SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Desiree Ayers, and Desiree was literally, you might say,  had it in her genes to be a stunt woman, because her father was one of the top stuntmen in Hollywood, he was actually a double for Adam West, in Batman?  

DESIREE: Yes, in the hit series Batman, so he used to, when I was a little girl, I was only in second grade, he’d come and pick us up in the Batmobile Car, and then we’d always go down to the set and watch them film, and we’d get to slide down the bat pole and play with the costumes, it was very exciting time for us.  

SID: But you were not only groomed to be a stuntwoman, you were groomed to be a psychic, I guess your parents weren’t Christians?  

DESIREE: No, yes, I grew up, I became a stuntwoman, and then also, my dad was into Christian Science, my mom was into psychic, card reading, she’d bring different guru’s to the house, she had all kinds of meditation courses, all kinds of occult books were in the house, and I ended up getting into something called astral-projection. And this is probably where I took a turn in my life of not wanting to seek out spiritually, because what had happened was, astral-projection is when you literally leave your body, and 

SID: And by the way, some of you that think this is ridiculous, there are universities in the United States and in the former Soviet Union that actually teach people how to do these things, go ahead.  

DESIREE: Yes, and I was with a group of psychics who were learning to mind read, and I was only sixteen years old, I was the young one being groomed for that, and you know, so they have all kind of exercises that you do and what you are around definitely influences you, and I didn’t plan to actually leave my body, but I think being around so much of this activity, one day when I went to go to bed, all of a sudden I found myself up on the ceiling, and it terrified me, I came back in my body, I ran over and told my brother what had happened, he said, oh you astral projected, let me give you a book on it. And he said go try to see, you know, mom in California, we were living in Florida at the time, he suggested different things for me to do, but every time I’d leave my body, within a second I would be in space, and I knew it was space, and then I encountered some terrifying beings, you know I’ve seen horror flicks, nothing on the horror flicks compare to what I saw, and what was wrapped around me, it was, it was giant serpent like creatures that were the size of massive buildings, and that tall, they went on forever, and they were trying to kill me, I knew they were trying to kill me, I was trying to get back into my body, they would train you

SID: This was worse than Rod Sterling ever did on his TV shows  

DESIREE: It was pretty horrifying, it really was, and for a sixteen year old kid who had never done drugs, I wasn’t into drinking, anything like that, I was just, I was doing things that they were teaching, focus on the white light, I would focus on the white light, nothing happened, I started to do my  

SID: So you just kind of hung out there in space and you didn’t know how to  

DESIREE: Trying to get into my body  

SID: That’s gotta, I mean what if you never made it back? Go ahead.  

DESIREE: Yeah but , and that’s what it felt like was happening, but I would say over and over again, God is love, God is love, God is love, but that still wasn’t working, but somehow after hours I got back into my body and I said I will have nothing to do with any of the spirituality stuff, and I remember saying to God, God until I’m more spiritually advanced, I don’t want to mess with anything, and so I just kind of went on to live my life as a kid , and getting into surfing, and sports, and boyfriends, but I had  

SID: You went to college, right?  

DESIREE: Yeah, I went to college, by the time I was in college because I wasn’t feeding myself spiritually, I started to feed myself physically, I call it the number one spiritual disease that there is, it’s called God-hunger. We’re created to fellowship with God and if we don’t, I think people run to drugs, alcohol, workaholism and all kinds of other things, and I was running to food, I ate and ate and ate until I became so big that the only piece of clothing I could wear were my overalls. I probably put on over thirty pounds in less than a year.  

SID: That’s got to be kind of devastating for a young woman with a social life, and wanting to get married, so what did you do about it?  

DESIREE: Well, what was devastating was when I decided, I did one commercial before I gained all the weight and I was making thousands of dollars in residual checks while I was in college and I thought why attend college, why don’t I go back to Hollywood, I got all the connections, and make a bunch of money. So I went back and I told my dad I decided I’m going to be a stuntwoman, and he started to laugh, he said, Desiree, he goes who are you going to double, because actresses are so skinny, he said there’s nobody as big as you. And I became obsesses of losing the weight, I thought I will do whatever it takes, so I started to run marathons, I would run up to ten miles a day, I would do two mile ocean swims, I got into diuretics, laxatives, throwing up my food, and 

SID: Wait a second, from what I understand, this purging yourself, or throwing up your food, that’s life threatening stuff. 

DESIREE: It is, it definitely is, what happened, I ended up becoming very thin, I became one of Hollywood’s top working stuntwomen, but eventually on the inside I was destroying my liver, and you are doing horrible things to your inside organs. 

SID: How serious a problem is this in society?  

DESIREE: Oh, you are not going to believe some of these statistics: eating disorders affect five to ten million Americans, adolescent girls and women, approximately one million boys and men, according to a recent study over half the females between the age of eighteen and twenty-five would prefer to be run over by a truck than be fat, two-thirds surveyed would rather be mean or stupid, nineteen percent of college women struggle through this, and it’s also been shown that eighty percent of American women are not happy with their appearance. So I think there is a whole self-image problem here, but the good news is God has the answer to be free, and that’s really what I want to share because  

SID: But you know, in reading your book, you looked beautiful, you are one of the top stuntwomen in Hollywood, you actually won a bikini contest, but you didn’t feel thin.  

DESIREE: No, I didn’t and I can remember that day quiet well when I did the bikini contest, I was actually with a boyfriend who was in a surf contest, and I was there to watch him, but I was getting bored watching him and they had a bikini contest, so I decided to go enter it, well I end up, I’m twenty-two years old, and I looked very physically fit, I win the contest, when he comes back out I have a trophy, I have a boogie-board, I have all these clothes, I’m like, hey look, I won the bikini contest, and he said to me, Desiree, you won, you got to be kidding,, that’s all those fifteen and sixteen year old hard bodies and you won, and I was already bulimic, I already had a terrible self-image, and I just went from feeling good one moment to feeling I was fat, I thought maybe I’m the aging person, the judges felt sorry for me, but I just viewed myself as this overweight, heavy person, and was devastated.  

SID: Desiree, hold that thought, there are people that are watching me right now, either you, or you know someone in this situation, and I tell you that addictions of food are just one of the things that try to fill that void inside of us, there are addictions to drugs, there are addictions to sex, there are addictions in so many arenas of life, but there is a supernatural victory, it’s not the next best diet coming down the pike, don’t go away, we’ll be right back after these words.

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