SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Robin Harfouche, and Robin has been groomed from a very young age to be a reader of the New Age religion, her manager, in fact, the manager of Shirley Maclaine. So she goes to a special school in teaching on how to channel where a spirit guide comes into her. She sees a woman speaking with a man’s voice. She gets freaked out. She realizes she’s going to lose total control of whoever she is, and she doesn’t want this. She breaks from this manager. She goes to work as a waitress at Sonny Bono’s restaurant and, if I understood right, you heard like a voice direct you to go by a door. Explain that.

ROBIN: Yeah. Well I was in Sonny Bono’s restaurant when it was in Hollywood. And I had gone to this table and there were some famous actors there and they knew who I was. They knew I was a dancer. And so they made some kind of remarks to me, and I was upset about it. So I went in the kitchen and I told this other sweet girl, I said, “You bring the drinks to the table ‘cause I don’t want to do it.” And I was leaning against the wall and I heard my spirit guide say, “Are you gonna let over on you, you know, you can’t let this happen. You have to be confrontive. You have to be aggressive.” So I just ran from the kitchen to the bar area. And when I took the drink tray out of this girl’s hands, which kind of startled her, this 150-pound utility door stuck on its hinges on the bottom, 25 feet high, came down and hit me in the back of the skull. And that was the last thing I remember. And, I don’t know, six weeks later I woke up in Cedar Sinai Hospital in L.A.

SID: Okay. What was the prognosis for you?

ROBIN: After months of therapy and rehab I was in a wheelchair. I was told by 23 doctors that I would never walk again, that I would live my life in a wheelchair. I mean, it was just death, you know.

SID: You’re a dancer. You’re ready to bust into Johnny Carson. You were gonna be on his show, I believe.

ROBIN: Yeah.

SID: It’s all ready to happen for you, and now you’re confined to a wheelchair. You’ll never be able to function as a dancer or anything like that. So you’re really in despair and she decides to take her life, and she gets a phone call. Robin, it’s almost like a movie.

ROBIN: I know. I know. But I was in my apartment and a lot of people know where the Hollywood sign is ‘cause they show it all the time. My apartment was right down from that, and then three blocks straight down from my apartment there was Hollywood Presbyterian Church. It’s a very large church. And I got this phone call from a friend of mine who was a Jewish guy who had gotten born again at the Presbyterian Church. But he was a bass player in a rock and roll band called The Knack, and they had a hit, and I was dating the drummer at that time, even though, you know, I’m in a wheelchair. But I had been six months in the wheelchair. And so I had decide that day that I would take an overdose of drugs and just go to sleep because I didn’t believe, you know, I just thought life ended. And so he called me and he said, “Will you go to church with me tonight?” And it’s so weird, Sid, because, I’m like the last person you would ask to go to church.

SID: But not only, forget that. You were ready to commit suicide. What do you want to go to church for? Why did you go? Why, why, why?

ROBIN: I don’t know. I really don’t know. I mean, I think it’s like what you said, that on one side of my family there were people that were praying for me that knew God and on the other side there were people that were praying for me that were on the dark side.

SID: Okay. Really supernaturally, it’s a long story. You’ll find out later more about that. She gets to this church and what happened?

ROBIN: Well, you know, I got to the church. I left my wheelchair back at the apartment. It was like I was kind of in this supernatural bubble. And these people saw me. So they helped me and they literally, you know, carried me into the sanctuary. And when I got just to the doors of the sanctuary I felt like a power come all over my body. And then I got super hot. I had just started dripping wet. And then I started crying from somewhere, you know, like super deep that I didn’t even know existed, you know. And they sat me down in the meeting. And my friend, you know, he’s such a great guy, but he had never seen anybody touched or gone through that kind of a thing, he said, “Robin, are you in terrible pain? Do you want me to take you home?” And I couldn’t even speak, you know. And so when they called for the preacher, which I had never been a church in my life. So the preacher said, “Do you want to know God and that Jesus is the way to God?” I knew that that was why I had been brought there because my whole life I had been looking for God. And I had studied everything trying to find Him. But I had a revelation in my heart that Jesus is God. And so they helped me up towards the front and the preacher that was there who was team-ministering along with Christian Harfouche, he just went like that, like waved at me, and he said, “Jesus is healing you.” And I fell backwards onto the ground. And this woman came and wrapped her arms around me because I was crying and shaking, and I was dripping wet, and this fire kind of heat was all over me. I had nothing experienced anything like that. I had never seen anything like that. I wasn’t scared, but this woman grabbed me, put her arms around me and kind of rocked me gently back and forth, and she, “It’s okay, baby. It’s just Jesus. Just let him do what he’s gonna do. You’re gonna be all right.” She just stayed with that. And about 45 minutes later I got up off the ground. Now I had been in pain 24 hours a day and my body above my waist didn’t move. I was like an arthritic victim. Everything was stuck. Instantaneously, there no pain in my body. You know, I was on a lot of medication that day. I was instantaneously straight, which the doctors said could have killed me, you know, that kind of going from being on all this medication to being on nothing. And then I knew that Jesus was God. I knew that I had been used for 28 years of my life. I knew that everything that I thought was God, thought would help people, thought would make you more positive about life and all that was just a counterfeit, you know, an illusion of the reality.

SID: You know what’s so wonderful? Someone that has experienced that side which they thought was God, they thought was good, and then found out they were deceived, and then had an encounter with God. I mean, 23 doctors said she’d never walk again. She was going to commit suicide. There was no hope. And all the pain was gone and she’s able to be carried in to the church and walk out on her own totally healed. She ends up marrying that preacher and moves in the supernatural power of God like few people I know. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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