SID:  Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Leif Hetland.  Leif had a visitation of the love of Father God that has transformed his life.  He doesn’t strive anymore; he’s not after his reputation any more.  He just basks in God’s love and things happen.  For instance, he has become friends with Muslims.  Tell me about one Muslim leader that is a friend of yours and what God did. 

LEIF:  Well, I had the joy a few months ago to be in an Arab nation, actually a totally closed nation, and in the middle of that, I was invited into the palace as infidel, into some of the top three scholars, Muslim leaders of that nation.  And I knew of their reputation, and the names of all of the twenty-one Arabic nations.  We ate a wonderful dinner together and then during the time of the conversation, we were going to have a spiritual exercise where they asked that we need to cut out Jesus, the Holy Spirit and one of these Muslim, religious leaders was going to take this truth and he says you are going to see the face of God.  I had a few people on my team with me that was there to testify, and all of them gave up because they didn’t want to be involved in this spiritism.  And I said, “Please for my sake let us just finish this exercise.”  And I knew I had the opportunity to do my exercise afterwards.  And we finished the exercise and I said, “It is my turn to do my exercise.  Could we do the same as this Doctor Mohammed did, that we just relax and receive?  And they said, “Yes, we can do that” and stared at me.  And I said could you just open up your hands like if I wanted to give you a gift?  And they did that. And I just knew I needed some help right now Lord, because I don’t know what to do.   

SID:  You’re in trouble if God doesn’t show up. 

LEIF:  Suddenly I got a word from God, where God says the elbow of one person five years ago was hurt, the elbow, and a person even whispered in my ear that was with us, and I said that when I touch your elbow you are going to sense that Jesus Christ he is here, and you are going toe experience it, you have had a problem with the elbow.  And he said, “How do you know?”  I said, “I don’t, but God does and He loves you.”  And when I touch this elbow it is going to be a testimony and it is going to be proof that Jesus is here.  And I prayed, I said, can I pray for you?  And I touched the elbow.  And afterwards I touched his forehead and I started to speak about his childhood, something that happened with his father when he was nine years old.  And this was one of the top Muslim leaders.  When I was finished he did something that the rest of us was astonished.  He did like, he said “Wow.”  And he said, you tricked me, he said.  You got me to think about these things, but now I don’t have any more pain.  And how did you know about all of these different things?  And then, right afterwards I had the opportunity to mention of a person, there was only three of them, so its one thing when you have a big audience, but when there is three right there.  One of them needed a knee replacement, and Jesus just gloriously touched the knee of that person, and brought glory to Himself.  So in the palace, in an Arab nation, three of the top Arabs were there.  And they are now studying a wonderful book about the supernatural living that they are learning more about Jesus, the great Physician, and what He can do because of the wonderful Jesus experience that invaded this palace. 

SID:  You know, Leif, when you were sharing that the presence of God got so strong because it’s not be man’s intellect but it is by God’s Spirit that all people are drawn to Jesus.  Is it true that you are part of a team that has led a half million Muslims to Jesus? 

LEIF:  It is true that we have seen all over the world, yes, as a team that we have seen literally a half a million people.  I do not know the numbers.  It is just the numbers that is has been given.  But as we are seeing 40, 50, 60 thousand people coming together and they are experiencing both healing, salvation and deliverance from city to city. 

SID:  Let’s take a look at one of these miracles, a deaf mute.  It reminds me of what I read about in the Bible.  This is in Pakistan.    Clip 

SID:  This is Sid Roth, your investigative reporter and a picture is worth a thousand words.  This was at a meeting that you had in Pakistan with some 60 thousand people, most of them were Muslims.  Did many come to the Lord at that meeting? 

LEIF:  Oh yes.  It’s wonderful when you are standing up as you saw there a big stage and person after person is sharing their testimony where you have a, one was a girl that I hope we maybe get also to meet, a quadriplegic that is walking for the first time, blind eyes are opened up, deaf and mute are speaking, and they are all sharing, and we asked them, “Who did this to you?”  And it was Jesus Christ.  And then we give them a clear gospel presentation, the good news, not about Christianity, we never talk about that, but we talk about Jesus as a Savior, as a healer, and as our Lord. And as we are presenting Jesus Christ, we ask them, “How many of you would like to invite Jesus to come into your heart, to change your life, to do the greatest miracle of all.  And that is eventually to heal your heart and forgive your sins.  And then He will move into your heart, and give you peace.  And He will also live in your life.  And then we even have it as, some of your team has watched here, night after night you see tens of thousands of people that are praying the sinner’s prayer.    

SID:  Leif.  We are going to take a break and when we come back, you see, Leif had a good father that did love him.  But he couldn’t feel the love.  With this baptism of love he had, he can feel God’s love.  We’re living in some amazing times.  So many people are fatherless, either fatherless because their father has left the home, or fatherless because their father is absent in his emotions and in his love.  We’ll come right back, and I want you to hear some statistics that just are, so sad.  But there is hope, oh, is there hope!  Be right back. 

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