SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest [Mel Bond] had a visitation from Jesus in which the Messiah taught him how to pray, a very, very special way, a biblical way. And now he’s seeing the dead raised, the blind getting their site, the deaf hearing, people confined to wheelchairs standing up, people who’s faces are deformed, it’s being restored. As a matter of fact we have several eyewitnesses about an eye incident in Nicaragua, Mel. I mean, this is still hard for me to comprehend. But tell me what happened.

MEL: In January of the year 2000, I was doing an outdoor crusade in the middle of the street in Chinandega, Nicaragua. And what really makes this valid is there were about 12 other ministries from the United States that was with me. They sat on a platform, so they saw this. Eddie Rogers was there. You had interviewed him earlier. Another real good valid ministry is Gary Medder, who is a founder, president of Rhema Bible College in Costa Rica, and he was my interpreter. So he stood, oh I guess he was only maybe two feet from me. And the little girl that was about six or seven, she stood maybe three feet in front of me, and her mother stood to the side.

SID: What was wrong with the girl?

MEL: Well she was apparently born, from what the mother said, I can’t speak Spanish that well to understand all the intricate details, but I see this every now and then in third world countries, that her eye sockets were filled, it looked like a lumpy glistened fat, white, just fat. No eyes.

SID: No pupil.

MEL: No eyeball. No resemblance of an eyeball. It just looked like gummy fat that would just hang out of the eye socket. And so anyway, I had prayed for two other ladies that were totally blind and there was people we brought, I like to bring people on the platform because I’m convinced that we’re living in a time that we need demonstration of God’s power, not just excellency of speech. And so I like to bring people on the platform so the people can see. And so that’s what we did. We demonstrated two ladies that were totally blind and they received their site. So this mother comes and we were out on the main town square, and there was probably 3,000, 3500 people, something like that there. And this lady comes working her way up on the platform, crying, and she pushed her way through, and she says, “Can your god heal my daughter?” And so I looked at her eyes and I told her, “Of course. Of course my God can.” Now the truth of the matter is I have prayed for people like that in other third world countries and I can remember one particular time in India that they saw. I looked in the eye and it didn’t look any different, and they began to see. And so anyway, I’m convinced all things are possible with God. And so I prayed with my whole heart the way that Jesus taught me and I closed my eyes and I prayed so I can focus more. And while I was praying, Gary Medder told me this, he says while I was praying, he says, “It was like two tornadoes over each eye.” And then when I stopped praying the tornadoes were gone and there were two beautiful brown eyes. And just to be real honest, when I had seen the little girl, I’m thinking, why would anybody pull this kind of trick on me? In this kind of place, serious setting and bring another little girl because she looked so different. She had beautiful brown eyes.

SID: Well see, you have to understand this. Mel closes his eyes when he prays. So he didn’t see it happen. He actually thought someone switched little girls on him. But we have an eyewitness and this eyewitness actually kept his eyes open. He’s Pastor Eddie Rogers, who’s been a guest on It’s Supernatural. Let’s take a look at what he saw.

Eddie Rogers: There are some things that you have to stop and think about that happened in your past. But this is something that is so firmly etched in my memory that I’ll never forget it. I remember the sounds, the smells. I remember the heat. Four thousand people gathered in a little square of a Nicaraguan city. There’s ash that’s raining down from a volcano about 10 miles away and it’s hot. These people have been there four or five hours. And Mel asked the pastors to go out into the audience and bring up the most difficult cases. And I’m on the platform with him, and they bring up this little girl, six years old. She’s been born blind. It’s just her eyes are just totally white and her mother is holding her. Mel brings her up and he asks everybody to bow their head and close their eyes. And I’m thinking if anything happens here I’m gonna be the one that’s gonna see it. I’m not bowing my head, irreverently speaking. And he stuck his hand toward the girl and began to pray. And what I observed was that in the whites of her eyes it was like two whirlpools beginning to spin and turn. And I don’t know how long it lasted, maybe 60 seconds, maybe 90 seconds. But at the end of that these two beautiful brown eyes just popped and she began to look around and see the lights. The thing that tore me up the most was the fact that when this little girl turned and saw her mother for the very first time in her entire life, and the mother is just weeping, and I’m over there weeping as well. And it was the most incredible moving miracle that I have ever seen in my entire life.

SID: Needless to say, the crowd went wild, didn’t they Mel?

MEL: That’s right. Absolutely.

SID: And then because of the great miracles that were happening, some parents brought a dead child. What happened?

MEL: Well they laid the child on the platform. It was a little boy and he was dead. And they said he was dead. They said they had taken him to the doctor. The doctor said he’s dead. He looked dead, you know. So they asked me if I would pray. So I did pray. And the real truth of the matter is after I prayed he didn’t rise up immediately. But I believe that I am convinced that the Word of God is true. That once we release the anointing of God we’ve got to have confidence that it has gone forth. And then I went ahead and started preaching. And it wasn’t within, my goodness, it couldn’t have been more than four minutes and the little boy got up and started walking. That’s when the crowd come undone.

SID: Well listen, you’re getting me undone on what you’re saying. I don’t know about you, but he’s gonna tell about a woman that had an ileostomy bag. You know, that’s when your body isn’t working properly and the waste goes into the bag. Not only was she ill, the bag disappeared. I got the article about it right here. Be right back after this word.

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