SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Brenda Kunneman. And just before the break we found out, now I’ve heard about people praying before a meeting. But what Brenda was instructed to do was to preach her message in a supernatural language just as if the audience was there. Then she goes into the meeting and what happens, Brenda?


BRENDA: Well of course I do this more than once now. But on this first occasion the Lord instructed me to do this, and we went out in that meeting that time, and there were, I don’t know, maybe three, four, 5,000 people. I’m not real good with numbers, but a big crowd. And healing, the power of God just broke out. It was almost like it went beyond me. It was like there was nothing I could do to control it. Called some people up for healing. The place went wild. People were jumping out of wheelchairs. And I received that day a supernatural strength. I literally prayed and God as my witness for about 4,000 people individually that day. That is super human.


SID: I’m glad it was you and not me.


BRENDA: It was super human. But it took that, tapping into that river, that power of God that, listen, every person can do, every person who has the Holy Spirit can do, that will affect everyday life, affected them in supernatural ways.


SID: Do you see an increase of the supernatural occurring?


BRENDA: Yes. One of the things that the Lord told me is that we’re coming into a time where there’s gonna be supernatural protection, protection from accidents, protection from injuries, protection from potential robbers or burglars and attackers. There is going to be times when people are literally going to see angels come on their defense to protect them from would-be tragedy. And so the Lord spoke in my spirit during times of prayer. And I just want to encourage those that are out there. God, you believe the Lord for supernatural protection right now, because this is the prophetic thing that is upon the nation. And the Lord also told me that, Sid, we’re going to come into times where people are going to have more dreams. The spirit of God spoke to me at night in a dream and said, “Get ready. It’s the season of dreams.” People are going to start having dreams that they’re going to wake up and go, “Wow, I have the answer. I know what to do.” People are going to begin to have dreams about situations that are going to be warnings from God. And listen, it’s going to come on political leaders right now.


SID: Really? Listen, I would hate to be President of the United States with the complex problems that are going on in the world today. Could you picture President Barak Obama having a dream of what to do?


BRENDA: I believe that because right now we’ve got, if we have a praying people, cannot God in this season of dreams that we’re in speak to political leaders and then the church people, the Christians were right there to interpret those dreams. And I believe we’re in a time when world leaders are going to call on God because of the dreams that are coming into their life right now.


SID: Now because Brenda has been causing her spirit to be edified, and in Greek that means “built up” by praying in supernatural languages, many times almost non-stop, some of the most outstanding supernatural things are happening. Like for instance, sometimes you will see or hear something about an individual. Give me an example.


BRENDA: It happens all the time in meetings. I can be looking out in a crowd of people and the light of God will come over somebody, or I’ll call people up maybe just to pray for a group of people that’s dealing with maybe a problem.


SID: Do you ever hear a specific name when you’re speaking?


BRENDA: Absolutely. I have one story. I was in Guatemala, one of the most awesome, touching stories, and I was doing a women’s conference. Now here’s the thing. I said, “The Lord says He wants to minister to somebody, and your name is Angel. Either it’s your nickname or your real name.” Now this is a women’s conference. It’s all women. And a man comes up. Now this man was working in the parking lot, just a servant around the church, helping the meeting to go off, and he just happened to be walking through the auditorium at that time and heard his name called. He came to the front and God ministered some powerful things about his future. At the same time, a woman came up and she says, and she was standing there, and I thought, well her name is Angel. I’ll get to her in just a minute. And after I got done ministering to him I paused and I said, “God says there’s somebody that’s come to this meeting and you didn’t know if you should come, but your baby was at home sick, and your family criticized you and said, ‘You can’t go. Your baby is home sick.’” But you came here believing for a miracle for your child. And this woman was in the front and she says, “That’s me. That’s me.” And she says, “The funny thing is my baby, her name is Angel. I left her at home on the ICU. She was born prematurely. She’s in the ICU right now. The doctors didn’t know if she would live, and I came here anyway, the criticism of my friends and my family believing for a miracle.” The spirit of God, see this is what this supernatural power within does, the spirit of God came up in me and said, “Woman, go home. Your child is healed from this hour.” And before she even got home the family called and said, “You’re not gonna believe it. The doctors took the baby off the tubes. The baby is well. The baby is strong. The baby is breathing on its own.” And Sid, I believe that we are in a season right now in the church when God is wanting to manifest that level of power on every believer.


SID: I believe that God wants you to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that you are going to actually speak in a supernatural language. Brenda, would you pray for them?


BRENDA: Yes. In fact, let’s do this. Why don’t we pray. Can we pray in supernatural languages for the people? Let’s do that.


SID: Yeah. And you pray with us right now as we’re praying, okay?


BRENDA: Let’s do that. So right now just say, “Holy Spirit, I receive you and I expect to pray in supernatural languages.”


SID: Holy Spirit, I receive you and I expect to pray in supernatural languages.


BRENDA: Now just move your mouth and move your tongues [foreign language]


SID: [foreign language] You can sing your language. [chanting]


BRENDA: [foreign language] Now let me encourage you. If you would just begin to work that, it may just come out a little bit simple and maybe just a few syllables. But keep practicing that. Keep doing that. The more you do it, the stronger it’s becoming in your heart and in your life. God is on you. The power of God is on you and I know you’re going to begin to walk in the greatest supernatural occurrences of God that you have ever experienced. I experienced it. The people can experience it, the supernaturals for every person that has the Holy Spirit. Miracles. We’re in the season and we need it, Sid, more than ever. We need the miraculous of God. We’re not going to be able to weather these times without it. And so people need to step into it. It’s not even optional now. You’re at a point where you need to say, “God,” you know, I may not understand it all. When I first got filled with the Holy Spirit I didn’t understand it all. But you know what? I just plunged into the river. And you’re going to need that supernatural power to get through some of the financial turmoil that we’re coming into in the world. You know, we can see that happening. There’s uncertainty. There’s fear in the world. There’s new diseases that they’re reporting everyday. You need that supernatural .There might not be somebody there to help you. You might be alone in your living room feeling, “God, I don’t even know where to turn.” There’s a supernatural power, Sid, that’s there for every person.


SID: Well you heard what Brenda prophesied. There’s going to be such a dramatic increase of the supernatural and the choice is yours. Do you want to be involved in that increase? I hear you saying, “Yes, Sid.” Of course you want to be involved in that increase. So I urge you, if you pray in supernatural languages do it more than you’ve ever done it before. And if you haven’t yet, don’t give up. You only lose by giving up. Don’t give up. You’ll hit your home run. It’s you time. Keep going forth.

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