SID: Unbelievable. A sleepy little southern town. A tiny little church. Steve Hill, how many people came to that one little building?

STEVE: Well we started counting after a while, cause it was hard to believe. There was times we had four and five overflow rooms. There was one week in the revival we had to set up a tent outside, and people sat and watched on a big screen on their cars in the parking lot.

SID: They’d stand in line hours. How many millions would you say?

STEVE: Four million people came to the meetings.

SID: Did you get that? Four million people from all over the world came because they knew they could walk into a building that had the presence of God.

STEVE: Let me tell you who else was stunned by it was CNN, 20/20, Good Morning America, New York Times, Fox – all these channels, they came. And they were just stunned. They’d say, “What gives? How can you do this.” And I had a pat answer: You can’t. You can’t do this. This is either God showing up… Because people are smart. They’re not going to come to a meeting where nothing’s happened.

SID: But here’s the question I have for you. Why did people, in front of cameras, in front of thousands of people, stand up and publicly say “I have done…” and even say what the sins, the horrible things they were doing. What power would make them want to do this?

STEVE: Because it was real. That’s my answer to you.

SID: Ok. Let’s look at one of these people that came, one of the hundreds of thousands that came forward to publicly proclaim they’ve been involved in sin. And he’s doing something Jewish. It sounds non-Jewish, it’s baptism, but we Jewish people invented it, it’s called the mikvah. Let’s take a look at that clip.

STEVE: I don’t know what you felt tonight friend, when that man stood in that baptismal pool. Brother, I don’t know where you are, and don’t raise your hand, but with tears in his eyes, he said he’d committed adultery just a few months ago, seven or eight months ago.

And he’s lost his family, he’s lost his children, and he’s lost his business. Sin is horrible!

MAN: I committed adultery, and I’ve lost everything in my life that has ever meant anything to me. My family, my two young children and a wonderful job. And I’m here to say today that, Lord Jesus, this is Your life. Tell me what You want me to do, and let me do it.


MEN: I baptize you now in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.


SID: Steve Hill, you are weeping. That’s history. That’s old. Why are you weeping over him?

STEVE: Because it’s eternal. It’s history, but eternal. See, we spend our lives in the temporal. My job, my wife, that’s all temporal. Eternal is when God comes in and changes a life, transforms him because we are going to live forever everyone that’s watching this broadcast you are never going to die your physical shell yeah its going deter ate and die but your going to live forever there are two material places heaven and down under or hell and you got a choice and these people are making these choices and there going I want God I want Jesus Christ I want him to change me and they do and he and they make that change and the testimony.

SID: listen many people run forward when they hear a proclamation that the messiah is real that God loves you and that God doesn’t condemn you God has his arm reach out so wide to embrace it that some of you have never had the experience the arms of God hugging you some of you are going to experience that right now some of you are going to experience miracles miracles prove that the God of the invisible is very much alive in this realm tell me one miracle that comes to mind.

STEVE: The Pensacola Revival the greatest miracle and you referred to at the beginning the noticeable that I was apart of was a little girl that came to the revival was her hole body had been consume with cancer she was a skinny little thing 16 years old had a baseball cap on no hair was dying and she was sent by one of the organization that they give the last request they will send you any place in the world you and your family all expenses paid and she said I wanted to go to that meeting where there is miracles taking place she comes down we pray for her then two weeks later we receive a letter from her dad that she just had a MRI a complete scan of her body. Not one cancer cell anywhere and she just recently graduated from University all her hair is back. Miracles like that took place all the time at the revival and many of them we didn’t even know were taking place we need, this needs to become normal in the church world, Is science and wonders.

SID: okay I want you to pray for miracles to happen right now.

STEVE: right now for you who are at home who don’t know Jesus Christ as your savor this is the most important part he will change your life as he change mind I want you to pray with me right now say Jesus forgive me I have sinned I repent be my savor be my Lord and my best friend now if you where serious God did that. Now I want to pray for healing those of you that need a healing in your body lay your hand where ever it is that is sick now if you have relative that needs healing we want to pray for that person right now in or a friend in Jesus name I speak right now I speak to everyone watching this I speak healing Lord touch Lord heal cancer heart disease leukemia someone right now is being healed of leukemia some one right now is being healed right now of cancer I can see the tumor getting smaller and in Jesus name receive your healing.

SID: Not only those diseases but there are pain in your in your body there is some one watching right now with a pain in there hip and if you start walking you will see a you will see in Yeshua that’s Hebrew for Jesus in Yeshua name you are healed there is someone else with pain in there back and if you will bend over you are totally healed anything you need in your head there are people with migraines people with ringing in the ears you are healed in Jesus name there are people with sinus allergies anything in your head area stuffy nose even you are in Jesus name. Steve the woman you where talking about that party animal that got radically transform her sister gave a prosaic word at the Brownsville revival that it is written to happen right at this moment now tell me the impact that word had on you.

STEVE: the word what impacted me most was God was in a hurry which she said that the present of God came into the building and I will never forget that night it went on for hours people repented and they screamed out for forgiveness and that tape has been taking an shown all over the world and one church showed it church of 4000 on one Sunday morning that service lasted until four that afternoon.

SID: I tell you what I want to see that exact word right now and when you see this word right before your eyes when you hear this word I tell you this is your moment to make connections with God lets take a look at it.

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