SID: Hello, I’m Sid Roth here with Majed and I don’t know about you, but how can a human take what he went through. So they didn’t succeed, they didn’t break him, but they sure broke his body. They’d take him to a hospital, if you could call it such a thing as a hospital. And he is so thirsty, they don’t expect him to ever walk out of that hospital alive, he his so thirsty. What happened Majed?

MAJED: I slept this night, and the Lord came to me in a vision and He gave me water in His hand, and told me “If you drink my water, why would you need any other water?” And, I drink from the river basically, from his hands. And the next day, I began to move my hands, a week later, I start to move my arms, I start to move my body. I was healed completely through the picture that you see this.

SID: Oh okay, his friends recognize now that he has healed, he has a new problem. They still want to get him, so he has to get out of Egypt. Now he is surrounded with other Arab countries. He’s a Muslim that has rejected his faith, now believes in Jesus. The only country that he could possibly go to was Israel. What did you think of Israel?

MAJED: I didn’t know anything about Israel before I went there.

SID: What about the Jewish people?

MAJED: I didn’t know anything about the Jewish people, I just knew is the propaganda they having in the Arab country.

SID: So why did you, if you knew the propaganda why would you want to go to Israel?

MAJED: Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

SID: I gotcha, so he has a bold escape, actually on a jet ski. He gets to Israel, this is amazing, you fall in love with the Jewish people. In fact recently, the Lebanon Israeli war, you were actually there for the last three days. Tell me what this means to you.

MAJED: Well in the last three days of the war, we did the human right observer mission to go there to see the war between Hezbollah and Israel. And what you see now is ball bearings, which is the Hezbollah, they use it in their missile, and the rockets.

SID: Why?

MAJED: To hit the Israeli civilians. You see when you use a weapon like this, this is like the rocket that hit Haifa during the war, carrying 40,000 of this one, of these small little balls. And what has happened, is when it hits the ground, it shatters everywhere and kills everyone, in that area.

SID: Are you bothered, that the press gives such a biased view of what really happened in that war. Does that bother you?

MAJED: It bothers me, I’m not underestimating the Lebanese pain, you know my heart goes out to them as well, but there is also Israel, and Israel did not start the war. When you hit Israel with weapons like this. This is not about farms, this is not about the Palestinian state. It’s about existing, of the state of Israel.

SID: Listen, there is a difference between war of soldiers fighting soldiers, and war of soldiers targeting, not by accident, targeting innocent civilians with bombs that have little ball bearings, that can kill you, that can maim you for life. There is something so savage about this, I want you to see some clips of the video Majed did.

It was a big shock, because since 1948, this city was never under fire, or never in a state of war. And for the first time, we were under the shell of rockets. It brings you to a state where you can do nothing, because you stay behind walls in secure areas and wait for rockets to hit your head. Those who were carrying 40 kilos of ball bearings. This is a small metal which was inside. Once the rocket hits the solid ground it scatters around the vicinity of 1000 meters. And whatever stands in this vicinity gets killed.

Eli: Its simply horrific, meaning it tears the body apart. It doesn’t give the person you know when a regular bomb falls, it gives a person a chance. This doesn’t give you a chance, it simply throws holes into you. This is simply inhuman, it is something that is not done. These missles are made by Syria, countries do not produce these missals, its simply, the only purpose of this missle is to kill, and prefer to kill civilians. It’s something that the world can not tolerate.

At Haifa’s hospital Majed prays with Israeli Arab Christians Nicola and Sana Hyyak. Sana’s spinal cord was pierced by a single ball bearing from an exploding Hezbollah missile. The mother of three children, age 3, 5, and 11, is now paralyzed from the waist down.

We are here in this house. A civilian family was living here, and the Katusha fell on the house. These are pieces and parts of the Katusha, and as you can see, this house belonged to a family. It’s not a military base, it’s not anything about the army. But here it is: Hezbollah attacked this house, attacked this place.

SID: It is so important for you to see what the media is not telling us. Why is the media not telling us this? Many of them are afraid for their life. But there are so many Christians that I call “real Christians”, not the Sunday, go-to-church variety with their leather, Bible saying “Praise the Lord”. But Majed, I have to tell you, I’m Jewish, and you literally provoke me to jealousy. But there are many Christians that are suffering just the way you suffered. Do you have a message for the countries that are torturing Christians right now?

MAJED: The persecuted Christians, my message is that persecuted Christians are dying every day, and they still smile. They are in very deep, dark night, but they still have the candles of the Living God. Our enemy has a very strong army, has very strong weaponry, but we have The Lord Almighty. Believe me when I tell you, they can kill the dreamer, but no one can kill the dream. And that’s my message.

SID: I have an idea. I have an idea for peace. I would like to tell President Bush this. Maybe I won’t get the Nobel Peace Prize, but I have an idea for peace. How in the world, in the Middle East – which the whole world is jockeying in right now, trying to figure out how to have peace when there is no peace, – how can Arabs and Jews ever get together? How can Muslims and Jews ever get together? Do you really think that you can legislate this? Yes you can, for a short period of time, and then it’ll be worse than the short peace that you had. But God has a solution. Tell me the truth: What do you feel about Israel and the Jewish people? Look in that camera and tell them what you feel about Israel and the Jewish people, just quickly.

MAJED: What I know or what I feel about Israel, they have the right to exist. They suffered, and they have the right to exist. We need to understand that Israel and the Jewish people, they’ve suffered a lot in the past, and it’s about time – it’s about time – that Christians and Jews together, even secular, they understand that we need to help. We need to stop. We need to be there for them. That’s how I feel.

SID: Give me your hand. I’m going to tell you something. We are one new man in Messiah.

MAJED: Amen.

SID: Jew and Muslim, because the middle wall of separation has come down. And you know, and I know, and now you know. In Israel, there are Arabs and Jews that love each other, and we’re going to spread this love. It all comes from the King of the Jews, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. And He’s removing the spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people right now. He’s removing the spiritual scales from the eyes of Arabs and Muslims right now, so that we can be one so the world will believe. Amen.

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