SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Charles and Beryl Dixon, and both of them move in what is known as prophesy, they know things that are going to happen in the future, but Charles, it increased dramatically when you had a visitation to heaven, tell me about that.

CHARLES: Yeah, one day God just invited me to go to heaven, I didn’t know, I was just praying and all of a sudden somebody came into the room, a presence, light, bright, and I, now I know some angel, they just, I was out of my body, I went to heaven and God began to show me things and tell me different things, and when I came totally transformed, my anointing and my ministry.

SID: Beryl, you are the one that knows the most what difference do you see since this trip to heaven?

BERYL: Well, first I have to say that my husband has several trips to heaven; that was probably one of the earlier ones.

SID: When I heard it was one I was going to leave you alone, but if you have had several, I haven’t had any, what is this, I protest!

BERYL: And because of the level of anointing he walks in he sees angels, we can be in the hotel, in the restaurant, in the service, in a studio, it doesn’t’ matter he knows and physically see when the angel in into the room and can tell you exactly the position of the angel and what they are doing, the size, everything.

SID: Give me a couple of examples of people that you have prophesied over and what has happened to them.

CHARLES: I was in a meeting, at a ministry and it was about 15 minutes before we would close the meeting, a gentleman whisked in, came to sit down, and the moment he sits down God tells me to prophesy to him. The moment I looked over at that man I had an open vision, what is an open vision, just like you are watching television, so I called the man, I told him this is the word of the Lord, don’t declare bankruptcy, and I prayed for him and I told him within a short time God is going to turn your finances around, he began to cry, I thought no big deal, at the end of the service the pastor and the gentleman called me to his office, the pastor’s office, and he said the reason why the gentleman was late, is he was in his lawyers office filling out the papers trying to declare bankruptcy. I said did you hear the word of the Lord? After going back and forth the pastor convinced him you better listen to Prophet Dixon. Within three weeks God had a contract, 1.6 million, see the prophetic brings life, Beryl will tell you the last two weeks we were in a city that Beryl was having a conference and there was a gentleman who came and testified, he said, would you take over?

BERYL: Sure, he came and testified that we came to the church for the very first time, didn’t know anyone, the pastor or anyone, I ministered to him that he was in a very difficult situation that actually had stripped his career from him, that it was involving a rape, but that he was innocent and that God would avenge, God would come in and God would set him free, but there was no possibility because it involved the military, they had had the trial we later found out and he was accused of raping an individual, we came back the second time and said you think that God forgot you but God said I don’t have amnesia, and you will be set free, and not only will you be set free but your finances will be restored with increase, we came the third time and I gave him a word and said God said that you are about to walk in that breakthrough anointing and you are on the brink of waling in what God has spoken to you. Now we have gone for the fourth time, he had his rank restored, they gave him the back pay, the lady who alleged the rape came and confessed that he was not the one, that it was another individual and that she lied on him, now all the land and property that we prophesied, he has now obtained and he is walking in the millionaire anointing.

SID: To tell you what I need you two to do, I need you two to join hands, would you do that, and I need you to look into the camera and pray a prayer of impartation and then prophesy whatever area God show either of you, would you do that now.

CHARLES: Father, I pray that as you children they are going to watch this telecast, you are going to release that spirit of prophetic anointing, that they will become sensitive to the Spirit of God, that they are going to begin to flow that your name shall be glorified,
Father release it, Father I will speak it.

BERYL: Lord stir up the anointing that you have placed into your children, Father allow the prophetic anointing to rise up and to manifest itself that you may be glorified in this time, Lord God release that which you have declared in the heavens into the earthly realm into your children that they may be a testimony that you are still alive and that you are
speaking now to your people, in Jesus Name, amen.


SID: Charles, ask the Lord to prophesy to people just for a minute now.

CHARLES: I’m beginning to see, there’s a prophecy that God showed me, and when I get prophecies I tell her about it because I forget it, so Beryl what are the prophecies I told you about the United States?

BERYL: Just a couple of weeks ago my husband began to prophesy to me and speak, and the Lord was showing him that in the eastern portion of the United States that there was a fresh revival coming to that area, that God is beginning to cause a flame to where people in the past has been seen as an area that is dead, but now the revival and the Holy Spirit is going to speak fresh, and it is going to be a spark to cause a revival even in this nation and even in the political arena and that area, God is getting ready to make a change, where there was darkness it is now going to be light, even policies are going to begin to change in the political arena, because of the fresh anointing of revival that is coming to that area.

SID: There is such a presence of God here, there is such a presence of God here I have a prophetic word for you, and it is the surest prophetic word you will ever hear, it comes from the Jewish prophet Daniel in the 12th chapter, this is what he says, Those that are buried in the dust, some shall rise to everlasting life, and some to everlasting condemnation, so the Jewish scriptures talk about everlasting life or everlasting condemnation, and rising from the dead, you don’t just die and that is it, so the question is, where is your everlasting? There is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved, saved from what? Separated from our sins so that we can bask in the presence of God, the glory of God, the peace of God, that peace that you have been feeling as we’ve been discussing, it’s the peace of the glory of God, the peace of the Spirit of God, so you’ll either one of two prayers, you must do it, otherwise you don’t know when your end will come and it is everlasting life or everlasting condemnation. Either say God tell me the truth about Jesus, or go for the gold right now, and say God I repent of my sins,
I believe that Jesus died in my place, and I make him my Lord, in Jesus name, amen.

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