SID: Now I’ve heard ridiculous things, but this is off the chart. Sid Roth here with Gary Wood,

and Gary went to heaven, and he has not been the same since. He’s speaking without vocal cords, without a larynx. I mean it’s a miracle every word you hear him speak. But you told me people that have back problems, explain what you do for them.


GARY: I was instructed to ask people to lay down on their stomach, then I put my foot on their spinal column, and God directs my foot; tells me exactly where to put my foot. We’ve seen numerous people healed of scoliosis. In fact, God’s touching someone right now and healing them in their rotor cup and in the curvature of the spine. And I put my foot… There’s a lady who gave birth to a baby and you’re having problems in the hip area, and God’s healing you right now.

You’re feeling a burning in that area. I put my foot, Sid, right there, and then God directs it.

And He told me it’d be like a chiropractic adjustment. See, God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. One night I was captivated by this woman’s nose. It was the biggest nose I’d ever seen in my life, and the Lord said “Go over and squeeze it. Just squeeze it.”


SID: Squeeze her nose. Were you obedient?


GARY: I did. I did it seven times.


SID: Seven times?!?!


GARY: He said “Squeeze it seven times”, so I squeezed it seven times.


SID: I’m glad He never told me that.


GARY: And she had a serious sinus infection, and suffered from it to the point she had to go to the hospital. God instantly healed her. Now the best part of that is the next night, her husband came to the service and he said “Are you the man that squeezed my wife’s nose?” and I thought “I’m fixing to go to heaven again.” This man says “I’ve been a trucker for 27 years. I love my wife’s nose.” I said “I’m sure you do, sir.” He said “But I’m going to sit here, and any man that would have the audacity to squeeze my wife’s nose, I’m going to sit here and listen to what you have to say.” And he got touched by God, accepted Jesus Christ as Messiah that night.


SID: Tell me about, this was in Pennsylvania, a witch shows up with a knife.


GARY: Yes, she came in and let one of the counselors know that her intentions were to kill me.

In fact, we had a couple of witches born again while we were up there in Pennsylvania. And the last thing I saw was this lady laying on the floor before God, sobbing her heart out, and God miraculously touching her and bringing deliverance to her.


SID: Now Gary is having so many miracles happen. For instance, in the Philippines, what happened?


GARY: Well, I was instructed to throw water on people that were really thirsty for more of God, and so I took this water and I threw it on people, and suddenly the spirit of joy broke out and people instantly started falling down on the floor and they started getting healed all over. Blind eyes were opening, deaf ears were being unstopped, stomach problems were being healed, cancer, we have heard, got touched and healed. Just all kinds of miracles. But then we went outside, Sid.

We’d been there fourteen days, it was excruciatingly hot, and it’s raining, pouring down a deluge, so much of a flood that it comes up to the hubcaps on the cars. The only day that it rained. I believe that God was just giving a sign, that it’s raining on the inside, it’s raining on the outside.


SID: Well I believe that it’s raining on you, and if it’s not yet, it’s going to be raining on you. And maybe you can’t feel it and maybe you can feel it, but that rain is the Spirit of the Living God. And as far as I’m concerned, all these great miracles, tell me about that woman, Deborah. Tell me about that. Deborah Pageant, the movie star.


GARY: She was a beautiful lady, a movie star, and she came to one of our meetings, and I just thought she was beautiful when I first saw her. And the Lord said to me “Slap her in the face.”


SID: Slap her in the face?!?! You’ve got chutzpah man! You’ve got nerve!


GARY: So I just slapped her in the face. Now when I walked away, she fell down on the floor, and when I walked away I heard this voice that said “Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit!” But all of a sudden she stood up, she jumped up, and she goes “Oh, I’ve been touched, I’ve been touched!”

I said “What happened?” She said “I have TMJ Syndrome; lockjaw. You slapped me on the opposite side and knocked my jaw back into place.” Now she’s a good friend of ours, I just talked to her the other day, and she gives this testimony all over, how God touched her in that service and miraculously healed her.


SID: Tell me about the greatest miracle in your life – Angel.


GARY: Our daughter was born mentally retarded. Doctors said she would never achieve over a third grade level of mentality. They said if you told her three things, she couldn’t repeat those three things back to you. They said she couldn’t find her way from the bathroom to the classroom. And we have all this documented. My wife got an inspired idea, and she said to me “If you’ll read healing scriptures into a tape recorder, I believe it will touch Angel’s life.” So I did that. We just had a little small tape recorder, and we read it, we played it over and over and over. God renewed my daughter’s mind. God sent a school teacher to come in, taught Angel how to read the Bible.

She got baptized in the Holy Spirit.


SID: If you had not had the scriptures going 24/7 about healing, if you had listened to the report of the doctors, where would your daughter be?


GARY: She would be institutionalized, because that’s what we were told to do with her. We were told to just kind of forget.


SID: Could she ride a bicycle?


GARY: Absolutely not.


SID: Could she catch a ball?


GARY: Could not. If you threw a ball, she would see it coming but it’d slap her in the face. Now she has coordination and she catches the ball, she has scriptures memorized, she tells her story with me when we travel, she sings. She’s a powerful, dynamic witness.


SID: Listen, she told me that her hands get hot. She begins to prophecy over people, heal people.

And when the two of you sing together, what happens?


GARY: People get healed instantly. I’ve seen just walls break down, and this happened just before I went to the Philippines. She fell down on her face, put her hands on my feet, and fire came out, literally. Fire comes on her hands, and when she begins to have this fire, she lays hands on people and they instantly get healed.


SID: Don’t you dare go away. You know why? Angel is going to be in this next segment, and I’m going to ask her to sing with her father, Gary. He doesn’t have a voice, she was supposed to be institutionalized, and when they sing, I believe, in His presence – you’ll be in His presence – all things are possible. Not just some things, all. You got that word? All. Not only that, some of you are going to have encounters with God. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

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