SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with David and Stephanie Herzog, and last week I was just provoked to jealousy as I was interviewing David, because he has some of the most unusual miracles. He can’t make them happen, but these are signs that cause people to wonder. And when they wonder, they have encounters with God. Now I want you to meet David’s wife Stephanie. Stephanie, as a young girl, you had a disease that could have been terminal. You were treated medically. What was the disease?

STEPHANIE: Yeah, I had leukemia at the age of 8, and they did a bone marrow surgery on me.

SID: That must be very painful.

STEPHANIE: I remember very well, like it was yesterday.

SID: I’m sure you do, yes. And you were healed?

STEPHANIE: Yeah, I was fine for a few years actually. It did great for me. But when I was 16, in high school, it came back and it was worse than before.

SID: Now when it came back – now at this point you were a believer in the Messiah – but when it came back, it still had to have a degree of fear. You remember the pain from before. And it is a fatal type of disease in many instances.

STEPHANIE: Yes. Well, I kept hearing a voice saying “You’re going to die soon. Your life’s going to end. That’s it for you.” But deep inside I did not bear witness. I didn’t feel that that was the truth, and I said “No, this is just the beginning of something great.” I felt that.

SID: So you had your friends from church pray. Did they fast?

STEPHANIE: Yeah, my youth group. I told them right away what the doctor said, and they said “We’ll fast and pray for your healing,” and they did it for a whole week. And at the end of the week, that’s when I got totally healed.

SID: You didn’t have any bone marrow transplant again?


SID: I’m sure you were very grateful for that. But what did the doctors say?

STEPHANIE: Well, he was shocked. He called me and said “I don’t know what happened, but after a week of blood tests, this last one, everything is perfectly normal and you’re totally normal and healed.” And they didn’t understand it. And I said “Well, that’s what I call a miracle, because God did it.”

SID: And so what did he say to that?

STEPHANIE: He’s like “I guess you can use that term.”

SID: That sounds very professional. But I tell you what, we know better.

STEPHANIE: Yes, yes.

SID: As a young girl though, your parents were kind of, just almost amazed because you would know things. Tell me about that.

STEPHANIE: Yes, as a child, I just started seeing the supernatural world, the spirit world, and I didn’t understand much. Neither did my parents.

SID: Give me an example.

STEPHANIE: Like I would be ready to go to sleep in the night and I’d start seeing spirits, or whatever you call them, floating around, and I didn’t know what that was. Or during the day, I would just look at somebody and I would see demons around them.

SID: The Bible calls this discernment. You could see into the spirit realm.

STEPHANIE: Yes, yes.

SID: Now did you ever know things that would happen in the future, and did they happen?


SID: Give me an example.

STEPHANIE: Well I have an older sister, and at that time when we were little, she was always getting into trouble, like she would skip classes and everything and not tell my parents. Or not come home and my parents didn’t know where she was. So I would have a dream about her – what she’s doing, where she’s at – and then when I’d wake up, I’d tell my mom about what I had in the dream, and then she went “Hmm.” And when my sister comes home, she’d say “I know where you were. God showed your sister. She said that this and this…” And then everything, details.

SID: Between you and me, did your sister tell you “Cool it”? Tell me, did she?

STEPHANIE: She had the fear of God at the same time. She’s like “How did she know that? Oh, God is telling her things about me.” So she had a fear of me. She was mad at me, but yet she feared the God that was in me. You know, that God was showing me things. So she was kind of both mad and yet fearful.

SID: You know Stephanie I had you share that because I wanted those that are viewing the show right now to know the accuracy of your gifting, because you saw what is shortly going to happen in America. We’ll talk about that in a little bit. But David, the two of you went to France. And France is not the place I think of as miracles happening. Stephanie, tell me about the gold that you saw.

STEPHANIE: Well, it’s amazing, because I was pregnant with my second child when we started moving in the glory. And while I was ministering in a town called Troy, in France, while I was ministering, from mid-ceiling, right in front of me, this golden rain would appear. And it startled me at first. I was like “What was that?” And then I looked down and there was gold dust everywhere and it just kept doing it while I was speaking.

SID: Now David, were you there?

DAVID: Yes, I was there.

SID: What did you see? You describe. She told me what she saw. What did you see?

DAVID: Yeah, it was a women’s meeting, but I like to be in any meeting because I’m hungry. So I sat in the back because I wasn’t preaching in that meeting and I saw, as she’s preaching, these women run out of the bathroom, screaming in the middle of the sermon. And she looks back and they’re screaming “There’s gold all over the bathrooms!” And then, later as she was speaking, I could see it in midair just begin to fall.

SID: Like snow?

DAVID: Yeah, just midair, just began to fall.

SID: It must have been beautiful.

DAVID: It was amazing. It was just for a couple of seconds, you know, and there it was. It was all over the floor after that.

SID: Now, does this happen a lot at your meetings?

DAVID: We’ve seen it a lot in every country that we go. Again, it’s one of those things where God is in total control of this realm of His glory. When our baby was born in the hospital, that’s when I really saw it clearly, that this was God. She’s born in a French hospital, atheist doctors, they clean up the baby, they stick her in the bed, and she’s covered with gold at birth. So for me that was a sign.

SID: When you say covered – I have to ask you – when you say covered with gold, what in the world do you mean?

DAVID: Her face and her chest were sparkling with gold.

SID: My goodness. She must be a special baby.

DAVID: Yeah, because she didn’t have a makeup kit yet.

SID: Now when you were in France, you gave an unusual prophecy about soccer. Explain that.

DAVID: Yeah. We were in the middle of this revival, which means we were doing nightly meetings. It went six months nonstop. On Father’s Day of 1998 it started. But after four weeks they wanted to shut down the revival. The pastor said “Well, the people may be tired, it’s vacation time.” Everyone in Europe goes on vacation for a month; paid vacation. So that was kind of the element there. And I felt “No, we don’t want to end this.” Every day, souls are being saved and miracles are happening. So the Lord told me “I tell you what to do. Prophesy. When the prophecy comes to pass, they’ll know that it’s God’s will to continue the revival.” I said “That sounds easy. What do I prophesy?” “Prophesy that France will win the World Soccer Cup in a couple of weeks here.”

SID: Now were they the favorite?

DAVID: At the time they weren’t in the finals. No. But soon enough, in a couple days…

SID: Did they have a great team?

DAVID: No. They didn’t even think they were going to win anything. But within a couple of days or so…

SID: So it would take an act of God. That’s what I’m trying to find out.

DAVID: Exactly. And so Brazil, of course, was the number one team. Still is one of the best teams.

SID: I’m not much into soccer but I know about Brazil.

DAVID: So within a couple of days it comes down to France and Brazil in the finals. And France won 3-0. 3-0. And so the pastor, the church, everyone was excited. The nation, they felt this was a sign, at that time, of God’s favor. And so it went on for six months nonstop.

SID: I tell you what, hold these thoughts. And you think that was a sign. Wait until these signs start happening right where you are. Don’t go away. We’re going to be right back. 

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