SIDHello Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Gary and Kathy Oates and I have to tell you, The Bible says that the gentile Christian is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. And Gary and Kathy, you are provoking me to jealousy!  We were having dinner last night and all of a sudden, one of you said, I think that it was you Kathy,  that you saw an angel or was it you Gary?

GARY:  Oh yeah; I saw an angel… For you?

SID: Yes,

GARY:  Yes, with a rod he came around and he was behind you. It was like a scepter.  It was like a rod of authority, and he handed that to you and then he turned and disappeared.  And I felt like in the Spirit that was a rod of authority that God has given you in the Spirit.  That as you…there was an illumination that was happening as well, over your head; God was bringing light and revelation, into you. And I believe that God was bringing you to the place where you as you begin to speak those words, as they come out of your mouth, they will be the anointed Word of God; and it will bring to pass, right here on earth, what God is doing in heaven, as He uses that authority given to you by Him.

SID:  Gary, that’s my heart’s desire, but I think any believer that loves God that’s their heart’s desire.  Can anyone move into these realms with God?

GARY:  Absolutely.  I believe so.  It is for every person.  God is not a respecter of persons.  What it takes – James chapter four says:  draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Who takes the first step?

SID:  We do, and see I always thought it was a sovereign thing; if God wants to do it He’ll do it; if He doesn’t want to He won’t.

GARY:  There is some thing that happens when we press in and press in; just like Jacob wrestling with the angel; he wrestled all night long and the angel says let’s stop, let’s stop this.  He would say no I am not going to stop until I receive that blessing, I am not giving up. It was the same thing with Elijah and Elisha.  Elisha wanted the double portion; he had to stay with Elijah everywhere he went.  He had to be with him and see him when he was taken up to receive that double anointing and he received that.  He pressed in; he was right there and that is what it takes.  It takes a hunger and a desire on the inside.  And a lot of people say I want more of God; I want more of his presence.  You know, I want more power.  I want all of this stuff, but not willing to pay the price:  A simple price of coming into his presence and seeking the face of God.

SID:  Well you know for starters, most people don’t even understand what we have been talking about; but I want you to provoke me and everyone else, to a lot more jealousy.  You were telling me about one time God opened your eyes and you saw an angel surrounding someone.  Tell me about that.

GARY:  Well, this was in Rio.  This was just after this experience; all of these things had happened to me.  And we went back to the pastor’s office, and there was a man about 75 years old and he was dying of brain cancer.  He had surgery and they said there was nothing that we could do for you.  And he was desperate for prayer; he and his wife.  By the way, neither one of them knew the Lord either.  And so as we begin to pray for them and as we begin to minister to them, I saw the wings of a large angel come out around that man and held him.  Just real tenderly like that, and I looked at that and I looked again.  And as I looked again, right beside this large angel was a smaller angel. This angel was blowing fire into the man’s head. I did a double take.  It looked like a blowtorch of fire coming from that angel going right for the man’s head.  And so I stopped and I said “Wait a minute.”

I asked the man, I said “So you feel anything right now?  Is anything happening right now?”  And he said “Oh yes.”  He said “My head.”  He said “It is so hot.”  He said “It feels like it is on fire.”  He said “My head is burning up.”  He said “I am healed!  I am healed!” I said “Well praise God!”  I said “Well I believe that you are healed too,” and then I said “I want you to get that medically verified.  Go back to your doctor and have him medically verify.”  He said “I don’t need to.”  He said, “I know that I am healed.”  But I encouraged him anyway; I said “No, I want you to go and have the doctor to verify this healing.”  And he said “Okay I will.” And then I remember that he and his wife didn’t know Jesus; so I gave them a brief plan of salvation, I asked him “Would you like to invite Jesus Christ into your life right now?” and he looked up at me.  And I thought that is was going to be the easiest person in the world to lead to the Lord.  He looked up at me and he said “No”, and I said “No?  What do you mean no, after all that God just did for you?”  And he said “Well I don’t want to go to this church”.  And I thought “Well what do you mean you don’t want to go to this church?   And I said…oh no, no, no; he said because he had relatives there and family he didn’t want to go to that church.  And he thought if he got saved there, he would have to go to that church. And I said “No; we are not talking about religion; we are talking about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You can go to whatever church you want to.  A good Bible believing church that believes in miracles and signs and wonders, and sees the power of God.”   And I said “But you go to whatever church that you want to.”  And he said “Oh, okay then yes I will.”  And right there; he and his wife held hands, tears streaming down their faces, received Jesus Christ into their heart.

SID:  Kathy, tell me about your trip to Ghana, did you see many miracles?

KATHY:  Yes, we saw many, many miracles.  We saw a higher percentage of miracles then we have seen just about anywhere.  And it was because there were angels on the bus. Now that sounds funny to say.

SID:  It sounds wonderful to me.

KATHY:  But we had come in this bus and it was an open-air meeting, and Gary pointed and he said there are angels up there on the bus. So the team all went over there and many people, The Ghanaians are very shy people, so it was a good thing.   God knew their hearts that they didn’t want to come straight up front and the bus was kind of in the shadows so they could kind of walk over there on their own. And we saw 35 blind eyes opened and 23 deaf ears opened.

SID:  Say that again.

KATHY:  35 blind eyes opened and 23 deaf ears opened.  And one of them, I think the Lord really used, was a little boy named Queasy the deaf boy.  And everybody in the village knew him as Queasy the deaf boy, and his was the first miracle that God did.  And the other children who they were being prayed for, when they were hearing his testimony, they all left who was praying for them to come hear that their friend had been healed.  It was a major night; it was huge.

SID:  Did you ever think that God was going to use the two of you like that?

KATHY:  No I didn’t I think that he had it in his heart but I was such a…

SID:  I don’t know about all of those blind eyes opening and deaf?   How about you?  Do you think that God will ever use you?  I believe that not only he will; that he wants to more than you want him too. We are going to pray a prayer of impartation in a moment.  It is going to be sort of a jump-start; that means that you have to do the rest yourself, but we are going to pray for a jump-start for you.  Don’t go away.  We will be right back after this word.

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