SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Gary and Angel Wood, and Gary, you told me when you were in Pennsylvania a wonderful thing happened. This witch lets it be known she wants to knife you, she wants to kill you.


GARY: And she sees an angel, Sid. She looks and sees an angel standing there, and she just sees  love oozing out and with open arms, and that’s what brought her to deliverance.


SID: Now talking a bit about your daughter, Angel, who is here right now, when she was younger and in school, you got a complaint that she was talking in a foreign language. Tell me about that.


GARY: Yeah, we got a call from the teacher and she said “We know French, we know Spanish, we know German, but your daughter speaks this language we don’t understand.” And I said “Well what happens?” They said “It looks like she’s going in a trance, and she’d sit there and speak in this language.” And I said “Well then what happens?” And they go “Well, that’s the interesting thing, she gets the answers to the questions.” And I went “Duh…” Isn’t that what it’s all about, right? Because she believes she has the mind of Christ, right?


ANGEL: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


SID: Angel, did you ever think though, in a million years, you would write your own book?



SID: Or, get this, have a masters degree? What happens when you or Angel or both of you sing?


GARY: Well, the power and anointing of God just moves in the midst of the people, and people instantly get healed. I’ve seen people in every situation stand to their feet, start weeping and crying. When you look at Angel, she’s still a work in progress, and her favorite song is “He’s Still Working On Me.” And God’s still working on me Sid, He’s not through with me yet.


SID: I’m glad He’s not through with me either. He’s not through with you either! Well you know what, I would be so honored if the two of you would sing that song. Would you?


GARY AND ANGEL: (singing) He’s still working on me / To make me what I ought to be / It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars / The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars / How loving and patient He must be / He’s still working on me


ANGEL: There really ought to be a sign upon my heart / Don’t judge him yet, there’s an unfinished part  / But I’ll be perfect just according to His plan  / Fashioned by the Master’s loving hands


GARY AND ANGEL: He’s still working on me / To make me what I ought to be / It took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars / The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars / How loving and patient He must be / He’s still working on me


SID: What a presence of God, what a sweet, sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. Angel, what did you tell me you did all night long?


ANGEL: I prayed for you.


SID: Can you imagine that? She prayed all night long. Did God tell you some of the things He was going to do in this show for people that are watching?




SID: Would you look in that camera and tell them?


ANGEL: He said that people’s backs are going to be healed, and that sinus and memory problems are going to be healed, and a deaf ear being opened, and eyes being healed, and cancer being healed. My aunt is healed of cancer Father God. In the name of Jesus, we claim that.


GARY: You said someone had hair growing too.


ANGEL: Oh, and somebody has hair growing.


GARY: That’s had difficulty with hair.


ANGEL: Yeah, having difficulty with hair problems. God’s going to complete that in Jesus’ name.


SID: You know, let me tell you something, that wasn’t just an exercise in memorizing something, but if it was, it would’ve been a miracle. What did the doctors say about three thoughts?


GARY: She couldn’t contain three thoughts in a row, and now, have you got the fire in your hands?




GARY: The fire is in your hands right now.


SID: What does that fire mean, Angel?


ANGEL: That means it’s ready to lay hands on people and get their miracle.


SID: Well you know what I believe? I believe if you will take your hands towards that camera, right there. Hold your hands like this and pray in Jesus’ name for them to have their miracle right now.


ANGEL: Father God, in the name of Jesus, like You did it for me, then You can do it for them Father God. In the name of Jesus. You’re no respecter of persons Father God. You did it for me and You do it for them Father God. And we say with great boldness our confession that by Your stripes they are healed, Father God. In the name of Jesus.


SID: Pray especially Angel for people with Alzheimer’s or difficulty thinking, memory problems.

Will you pray for those people?


ANGEL: Father God, we just lift up, Alzheimer’s?


GARY: It’s memory problems.


ANGEL: Memory problems, Father God, and memory problems Father God, that they have the mind of Christ and they can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Nothing is impossible with God, Father God, in the name of Jesus, that by Your stripes they are healed of this Alzheimer’s and all kinds of diseases. Right now I speak all kinds of diseases.


GARY: A kidney problem’s been healed right now in Jesus’ name.


ANGEL: Yes, kidney problems.


GARY: A left knee that was injured is being healed.


ANGEL: Yes Lord, yes Lord.


GARY: The swelling is going down right now in Jesus’ name.


ANGEL: A headache right now is being dissolved in the name of Jesus. We thank You, Jesus.

We praise You, Jesus.


GARY: I believe it’s migraine headaches, Angel. I think it’s more than a minor headache, yeah I think it’s migraine headaches. God is touching and healing right now in Jesus’ name. Amen.


SID: And you know, I’m hearing that people are being healed so supernaturally. Angel, is your hand still hot? Can I feel it?




SID: My goodness. Oh, I feel it. I can feel that heat.


GARY: Oh, oh. (speaks in tongues)


SID: Gary…


GARY: She has a boldness, she has a boldness that’s just…


SID: Tell me about the time that a man propositioned her while you were speaking, in a hotel.


GARY: This man did exactly that, and she turned to him and looked up at him and said “Sir, you’ve got…


ANGEL: I said “Sir, you’ve got a dirty black heart that needs to be washed in the precious blood of Jesus and make you white as snow.”


SID: So what did you do with him then?


ANGEL: I said “Come here.” I took him by the hand and I came to tell my dad.


SID: Did she really bring him to you?


GARY: Yeah, she brought him in, and I don’t just stop for everybody, but when she told me, I stopped. And I’ll be honest with you Sid, I wanted to lay hands on him. If it’s your daughter, ok, if it’s your daughter, you know… I wanted to lay hands on him, but we prayed for him and he got delivered. One of the greatest miracles we saw was when we were in a restaurant and this lady had an epileptic seizure and she dropped over and started biting her tongue. Tell him what you did. You went running…


ANGEL: Oh yeah, I said… I went running out in front of the line and I said “Attention hell” and got all the people there at the restaurant, and they made us come in front of the line.


GARY: The lady got healed. She yelled out “Attention hell!”


SID: Is there really a place called heaven?


GARY: Yes, absolutely. It’s as real as Disney World or any other place that you can go to. It’s on God’s map, it’s permanent, it’s stable, and it’s ready for everybody to occupy at the right time.


SID: So the choice is yours. Choose life. Why will you die, oh house of Israel? Heaven. My mother, my Jewish mother, used to say “Heaven must be a wonderful place.” And guess what? My Jewish mother is in heaven right now. The question is, have you chosen life or death? Why will you die, oh house of Israel? Choose life. And those backs are being healed so strongly. And some stiff necks, the pain is going in Jesus’ name. The presence of God, that’s all you need.

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