SID: Sid Roth here with Steve Hill. He should’ve died. He should’ve been in prison. He should’ve been in a mental institution. But instead of those three paths, he walks in what he says is the presence of God, and people around him have miracles. But after this wonderful being set free from drug addiction, and I mean instantly. It wasn’t a gradual thing.

STEVE: Sid, it was phenomenal. When I went outside it was a brand new day. The Bible says you must be born again. The Bible doesn’t say you must join a church or you must get this or get that. You must be born again. Now I believe in church attendance, I believe in all of that. But you’ve got to have an encounter with God. But there’s someone  watching right now, I want to let you know this, that you have had all kind of experiences out there with religion, but you’ve never had an experience with Jesus Christ. Those of you who have been around the religious world, maybe you’ve gone to church, synagogue, whatever. You’ve never had and experience with God. That’s what I’m talking about. He changes your life forever, and that’s what happened on that day, and that’s why, for 30 years now, I’ve been on fire for Jesus.

SID: Ok. Everything’s wonderful, but you’re dying. He has hepatitis C, and there are people watching that have hepatitis C. Steve, that’s a fatal disease.

STEVE: Well, we’re going to fast forward many years, and I’m holding a meeting in Pensacola Florida where the power of God is coming down, hundreds of thousands are coming from all over the world. In the midst of that I get diagnosed with hepatitis C. The doctor sits me down like we’re sitting here and he said, “This is grave.” I said “What? What? What? Because I’m a man of God, you know…” He goes “Well, your blood is infested with this virus and it’s going to kill you.” And I said “Well what are the  symptoms?” He said, “You’ll lose all your energy…” And so, the bottom line: went back to the meeting that night, didn’t parade it in front of everybody and say that. A woman walked up to me, Suzette Hatting, walked up to me that night.

SID: I know her.

STEVE: She said “God spoke to me that you’ve got a sickness that is unto death, and I want to pray for you right now.” She prayed for me. I immediately went back to the  doctor. He did another blood check. “I don’t understand it. You’re clean.” And I had done two blood tests. Did another one – “You’re clean.” And now, several years later, still clean. Jesus heals

SID: He went with his wife to Argentina, and this totally changed his whole paradigm for what life really is all about. What did you see in Argentina?

STEVE: The reason we went to Argentina is because of the encounter I had had. My only goal is for everyone on planet Earth to have an encounter with Jesus Christ. That’s my goal, to have an encounter with God. And so, we went to a fertile mission field, Argentina. What I saw there, I had never seen before. We went in 1984, a massive crusade was going on with a man by the name of Carlos Anocondia. I watched the man wave his hand across the crowd, believe it or not those of you watching you at home, wave his hand across the crowd, hundreds and hundreds of people that were like a quarter of a mile away were struck by the power of God. They were touched mightily. And so I was watching people being delivered of demons, being set free, being healed, miracles, signs, wonders, in masses. And I said, “Jesus, whatever this man has, I want it.” And I walked straight up to Carlos and I went “Lay hands on me. Pray for me.” And I remember that night, he laid hands on me, I fell out in the mud.

SID: What you say you fell out, what do you mean?

STEVE: I lost all my strength.

SID: You just fell over backwards? Were you pushed? Did he push you down?

STEVE: Oh no, absolutely not.

SID: You’re not going to lay in the mud on purpose?

STEVE: No, no. That’s called a “courtesy fall”, ok, and I’m not going to do it. So I fell to the ground, I’m laying there, and I just sense the Spirit of God sweeping over me. It’s the anointing. I’m saying, “God, I want that anointing.” And people in our meetings, oftentimes… And this is a whole different program about the manifestations of the Spirit… One of the reasons when people are touched by the power of God is God wants to show them “This is totally Me.” And I’ve watch Muslims, other religious faiths, get touched by the power of God, and when they’re on the floor, they realize that “This is the God I want to have control of my life because He just took control of my body.”

SID: I want you to pick one person out, because then you went to a little sleepy southern town in a church, and the same thing started happening there. People were touched by the power of God. They’d walk in and it was like from heat into air conditioning, you could feel the difference. And tell me how many people were either away from God or never knew God themselves that made a proclamation…

STEVE: Hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands.

SID: Hundreds of thousands in one tiny church?

STEVE: Yeah. It started on Father’s Day 1995. I was supposed to be there two years, ended up staying five years. It became known as the Pensacola Revival.

SID: Alright, give me one person whose life was impacted. Just a brief story.

STEVE: That’s not fair!

SID: I know it’s not fair, but life isn’t fair.

STEVE: Yeah. One person, ok. One individual, she came to the meeting, her name’s Elizabeth. She came to the meeting because her sister kept bugging her, “you’ve got to come, you’ve got to come.” She was a party hound, she didn’t want anything to do with  God. She came. When I gave the alter call, she didn’t want to go, and her sister said “Come on, come with me to the alter. Come with me to the alter.” She was just one of these stoic, hard, difficult people. She came forward, she stood there with her arms  crossed, didn’t want anything to do God or me. And she came up. As she was standing there, I walked by, put my hand on her forehead, she was totally consumed by the presence of God, and for four hours had a vision from God. Fell to the ground and had a vision from God. Now she’s married to a pastor, loves God with all her heart, soul, and strength. But God transformed her just like that. That is one of hundreds of thousands of stories.

SID: You’re seeing an increase in the miraculous, and what excites me is you’re saying it’s not just you, it’s what everyone that knows God is supposed to do.

STEVE: Well the Bible says in Mark chapter 16 “These signs will follow them that believe:…” And I believe that we are in the season of the supernatural. I believe we’ve always been, but we’ve chosen not to operate. I believe people need to be moving out in the Spirit. They need to say “God, I’m nobody. You’re everything. I’m not the healer, you’re the Healer. Jesus, this man has cancer. In the name of Jesus…”

SID: I tell you what, when we come back, we’re going to find out how to move in these miracles, and you’re going to get one. I proclaim to you you’re going to get a miracle.

We’ll be right back after this word.

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