SID: Hello, Sid Roth with Mel and Desiree Ayres, and Desiree is, or was, one of the top stuntwomen in Hollywood but she ran into a problem she was grossly overweight, this is a problem many men and women have throughout the world, and so she isn’t proud of it, but she did this purging, what’s the definition of bulimic and anorexic?

DESIREE: Anorexic is where you don’t eat, you starve yourself, and bulimia is where you throw up your food, you do diuretic, you purge what you eat, you overeat and then you get rid of it.

SID: How in the world have you stayed the way I see you are right now for twenty-three years?

 DESIREE: Twenty-three years, I’ve been completely healed for twenty-three years.

After we prayed that prayer, the next day I went to a church and the pastor had this girl get up and share her testimony, and that’s why I like to do testimonies, she shared how Jesus had healed her from anorexia and bulimia, and the Bible does say that God is not a respecter of persons, and I do want to say this to you, if you are out there and you are battling an addiction, God healed me, He’s not a respecter of persons, just like He heard that girl that testified, now I got healed, now I’m testifying, God is going to do the same for you, He is going to set you free, there is hope, that’s why I wrote this book, God Hunger, is to share the good news on how you can be set free, it’s simple Bible steps that are so easy to follow, but I want you to be encouraged, you don’t have to be a drug addict, you don’t have to be addicted to alcohol, you don’t have to be overweight, you don’t have to have that torment in your mind where you think about yourself all the time, you can be free and I encourage you to pick up this book because it will help you.

 SID: Mel you lived with Desiree while she was in process of getting free, I’m sure there were ups and downs, what did you do personally when you saw she got down, when she fouled up? Am I right, did you foul up?

 DESIREE: Yes, I had a six months battle, and that’s where I testify in this book about six months.

 SID: What did you see and what did you say?

 MEL: I simply remember the experience that I had with god and how it changed my life, and I knew that He was real, and I knew that if I didn’t quit on Him, He wouldn’t quit on me, and so we would pray, and we would stay in faith, and I would continue to encourage her and just let her know that god is real, He loves you, He won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on yourself. And so when she was down, I would pick her up and then we would pray, and we would continue to speak the Word of God, and have the Word of God in the house, and we say God faithful to us, He showed up and He healed and he set her free. And one of the main things, Sid, is what you think every day, the battleground is right here in the mind, she was tormented in her mind, thinking about food, thinking about the way she looked, at the attention was on herself, but when we found that you could have a personal relationship with the Living God our mind was not on ourself anymore because we had someone else who was greater than us. And He brought joy into our life, and peace in our mind, in our hearts, and I just saw Desiree start to recover, and she started getting more strength and confidence, and you know it wasn’t overnight, but here was great restoration and recovery on a daily basis.

 SID: You now teach others, why do you teach others to get rid of addictions of all kinds?

 DESIREE: Because I know what it’s like to be bound and I know what it’s like to be free, and I’m so grateful for what God has done for me and I want to see other people be set free, and that is such a joy.

 SID: Are many people being set free that’s learned what you teach?

 DESIREE: Oh so many, so many, we’ve seen people being set free not only being over two hundred pounds overweight, and coming into their right body weight, not only that, not only healed of anorexia, not only healed of bulimia, but also smoking, alcohol, drug addictions, I have had people taking these principles and applied it to compulsive spending, gambling, so any type of addictive behavior,

 SID: Give me a specific person that comes to mind that you taught and what happened to them.

 DESIREE: Well, Linda’s testimony is so wonderful because I met her and she had a brain tumor and she had suffered from bulimia, and she came to our house one night, and we just praised God, we prayed for her, not only did she get healed of her brain tumor, and get set free of an eating disorder, she met through a class I had at that time, she met her husband who had an eating disorder, but God had healed both of them, they are now married, they have children together, and they are really living life on top.

 SID: How do you feel when you see someone that is just battling, battling, battling, and then they apply the principles of God’s word and intimacy with God, and they get free, how do you feel?

 DESIREE: Well, it’s such a joy, because not only are they set free, they are going to go and share the good news with others, and that’s what Jesus is, He’s good news. So to get to share the good news of the gospel, it’s such a joy.

 SID: Now Mel, you’re a pastor of a church now, you and Desiree, and you told me there is something, it’s almost going on, but there is an increase of people being physically healed, there is an increases in people having intimacy with God, give me an example. 

MEL: We have a lot of people in the entertainment industry coming to our ministry, and they come into the service and it’s, the presence of God there gives them a peace and a joy that they start to hunger for, and they start spending time with Him, and they start to see the places in their soul that needs healing, physical healings, we have people that are healed of, we have a documented person that was healed of AIDS, we have people that have cancer, a woman came in for healing on her knees, and she had just found out she had liver cancer, the doctor gave her very little time to live, she got completely healed of liver cancer, documented, she is completely well now to live the rest of her life. So we see an increase in that, we have a resurrected Messiah, He is resurrected, and to talk about a resurrected Messiah you have to have resurrection power.

 SID: Now in Hollywood there are many Jewish people like I am, tell me about a Jewish person that got healed.

 MEL: I was, I use to be roommates with a Jewish person, and he had 2400 in his eyes, and I would always tell him about the Messiah and he told me one day, if the Messiah will heal my eyes, I will believe. And seven days later he had 20/20 vision, and he is a

 SID: Did he honor his word?

 MEL: Yes, yes, he asked the Messiah to come into his life and to make Himself known to him, and He did that, and he lives that life today as a Christian, he lives here in North Carolina in fact.  

SID: Desiree, tell me what, when you talk about the presence of God, tell me what you really mean, explain that to someone that has never experienced the presence of God.

 DESIREE: Well you know the name of your church is “In His Presence” so it’s hard to miss God on that fact, not to have the presence, but the presence of God is a tangible real experience of God, which is really our prayer for you today that you would know the height, the depth, the width, the length of His unconditional love that He has for you, He created you, He is your Father, God Almighty created you, and He created you to have fellowship with Him, and life will not work out right for you, you will have hurts and unnecessary pains that God has not meant for you to experience, but it is so important that you have that intimate, real tangible, you can feel Him, you can sense Him, He has created angels to guard and protect you, He is an amazing God. 

SID: Desiree, can I confess something to everyone, and I’m going to do this on international television right now, I am addicted, I am addicted to want more and more of God’s presence, there is not a close second. And I understand what Mel and Desiree are talking about, because His presence is pouring through the television right now, it’s His love, His presence is His love. And right now, if you believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you repent of your sins, and you ask Him to live inside of you and be your Lord and Messiah, it’s done.

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