SID: Could it be that this mystery of the ancient Jewish spoken blessing is the solution to the divorces that are going on worldwide, the bad marriages that are going on worldwide? Bill and Dorothy Jean, you happen to be Christians, therefore you have a commitment to your marriage, divorce wasn’t an option, you were blessed in that both your parents were not divorced, in this  day and age you are not divorced, but that wasn’t even an option for you, and there are many people that get divorced because they don’t have a commitment, but then there are many people that have a commitment but they don’t have a bonding together, it’s not what God really intended for their marriage, when you got the revelation of the spoken blessing you started praying over your wife, tell me what you did, what she did and what happened as the result.

BILL: It’s exciting, Sid, because commitment without emotional bonding is miserable, and a lot of people are living in misery when they are committed in their marriage. You now I was raised in a home, I was the youngest child, with a mother and a grandmother who lived with us and three older sisters all of whom could pick me up and smack me anytime they wanted to, and then I married forty eight and one half years ago, and I thought this was going to be absolutely wonderful, but there was just something in me.

SID: You had watched Hollywood a lot so you knew that that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

BILL: But I married the real thing, I married a wife. She was a wonderful girl, but I just wouldn’t let her get too close, you know, I let her get close enough to hug her and kiss her any time she’d let me you know, but I mean emotionally close, and after getting into the principles of blessing and imparting blessing to our children, one day it dawned on me, I said we need to begin to bless each other. And Sid, when she began to lay hands on me every day, she’s done it now for years, she did it this morning at the hotel, when she does it, every time something happens in my spirit, there is impartation, and I began to experience an emotional bonding with her and she with me.

SID: Dorothy Jean, I’ve heard what Bill has said, what about you, do you really believe that that supernaturally made a difference in your intimacy emotionally with your husband?

DOROTHY: Yes, for the first time, I’d always really wanted to be very close to my husband because I was committed to him for the rest of my life, but I wanted more than just a physical, and so it was through the blessing, because there is a supernatural impartation, and it was his heart and his spirit being spoken over me, and I was beginning to feel the real Bill, to know really who my husband was, and what his heart was for me.

SID: Now that’s from Dorothy Jean’s viewpoint, I heard yours, but tell me again, tell me what the difference is between you when Dorothy Jean, as a result of this supernatural closeness from the blessing.

BILL: The difference is spiritual and emotional bonding, we had a commitment to each other, and we had a good, healthy relationship in our personality, and in our physical life, but we did not have that emotional intimacy that we needed, and not only that Sid, but I believe that it has sustained her in good health, because the Lord has healed her twice of cancer.

SID: when you bless her, how do you bless her in reference to her health?

BILL: Well, based on Romans eight, in the Christian New Testament, I say may the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead quicken your body, may every cell and nerve in your body be quickened with health and life, and strength, and God begins to do things in her life, He gives her health, it’s amazing to me the energy that she has, to do the things that she does every day.

SID: Dorothy Jean, you had cancer twice?


SID: what do you think about this spoken blessing over your current health?

DOROTHY: Well I know it does impart strength to me, I mean I have to take care of four little sweet babies, grandbabies, and boy when they are busy you are busy too, and I have my 90 year-old mother, plus our marriage and our church, and so it is just wonderful to see what I can do.

SID: Tell me about Judge Ligon, your oldest son.

DOROTHY: Okay, yes, well William was raised with a blessing after we learned about it and now he has four children of his own and so just little toddlers, even in the mothers womb he began to read the word of God and speak life and blessings over them, and so they are like little bitty’s, they come to him every morning before he leaves to go to work, and for him to lay hands on them and bless them, and now, our five-year-old and three-year-old, they are bold enough and they go up and bless people, in fact one Sunday in church Bill asked for the men to come forward for the blessing and so I didn’t know anything about this but the little boys, grandsons, they heard their daddy and their papa talking about blessing the men of the church and they said well can we bless the men? And so they said sure, so they put chairs up at the pulpit and Will and Wyatt blessed the men of the church.

SID: Now this series that we are making available on “Imparting the Blessing” you have taught this for pastor’s groups, John Hagee’s group, Bill Gothard’s group, and I remember when you taught the pastors of John Hagee there was one inner city pastor, tell me what happened to him by using these principles.

BILL: He attended one year, we taught them seven years in a row for Pastor Hagee at his National Pastor’s conference, he attended and went home and began to speak blessing over his people in the inner city, in his inner city church, the people who were struggling financially with their children failing in school, he returned the next year to our next conference and said can I tell what has happened to my church? He said people began to have financial favor upon their lives, businesses began to prosper as I spoke blessing, children to make better grades in school, and he said literally revival has broken out in our church.

SID: Listen I know what it is to have a father impart a blessing because of this teaching I had my orthodox Jewish father impart a blessing for me before he died. Guess what, he came to know the Messiah before he died, I believe just a with Bill’s brother the same thing happened with my father, there is something so supernatural and many of you have never been blessed, can I bless you with this ancient Jewish blessing? But I’m going to do it one step further, I am going to do the one new man blessing, you see in the spirit there is no wall of separation between Jew and  Gentile, we are one new man in the Messiah. So I am going to grab Pastor Bill’s hand, you’ll grab Dorothy Jeans, and just a few seconds would you just look in the camera and pray just twenty seconds or so, twenty seconds and then I will.

BILL: May the favor of the Lord rest on each one of you, and may the Lord release His blessing upon your life, may the Name of the Lord be put upon you and may you succeed in all that you do.

DOROTHY: and may the Lord bless the labors of your hand, may the Lord bless your relationships with your household, and may the Lord quicken your heart to remember that life and death are in the power of your tongue and may the peace of God dwell in your lives in Jesus Name.

SID: and may you be blessed in your spirit and in your soul, in every fiber of your being, may you experience friendship with the living God, may you experience the peace that passes anything you have ever comprehended, may you encounter, your own encounter with the love of God and there is no other name given unto men in which we must be saved, healed, delivered, and have intimacy with God, but the name in Hebrew, Yeshua, in English, Jesus, Yeshua Hamashia Tsidkenu: Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness, in Yeshua’s name I pray, amen.

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