SID: We’ve been robbed. Listen, coming from a traditional Jewish background, I know, we bless everything, we even have a special blessing for broccoli, but somehow as the church got institutionalized, it denuded itself of these ancient supernatural Jewish blessings. Now Bill Ligon, a Christian pastor, God spoke to him one day and said I want to bless my people, you must understand the ancient Jewish spoken blessing, and he began studying it with a traditional rabbi, he began then practicing what this rabbi had taught him and over the years he has seen actual, tremendous miracles take place. For instance, there was a student that was failing everything; his parents were at their wits end.  They brought him in for counsel, what happened?

BILL: He failed the 7th grade completely and brought his first six weeks report card home Sid, with all “F’s”, at that point his mother brought him to me, and she said we’ve tried everything, we’ve tried counselors, we’ve tried punishment, we’ve tried rewarding him, nothing is working.

So I had him sit with his parents, both of them, and I taught his parents how to speak the blessings, spoken blessing over him, but I also told him that he was now living under a curse, that his teachers were cursing him, he was the subject of conversation in the teachers lounge, “Oh that boy, he will never make anything out of himself.” So I taught him to speak blessing, I had him do it until he had it memorized, and then after he had done it perfectly for me, I sent him the next day to school, and I said now you go to every teacher at the hour, at the beginning of the hour, and you ask permission to speak to her, and so he did, he said, “May I speak to you?”

“Yes.” “I want you to know that I am sorry for the way that I have acted in our class, I ask you to forgive me, but you are a fine teacher, may the Lord raise you up to be the star teacher in this school system.” And I had a whole series of blessings that he spoke over him.

SID: But he must have shocked those people, I mean can you picture these guys straight out failing, flunking out, no chance, and he walks up and he talks, I mean, did they believe him

BILL: Well, one didn’t, but most of the teachers did, but one teacher cursed him again, she said I don’t believe a word you are saying, you are a liar, you will never make anything out of yourself, you will always be a failure. I had him ready, he stepped, he waited until she was through and he didn’t react, he said I understand how you feel and I am sorry for that, but you are a fine teacher and may the Lord raise you up to be the star teacher in this school system and he spoke a whole series of blessings over her yet, and when he was through she said well, if you really mean that perhaps we can try again. Now he, every night and every morning he was receiving blessing with the laying on of hands from his parents at home, so that boy finished that year with all “A’s” and “B’s”, went on to graduate from high school with “A’s” and “B’s”, was invited to enter into a school to train to be a jet pilot, became a jet pilot and started flying cargo jets for a company, made a lot of money, and eventually came back home and opened up his own factory in our town.

SID: Now that sounds a whole lot better than being a high school dropout, that’s where he was headed very fast, I mean his whole destiny was changed but it’s not just areas like that, it has to do with physical healings, it has to do with women, tell me about that 40 year-old woman that could not conceive.

BILL: My wife and I were teaching at a conference center and this lady showed up, 40 years of age, sat at lunch with her parents right across from me and began to tell her parents that she had just returned from the doctors office and the doctor had said lets try one more procedure to see if you can get pregnant. She and her husband had been married 15 years without success, had spent thousands of dollars on doctors trying to get pregnant without success, and she said I told the doctor I’m not going to spend any money, I’m just going to put it in the hands of God. At that point I said you couldn’t have asked anything any better, or said anything any better, you need to find my wife and have her lay hands on you and speak the blessing that God spoke over Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:27. She did, she found my wife, my wife laid hands on her, spoke blessing over her womb, and, she can tell you what happened.

SID: What happened Dorothy Jean?

DOROTHY: Well, in a few days she conceived and nine months later she had a beautiful son.

SID: Well, this sounds wonderful but would you call this a coincidence or have you prayed for other women who could not conceived?

DOROTHY: Oh yes, I have babies everywhere.

SID: Wait a second; let’s get this, I don’t know if that’s what you want to say.

DOROTHY: Well I mean because of the Lord, laying hands on barren women.

SID: Bill, when you found out how important it is for a father to bless a child, your father didn’t have the same revelation as you, he didn’t understand the ancient Jewish way of the spoken blessing, and he, although he was a good father, didn’t understand these things, and he died, now you have this revelation, you can’t go to your father, what did you do?

BILL: Well I had a brother 20 years older than I who had no church at all, the only time he would attend church would be if I was in his area preaching, he would come to hear his kid brother, but we were together with our wives one day in adjoining motel rooms, and I, we went over to his room, and I taught him about the blessing for a few minutes, and then I said, Dad is deceased, would you right now, I’m going to get down in front of you, would you lay your hands on me and speak blessing over me?

SID: what do you mean you were going to get down in front of him?

BILL: I knelt down in front of him.

SID: that’s a pretty humbling thing Bill.

BILL: Oh yes, and I knelt in front of my brother, opened my hands up to God because I knew God was going to do it, and he said, I don’t know what to do. And I said just think of all the good things that you want for my wife and children and me and say may the Lord bless you with. God said He would do it if you would just say it. And so he put his hands on me and did it, and as he began to bless me and my family, he started weeping, and when he was through I stood up and he knelt in front of me, and he said now do it to me.

SID: Was your brother a Christian?

BILL: No, no.

SID: It sounds to me like almost a bonding was occurring with the two of you when this was occurring.

BILL: Yes, and he had rebuked our sister when we were his age for talking to him about God, and so I was able to lay hands on him and bless him, and then later on, several years later he died of a heart attack and when I went to his funeral the minister said I guess you were concerned  about your brother, I said well I was, he said well, I want you to know that I got to know him and I talked to him about God and he committed his life to the Lord.

SID: You know, what Bill has just said, what Dorothy Jean has just said, is just scratching the surface, and that’s why he has a whole cassette series as well as a workbook, on “Imparting the Blessing.” It is a supernatural, I mean wait till you hear the stories about that has happened to peoples finances, what has happened to peoples marriages, as a matter of fact I want to find out what happened to Bill and Dorothy Jean Ligon’s marriage, we’ll be right back after this word.

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