SIDHello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Gary and Kathy Oates. Gary was in Brazil and he had been praying a prayer; Lord, open my eyes.  And it happened, and he got a shock when it happened.  He could see angels for the first time.  And he felt if he could hear God’s voice,  If he could see what God was doing,  That is how you are really suppose to operate,  Under the new covenant, and what I am wondering is,  Kathy when you saw God doing all of these wonderful  Things, with your husband,  Did you get a little lets say spiritually jealous?

KATHY:  In a way

SID:  I would have if my wife had been doing that.

KATHY:  Yes we are real close and I was excited for him, but I didn’t stay jealous long enough to think about it. I decided no matter what I was going to press in and be able to have the same anointing that he had.

SID:  That is what I mean by jealous.

KATHY:  It was a Godly jealous. It was something that God had put in my heart; to go into that realm also; and so it motivated me.  There wasn’t any destructive force with it.  It motivated me to press in to receive the same gifting and the same type of anointing that he had.  And I was really sick when they had an impartation service with the same man that had prayed for Gary. And I got up out of bed; I had terrible bronchitis, went all the way across Rio; we were still in Brazil, and I pressed in until he had laid hands on me.  And his partner had blown the shofar beside me and I had an encounter with the Lord that day. It wasn’t as dramatic as Gary,

SID:  What was your encounter?

KATHY:  My encounter was; that I the power of God was so strong on me, I fell on the floor; I was glued to the floor and God caught me up to His throne in the Spirit.  And I became like a little boy before him.  I was so, you know how little boys have so much junk in their pockets; and they think that it is all wonderful treasures; and these were not treasures to God.  This was junk.

SID:  This was sin

KATHY:  This was sin; this was things that looked good on the outside.  Being the pastor’s wife for thirty years, but was not pleasing to God and he wanted it all. And I began pulling out pride, I began pulling out performance.  I had begun pulling out judgments that I had made that I thought were so righteous, that were not righteous.

SID:  That is one that I am personally being convicted of; and I think that we all judge each other a little too much.

KATHY:  Right we don’t know the heart of man.  God is the only one who does. And all of these things, I just had a big house cleaning before the Lord.  And then he gave me a gold coin.  And he said this is the kingdom of God: eat it; and it was a prophetic sign to me.  And I did what I was told to do and I ate it.  And it was after that, they had to carry me out to the bus after wards.

SID:  What was going on? Why did they have to carry you?

KATHY:  I couldn’t talk

SID:  You couldn’t talk, but they didn’t have to carry you because of that.

KATHY:  They did.   The power of God was so strong on me.  I sensed His presence so much; just like many of those in the Bible who have experienced His presence to that degree, I became totally weak.  I could not function and I could not speak, until there would be heat that would come right across my back.  This was a physical manifestation; when the heat was across my back I could speak.  And to this day when I feel a strong anointing, that heat comes across my back.

SID:  Tell me how this plays out now.  You now are able to see in the spirit realm.  Tell me an example of something how it has benefited a person.

KATHY:  We were at a conference in one of the larger cities in America.  And I was standing up front and I saw an angel behind a man part of the way down; and I decided to be obedient.  When I see that I go and I do what I saw the angel doing, what the angel is doing. So I go back and I see the angel blow on his head three times.  Well the presence, the sense of the presence God was so strong in that area that other people were getting it around this man. So when I put my hand on his head and I blew on his head three times; I thought I may look stupid but I am going for it.  I am going to be obedient.  He went down and he stayed down for the longest time.  It was almost like surges of energy going through him; just surges and surges and surges.  And I couldn’t find out what was wrong with him; I couldn’t tell. I had to wait it out and in the meantime people were running up and I was putting my other hand on them.   And they were getting healed.  It was an awesome time and it really shows what obedience can do.  And I was just a conduit.  And finally the man came out of it, about 25 minutes later; and I finally, he had enough sense about him that he could speak; and I said what is wrong with you? And he said, all I can tell you is I have had shock treatments three years ago and I lost who I was.  And he said I felt, when you put your hands on me and blew on my head, I felt my brain cells being rearranged and I have gotten my personhood back tonight.

SID:  You know Kathy and Gary Oates were just average people until an extraordinary God touched them.  You are going to get an inside; I am going to have them pray a prayer of impartation for you.  We will be right back after these words.

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