SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter, here with Gary and Kathy Oates, and they are really provoking me to jealousy!  How about you?  Are you hungry for God?  Do you really want more?  Do you want to be able to do exactly what your DNA tells you are supposed to do?  What God created you to do? Haven’t you felt in your heart that there is something more?  Gary I want you to pray for people to want to have a jump-start to want to spend time with God and rearrange their priorities, rearrange their whole life; really put God first; more important then baseball or television or anything going on in your life!  As a matter of fact, there is a person that is involved in yoga right now and you said how does Sid know that?  Well God told me, you see he knows your name!  Would, you pray for them Gary?

GARY:  I would love too.  This is a time, as you have been seeking God; you have been seeking his face.  You want more, you are desperate for more of his presence.  You know that, that hunger inside has not been satisfied yet.  Your heart is crying out to him.  I believe that God wants to remove those obstacles; those barriers to that intimacy with him.  Those walls can crumble that you can come into a fresh and living relationship with Almighty God.  And it is a very simple thing of realizing the sin areas in our lives; allowing God to bring them up before us and confess them.  Let him deal with them.  Let him minister to those areas and those hurts and those wounds of the past in our lives that have prevented us from experiencing more.  And then yield the members of your body to Him; yield your five senses to Him, your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your hands.  Those are the entry and access points for the enemy; but they are the entry and access points for the power of God.  This living God has access to us; our senses are like spiritual antennas for the things of God.  And so I want to pray that God will open your eyes to see in the realm of the spirit; that you come into a new measure, a new walk, a new level of anointing like you have never experienced before.  And so I want you to just pray with me right now, as we take a moment now.  Just deal with any of those areas of sin that you know and God has already brought it up. Deal with that quickly.  We are going to pray, as God’s power will come upon you.  And as you experience his presence like you have never known before. To come into that deep, deep place of intimacy with him and experience manifest presence; so let’s pray.  Father in the name of Jesus, God just like Elisha prayed for his servant in Second Kings Chapter 6; “Oh Lord I pray open their eyes that they might see.” God, that they might see beyond the natural realm into the realm of the spirit; to be able to see what you are doing.   Not to have to guess at it.  God that you will just pull back the veil, that the scales from our eyes will begin to fall off; and God, that we can walk in the new realm of the spirit; that we can have revelation from you.  God that our eyes be open to see angels, that we have more visions and dreams, more revelations, more supernatural encounters and experiences with you. Thank you Father.  Come Holy Spirit right now visit each person.   God increase your presence now, right there in that room right now, in the name of Jesus.  Thank you Father.

SID:  Some of you are experiencing a gentle river of God’s sweet presence.  Others are not feeling anything.  Don’t get faked out; whether you feel it or not, if you are sincerely moving towards God.  He is sincerely running towards you, and the feeling will come.  Gary, there is a very special presence of God on this set, but you know what, candidly when I am around the two of you; I feel God’s presence.  Out of curiosity, when you are on an airplane, are you reading a Bible or are you reading a book, or are you talking to the person next to you?   What are you doing?

KATHY:  Spending time in the presence of the Lord. We put our earplugs in and we put our facemasks on, and we get before the Lord of glory.   And we enter into the throne room many times and just bask in his love.   And just soak in his presence, and that is how we spend our time.  And I spend it in the car when we are driving up here; I spend a lot of time like that before the Lord.  Our minds go before the throne room and into the throne of grace, and many times Jesus comes to me, and dances with me.  Or the Lord puts me on his lap and loves on me like a daddy.

You know he wants us to become like little children like that; where he is our heavenly Father.  That was his original plan you know, was to walk and talk with us, and for us to be his people, and him to be our God. And he walked with Adam and he talked with him, everyday.  And that is what he wants out of his people.  At the same time, I sense that there is a woman who has been praying for her daughter named Barbara; and Barbara is about 15 years old and she has left home. And the Lord says to you, don’t fear mother, she is in my care and my angels are watching over her; and this is a time where she might go through much difficulty, but I will bring her back to me.  For my eye is on her and my hand is on her, and so you can know mom that your God is greater than distance and that He is greater than anything.  And he is going to bring that daughter home.

SID:  Gary, a last thought to encourage our people to just lay down what lies behind and press on for that great call.

GARY:  Exactly; that is the key; it is desiring more.  You know God said when you seek me you will find me when you search for me with your whole heart.  Give him your heart; he wants your whole heart.  God is looking to and fro throughout the whole earth that he can find somebody whose heart is completely His.  One hundred percent; He is not looking for fifty percent.

SID:  But Gary we can’t do that with his help.

GARY:  That’s right, but we press in for more of his presence; more of his presence everyday to experience His manifest presence.  I do it everyday of my life. I long for his presence.  I am more in love with him then I have ever been in my life.  I can’t get enough of his presence – that is the key.  That’s the key!   That is what God wants of us.  And that is what we desperately need from him, is more of his presence in our lives.

KATHY:  And I think a word of encouragement for those of us who feel divided hearts because of pressure and things that the world has put on us.  I think if we start where we are, and start small, and keep pressing in and pressing in, more of our hearts will come in line and we will draw more of our personhood.  As we get to know the Lord of glory, and fall in love with him, then our hearts will come along and they will be whole.

SID:  So the operative word is press in.   There is so much waiting for you.  So much more!   God has such good plans for your life.

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