SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with David and Stephanie Herzog. Stephanie, I am fascinated by the gift of prophecy that’s moving within you and within your husband. But you two are seeing marvelous miracles. David, tell me the most unusual miracle that comes to mind.

DAVID: Well one of them we saw was amazing. We were doing a crusade in Europe, in France, and two people came out of wheelchairs one night. Just came out of their wheelchairs. No one prayed for them. A third man left the meeting too early. He wanted to go home and sleep. He was paralyzed. His wife took him to the hotel. She said “Stay in the car, I’m going to go get the keys.” Of course he couldn’t do anything else but stay in the car. So she went to get the keys, came back out, and he was gone, the car was gone. A thief stole the car with him in it.

SID: The thief didn’t realize he was in it?

DAVID: No he was… In fact, you know, it’s not really nice to steal a car with the owner in it.

SID: It’s not nice to steal a car at all.

DAVID: Yeah, it’s very uncomfortable. It’s like a pork chop at a kosher wedding you know. So what he did was he began to kick the man outside the car while the car was moving. And the seatbelt wrapped around his leg and literally tore it off.

SID: Oh no.

DAVID: So below the knee his leg was cut off.

SID: So he’s paralyzed and now he’s lost his leg?

DAVID: Yeah, he’s laying on the street. So they come, they pick him up and his leg, bring him to the hospital. And they tried to put it back together. But you know as well as me, even if you have a normal leg and it’s ripped off, it’s not sure you’re going to walk. Even more so if you already were paralyzed before this happened. So the moral of the story is, stay longer in the meeting – no, I’m kidding. So what happened was, that night, I didn’t know this was happening, and I said “There’s so many miracles here, let’s pray for handkerchiefs. And we’re going to lay hands on them, and you people take them to all

your friends and relatives that are sick.” So one person took it to the hospital; a friend, I guess, that had heard what had happened. And to make a long story short, he began to move his legs and wiggle his toes right after it had been grafted back together, when the handkerchief touched his leg. Five days later, he left the hospital and he’s walking.

SID: Is this medically possible?

STEPHANIE: Well, my uncle, he’s a surgeon, and I talked to my aunt about this and shared with her the miracle. And she said even if he was not paralyzed, a regular leg, once it’s grafted in, all the arteries and all the tissues are severed, so there’s no life. They can’t really move anything. And so it has to have been an act of God to make it all possible.

SID: Well actually that was two miracles. I mean the first miracle is, this was a paralyzed man that all of a sudden can walk. And this is not only a paralyzed man that all of a sudden can walk, his leg was reattached. And you’re saying that this is medically impossible.

STEPHANIE: Yes, yes.

SID: What’s God telling you right now?

DAVID: There’s people watching right now, they have an incurable disease; they have body parts that are missing; they have legs maybe amputated; things that the doctors cannot heal. And I feel right now just to say a quick prayer for those that are watching that are incurable. You’re saying “God can’t heal me because the body part’s not even there to be healed.” God can recreate the body part. His first nature is the Creator. Before He was the Healer, He was the Creator, so it’s His first nature to recreate body parts. Even more normal for Him than it is to heal something that’s sick. So we’ll just say a quick prayer right now and pray for you. Just look in the screen and stretch out your hands if you’d like and just receive right now. And we’re all going to pray together. In Jesus’ name, in Yeshua’s name, we just declare body parts to be recreated right now in Jesus’ name. I see a leg that’s been amputated and it’s beginning to shake violently. We declare that leg to begin to grow out supernaturally in Jesus’ name. Missing teeth; you’re missing teeth in your mouth, and I see new teeth popping back into your mouth. We declare whole teeth being recreated right now. Eardrums being recreated in the name of Jesus. I see many other kinds that I can’t say them all because of time, but just receive right now. We declare mass creative miracles right now as people are watching. In Jesus’ mighty name, Lord stretch out your hands now and touch right now. Some of you are starting to feel heat or a tingling, or maybe you were paralyzed. I see someone paralyzed and you cannot feel your legs but you feel the heat and the tingling coming into your legs. Have someone next to you help you up a little bit and try to start walking and see what happens, when you’re ready. When you feel ready to do it – as your faith leads you; something is happening as you watch. Others, I’ve not said your sickness, but God’s touching you. You can feel it right now. You can sense something happening. Take a step of faith right now and see what happens.

SID: David, what’s happening right now, and you two know this, but perhaps you don’t know this, is when God shows up, His presence shows up. His presence is His glory; a tangible manifestation of His presence. And some of you, for various reasons, and it’s not that there’s anything wrong with you, don’t feel a thing. But trust me by faith that God’s glory is present. And when God’s glory is present, even if David did not state your condition, that’s what he was saying, that there is healing in every area. I mean fingers are being healed. If you’d bend your fingers and you had pain, you don’t have pain anymore. I mean even the thumb. The pain is gone. The back pain is gone. Pains of all kind are gone. Oh this is good, but we’re going to talk about what’s going to happen to America shortly. Don’t go away, I’ll be right back after this break. We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.  

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