his anointing. This is the only thing he said. He says, “Mel.” And I can go in detail about the whole thing for an hour.

SID: You do that in the book. Go ahead.

MEL: So anyway he just told me, he says, “Mel,” he says, “if you will learn to pray with your whole heart, my anointing, no matter what it needs to be done, my anointing will always go into people.” And then when he said that, that’s all he said.

SID: So the key is praying with your whole heart.

MEL: Pray with your whole heart. That’s it. That’s it.

SID: But then you had some signs.

MEL: Well he said, “This lady, her name was Maureen from O’Fallon, Missouri.

SID: Did he tell you her name?

MEL: Yes. And he said, “She will be there Sunday morning.” And she was a visitor. She might have been there one other service. I can’t really remember. But he said, “She will be there.” And he told me what was wrong with her. It was a female problem. He says, “Now if you pray with your whole heart she’ll be instantly healed.” And so it was real easy. When Sunday morning rolled around I just practiced what Jesus told me and, pow, and she’s been healed ever since.

SID: Well Mel, you’ve had so many miracles. My problem is trying to figure out which one. How about the, I mean this is so well documented, the Queen of Guiana.

MEL: Okay. I was in the country of Guiana in South America. In fact, if people want to contact Pastor Filbert London, he was the pastor that set this up, and he’s still in Guiana. You can find him on the website real easy. And so I was praying for blind people. And so I prayed for her. She was totally blind and she received her site. It was quite miraculous. I didn’t know she was the Queen of Guiana. I prayed for her like I do everybody else. And then the crowd started yelling, “Our queen can see! Our queen can see!” And I’m looking around and it’s her. And the very next morning the news media had gotten a hold of me immediately, and I was the first one on the agenda to be on their national news. And they said, “We want to know how you’re able to do such things.” And I told them, I says, “First of all I want to tell you that there’s a greater miracle and everybody in the viewing audience can have this greater miracle, and that greater miracle is you can have eternal life.” And that gave me the platform, signs and wonders gives you the platform to tell people about Jesus. And I told them if they except Jesus Christ as their lord and savior that they’ll be born again, have a splendid life on this earth, and live eternally in Heaven. And that gave me the platform to do that. And I told them, “Of course. This is how I was able to do that because of the name of Jesus that’s above every name.”

SID: The way you have learned to pray with your whole heart, I want to talk about that when we come. Be back right after this word.

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