Sid Roth welcomes Faisal Malick

See the Father’s heart is this, He does not desire for you to lose out on who He has made you to be for the sake of what you are called to do. Truthfully you will never fulfill your destiny in fullness until you know the Father.

SID: Sid Roth here with Faisal Malick, Faisal was a Sunni Muslim and he had an encounter with God which he could not deny, and he knew, no one proved it to him, no one convinced him, no one gave him money, he knew that Jesus was the Son of God. So he goes back to Pakistan to tell his family the good news. I remember when I told my orthodox Jewish father the good news,
oy vey! Anyway, tell me what happened?

FAISAL: One of the interesting things that stood out about Pakistan was, in Pakistan witchcraft is very common, and I was, and you could go to certain places and hire witchdoctors and get whatever you want done, so in this particular instance a witchdoctor started to do witchcraft on me and I had a word of knowledge, I had this insight from God that this witchdoctor is trying to do some witchcraft against you, and so I told my family which they were shocked and they said, how do you know this and so I said well God told me that, He made me to know that, and they were like shocked and so a couple of hours later the son of that witchdoctor happened to stop by the house and give a physical confirmation that a family member had gone to visit a witchdoctor early that morning, so my family was quite shocked, how do you possibly know this, and in the meantime I was in this room and suddenly the power of God came on me and for three hours I was under the weightiness and the majesty of God’s glory and His presence, His power, it’s powerful, literally all over me, and I could see right through walls Sid, and I could see through the wall and I could see in the spirit and so what happened was, I was protected and covered in the power of God and then when I got up from that place I went to the witchdoctor’s house, I remember knocking on the door and the witchdoctor opened the door.

SID: Now, why did you go there, that’s a little dangerous isn’t it, I mean people die from witchdoctors?

FAISAL: They do, but I mean from that point I had anointing in my heart I could do that, obviously I wouldn’t just get up every morning and go looking for witchdoctors but at that time there was such and awe and a majesty of Jesus, and I had a love and a compassion for the witchdoctor and I went there out of integrity because the witchdoctor’s son wanted to visit and I said well we need to go to your parents and get permission, so I’ll come with you, so I went to the witchdoctor’s house and the minute she opened the door, she looked at me and began to shake and she began to back away and she couldn’t compose herself and what happened was she began to look like this in different directions of the room and I perceived evil spirits that were in the room began to leave but she could physically see them leaving because she had a pentagram in her room and stuff and she spent lots of time with them, they were associates of hers and these evil spirits so, you would say maybe demons, began to leave the premises, I perceived them leaving as well, but literally God’s presence began to come in the room and she didn’t know what to do and she said to me, she goes what do you do, she goes what do you do, do you pray all day, do you do this, I said no I just know God personally, and she says you need to come back and see me one
more time before you leave the country, promise you’ll do that and I’ll make you something special to eat, she wanted a second battle so to speak.

SID: She wanted to poison and kill you.

FAISAL: She did, and so I said I will come and see you then before I leave and so I left I picked up the phone, again witchcraft began to occur on me, again I had a word of knowledge, and again God’s power came on me for another three hours, and I couldn’t even move in the power of God, and I came up and I picked up the phone and I called and said I told you I would come to visit, I’m ready to come. And so her son answered the phone at the time and he came to pick me up, on the way to the house he stopped the car and he said you know the minute I told my mum you’re coming, she ran to the house scared, she got on her knees and begged me said, don’t bring this man here. And later on I had revelation and understanding, what God showed me was the same demons that came to attack me went back and beat her up, and that’s why she ran out of the house.

SID: Okay, you’ve got to tell me about the angel that came to visit you because the revelation you got everyone in the world should know.

FAISAL: Well in this experience an angel came and God’s power again came in and the glory and the weightiness of God’s presence came in, I was literally knocked out I would say, and laying down and I heard the angel say that I’ve come from the great God Jehovah and the Throne of the Most High, and He has a message for you, and he said it twice to me, so in this presence and this power I’m trying to stay attentive, whatever this message is I sure don’t want to miss it, but he didn’t say anything else, Sid, so I’m thinking oh, oh, and then I came out of that place of God’s power and composed myself and I just began to pray earnestly from the core of my being Sid, and while I was praying then from within my spirit man this revelation began to unlock, and…

SID: Listen, I am so excited about his brand new book because I have never heard a revelation such as he has, briefly explain that.

FAISAL: Well God began to deal with me about how He has always had a heart and a plan for the Muslim people that is highlighted in the Bible itself, and that God loves the Muslim people and there is a Biblical plan in the end times for what God is going to do with the Muslim people, and it is very simply this, the Muslim people of 4000 years ago, a people that existed, the religion of Islam is only 1400 years old, most of the time we focus on the religion and we forget about the people, and God has a plan in the Bible and in this book we highlight the plan of God for the Muslim people, their destiny, you know one perfect example is this Sid, Ishmael, who is the forefather of the Islamic people, Ishmael who is the son of Abraham, this Ishmael who is the first person to be named in the Bible before birth by an angel of the Lord, and you know its only 4 people in the entire Bible that have been named by a divinely granted appearance of an angel of the Lord, or God himself, only 4, Ishmael was the first one ever, a precedent of the law of first things in the scriptures, and so you see Ishmael and you see Isaac then you see John the Baptist and the fourth was Jesus, and so there is a reason why God named Ishmael, usually a name has to do with destiny, has to do with DNA, and if you look at Ishmael and you look at the root of the Muslim people, where they come from you see that Ishmael, his name means “God Hears” and God intended to hear the cry that is buried in the Muslim heart, and there is a cry that is in the Muslim heart that is buried right now Sid, and God is promising to answer the cry of the Muslim people, what we see from the Muslim people is only a symptom of a deep cry that has gone ignored for 4000 years, and God is going to reach out to the Muslim world, and just like Ishmael, one day he was cast out of his fathers house, he was abandoned, he was rejected, we see this recorded in the law in Genesis 21, Abraham gave him one bottle of water, one piece of bread, and Ishmael was left in the wilderness to die and he was dying, not just of thirst, but he was dying of abandonment and rejection, he had an identity crisis, he didn’t know who he was, am I the son of Abraham the patriarch or am I the son of the servant Hagar, who am I and while in that place of crisis, while in that place of turmoil, God heard the voice of the lad, and he heard his cry and He opened the eyes of his mother and she showed them a well of water that would save his life, well it’s very interesting Sid, the water and well was right there but they could never see it. The Muslim people are in a similar placer today in the end times, they are in a spiritual wilderness 4000 years later, and you know there is a well of salvation right before them but they cannot see it, but I believe God is about to answer the cry of the Muslim people, He is about to open their eyes and show them the well of living water, which is Jesus, that can save their life and bring them into the kingdom for such a time as this because He has a plan for them.

SID: Do you know I was talking to Faisal and I got so excited, because so many Muslims are having revelations of the mercy of God, mercy of God has a name, Jesus in Hebrew, Yeshua, yes, God has a Son, but when these Muslims get as red hot for Jesus as they are for Islam they will be normal, so when these normal Muslims become red hot for Jesus, they are going to do what the Bible says. It’s been a long time coming, Romans 11:11, salvation has come to the gentiles to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Can you picture these Muslims provoking Jews to jealousy by moving in the supernatural, in the glorious visitations from angels, healings, prophecy, I can picture them and I can picture, you know Martin Luther King said, I’ve got a dream, I have a dream of little black children holding hands with little white children. Well that dream cannot happen completely until the foundational sin is taken care of, and that is the rejection of the Jewish people and the Jewish roots of the church. but I believe God is going to use Muslims to fulfill Romans 11:11, and we will see in the Middle East little Palestinian children holding hands with little Jewish people say, Yeshua is Lord and Yeshua is the Son of God. I can see that can’t you?

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