SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with David and Stephanie Herzog. And Stephanie, there is such an awesome presence of God right here. I mean, I just believe anything is possible right now. Prophetically, what has God shown you is going to happen?

STEPHANIE: Well, years ago while we were in France, I was in deep intercession. And then when I went to bed that night, I had – it’s not a dream, because I felt like He took me, Jesus just took me with Him, and showed me, took me to America actually, from France, and showed me the different parts of America that would be shaken and judged. And one of the places, I saw California under the water, with debris underneath the water. And I was in the water, underneath, with Jesus, seeing all this. My first reaction was like “How can I breathe under the water?” But it was as if I was breathing air.

SID: Now when you’re saying California underwater, are you saying the entire state or portions of California? Or do you not know?

STEPHANIE: Well I couldn’t really tell, but I just knew a big part of it was underwater. And I was underwater seeing everything, all the debris, people just tumbling under the water’s current, and buildings destroyed. And He was holding my hand and the weird thing was I was just thinking about things and He was responding just from thoughts. We were not speaking through our mouths, it was like He’s reading my mind and I’m reading His mind and it was just going back and forth.

SID: You know what it was? It was spirit to spirit, that’s what was going on.

STEPHANIE: Yes, I didn’t need to speak. And then He took me to another place where volcanoes are erupting, and just lava everywhere, fire shooting out.

SID: Did you know where that was?

STEPHANIE: I think it was the Colorado area and other parts. Well, I’ve not been everywhere in the country but other parts of America. And it’s as if I was there and I was sensing the fear of the people, as if I was among them at that time, just relating to them. The fear; people were running away scared. And I was warning people, “Get right with God now! This is not the time to do your own thing; this is the time to get right with God.” And there was just such a fear of God that gripped my heart and I felt like we’ve got to tell people about this, to get ready for all this.

SID: Stephanie, right now, what is God telling you for those that are watching?

STEPHANIE: Well I sense that there’s many people who know of God, know of Him, but don’t really know Him. Even Christians who go to church, but they’re still really not in right relationship with God. The key is having a relationship with Him. And God is wooing His people, saying “Come to Me now, know Me now.” Because it’s not that His mercy’s running out, it’s time that’s running out. You know, time is running out and He wants as many people to believe in Him and know Him. And so, God is telling people, even the nature, the earth, is groaning. It’s getting sick of sin. That’s why all this shaking, like the shark attacks and all that going on, it’s like even nature, the creation, they’re getting sick, they’re groaning. All these  reactions, the  shakings, is because they’re getting tired of this sin that is rampant all around the world.

SID: You know what I’ve noticed as I study scripture? Number one, God has more patience than we do. But number two, it’s almost like, the best way I can describe it, it’s like a barrel and there’s a little sin on the bottom. And then over years, and hundreds of years, the sin keeps rising. And there’s some point where barrel is filled. And when it gets filled, judgment’s poured out.

DAVID: Exactly.

SID: And so what you’re indicating is two things that I see right now. You’re indication that this is going to happen, not a hundred years from today, but relatively soon?

STEPHANIE: Yes. Well you know, when the Lord’s children were in Israel, in Bethel, that’s when I was taken up by the Lord and shown Europe being shaken. And I saw fires everywhere. I mean He was like an eagle. He took me under His wings and just showed me places. I saw fire, destruction, smoke going off. And when I came back down, I thought “Lord, is this like two years from now or so?” That’s what I thought maybe. And then when I heard about in London, the bombings that took place, I’m like “Oh man, it’s starting.”

SID: So you believe that was the warning sign from God?

STEPHANIE: Yes, yes. And that was this year’s Passover in Bethel when I had that visitation where He took me. And then I just sensed Europe and France, because we’d been in France; that God’s going to shake it like it’s never been shaken before, and then America. But see, in America I sensed that simultaneously, there’d be shakings but there’d be also great harvests of souls in the process. So there’s both blessing, shaking, harvest; all these things together happening.

SID: David, you had an experience that you shared on a previous show, in which you saw your own father in hell. Would you describe to our viewers right now what hell looked like to you, what you saw going on?

DAVID: Yeah. Hell was amazing. When I was transported to hell with a group of other people in the room that saw the same thing, you could sense fear, hopelessness, darkness. People were chained, and then fire was burning people alive, but they wouldn’t die. So excruciating pain; screaming out “Ahh!” And in that vision I saw my father. He had not died, but the enemy was trying to take him out, and he was burning up in hell. And the utter hopelessness, when you looked in his eyes, it was like maybe the movies you see about the holocaust and what they looked like; just completely skin and bones. But the flesh burned off. And looking at me like “Oh, help me, help me! Why didn’t you pray for me?” And in that vision, my father looked at me and said “Why did you stop praying for me? I was so close.”

SID: And some of you right now are so close. The Jewish prophet Daniel says “Those who are buried in the dust, some shall rise to everlasting life, and some to everlasting condemnation.” Which “some” are you in? Everlasting means no chance of reversal. Is it everlasting life or everlasting condemnation? If the Jewish scriptures are wrong, if the New Testament is wrong, I tell you, if there was no heaven and there was no hell – but the truth is there is a heaven and there is a hell – but if there was no heaven and there was no hell and you had an opportunity to experience pure love and acceptance and destiny, and have your own encounter with God, that would have been enough. And I tell you that that is the purpose of your life. You’re working so hard, building so much. What if everything was just destroyed? What if the next breath you take is the last breath you’ll ever take? If you have the assurance of where you’re going to go, death has no sting. There is no fear. I tell you that no matter what occurs in this late, great planet earth – because it’s coming to an end – no matter what occurs, if you are like king David who said “I beheld the Lord always before me at my right hand”, if wherever you go, you see God with you, I mean someone would be nuts to try to do something to you. Disease comes on you, it can’t even come. It just gets so far, then there’s this blood line of the blood of the Lamb that takes away the sins of the whole world. Knowing God; experience His love. You’ve been turned off on religion, you’ve been turned off on tradition, you’ve been turned off on hypocrisy. But don’t get turned off on the only One who loves you. And He knows everything you’ve done and He says “I still love you.” Because there is a purpose and a destiny, and you are special. And I want to have you fulfill your destiny, but you can’t do it until you come to know God through Jesus. Pray now, get right, and have the greatest period of your life. Right now; do it.

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