Sid Roth welcomes Faisal Malick

Every other religion doesn’t know the Father, they may know God as Pharaoh, they may know

God as a taskmaster, they may be working out through works, but they just don’t know the Father.

SID: You were just watching Faisal Malick, Faisal was raised as a Sunni Muslim, he studied the Koran three or four hours every day, but he heard the audible voice of God and a veil as he says, came off of his eyes, but he had a lot of pressure from his parents who didn’t understand, and he lost his house, and he was living in his car, he was homeless, I asked him, I guess you lost your joy, and he said no, but I guess some of your friends said because you believe in Jesus, that’s why you lost everything.

FAISAL: that’s right, that’s what they said to me and I remember saying to them Sid, the only revelation I had, I said Jesus is the Son of God, it doesn’t matter where I live, that was something that was more real to me than my experience or my circumstance and my life.

SID: Okay but you pulled yourself back up again; you move into a little apartment, but you had an experience with God, tell me about that?

FAISAL: Well, on February 24th, 1995 Friday at 7:30, the Holy Spirit came in, the presence of God came into this little basement, the basement I was in at the time Sid, and like a river I felt the tangible river go through the top of my head to the soles of my feet for three hours nonstop, it was like I was breathing life for the first time if I can explain it to you. It was tangible, it was the life of God, it was the love of God, and three things happened to me Sid, number one.

SID: Wait, had you ever experienced anything to that degree before.


SID: When you say a river, I mean, help me relate, what do you mean by a river running through you.

FAISAL: Well it was moving through me as kind of like the waves of a rushing, mighty, river, that’s why I used the word to explain it, it, there is really no way to explain it, but it was tangible, I experienced it, and for three hours it went through me and I heard an audible voice, and this

was the voice of the Father this time, and He said to me, I love you son, I love you son, I love you son. three times, I never heard the words I love you growing up as a Muslim, but when I heard those words it totally permeated through my being, it did something to me Sid. Three things happened that morning, I got up at 10:30 and I began to have a love and appreciation and a desire for the Father like I never had before, and I began to have a love for people that was much more than I had ever had before in my life, I began to grow in agape, unconditional love, and the third thing Sid, was I had a love and a hunger for the word of God, and what began to happen was for 36 hours I could not put the Bible down. And I began to look at the Bible and literally passages in

a page at a time would come off and go into my heart and literally explode, and I would understand it and revelation, it was as if I was feeding and eating real life.

SID: Before that time I bet you did some reading and didn’t even understand what you were looking at.

FAISAL: No, I was just read Sid, like anybody else, I would probable read you know, as much as I can, you get tired or you go to sleep, or you try to read, try to understand, you don’t know really where to start, but that, something changed that morning. I went through the whole Bible in 36 hours, didn’t care about eating anything, it was just like I was living on this very life that was coming from His word, and in that time, then my life began to change, Sid, it was as if everybody

I came across they got born again, or they came to know that Jesus is the Messiah, I saw Jews.

SID: It was like that same river that you described went through you was now coming out of you on other people.

FAISAL: that’s right, it was like a river, it was just happening, I didn’t quite understand how it was happening Sid, but I just knew it was God and I just kept letting Him do what He was doing because I knew I had no other choice really. And I saw people come and give their lives to Jesus,

there were Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, basically 99 percent.

SID: Wait, wait, but you don’t know anything, I mean yes, you read the Bible for 36 hours, that’s wonderful, but you don’t know, you know nothing. I mean an Imam would say you know nothing, a Rabbi would say you know nothing, a minister would say you know nothing, but they don’t get the results you do.

FAISAL: Well you know Sid, you are right, I didn’t know anything about, but I knew someone, and that someone was Jesus, and I had a revelation of the Father that far exceeded my circumstances in my life, and you see that’s why the Spirit of God can begin to write His word upon our hearts, and that’s the supernatural ministry of the New Testament available to us.

SID: Would you explain to the people that are watching us right now your revelation of the Father, would you look in the camera and explain that?

FAISAL: You know in Matthew chapter eleven it talks about when we have a revelation of the Father, we enter into the rest of God, only Jesus knows the Father, and only the Father is the one who reveals His Son Jesus. And the Spirit of God is the one who does the revealing, so there is a, you are drawn to Jesus by the Father, by His Spirit, He draws you to His Son, then Jesus reveals the Father, that’s what happened to Matthew, it happened to Peter in Matthew 16, Peter is there and Jesus says to His disciples, who do you say that I am? And Peter says you are the Christ, you are the Messiah, you are the Son of the living God. And Jesus said flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you, but my Father which is in Heaven, it was the Father.

SID: What was it like to experience the love of a heavenly Father?

FAISAL: You know when you know the Father, you find out who you are and it becomes more important to you than what you are called to do, a lot of times we say Lord what is our purpose in life, why are we here on this earth, which is a very valid question, but whenever we ask God for

purpose God reveals Himself to us, because He wants us to have an identity, or else our purpose will replace our identity, and I found that’s what the Father began to do, the Father began to whisper in my ear who I am, why men will tolerate me but why God will celebrate me, why I’m

different, why I am wired the way I am, why I am unique. And He bean to whisper to me of His inheritance and why He loves me, and then the Father would whisper in my ear and say do you know why you have this relationship with me as Father, he said it’s because of my Son Jesus. And immediately that love I had for the Father was transported towards Jesus, the Messiah.

SID: You’re telling me this love was pouring out of you to the point where Jewish people, Muslims were coming to know Jesus, how many people came to know Jesus in this span of time?

FAISAL: Well just in that initial period of time before we began to step out into our ministry, approximately 1500 people or so came to know Jesus.

SID: Tell me one Muslim that came to know Jesus?

FAISAL: Well this one Muslim came and he said Sid, I have 20 questions that no Christian can answer, so we met at this restaurant where I normally used to meet with people, and he started with this first question Sid, and I didn’t know the answer. And I said well I can’t even answer his first question, he’s not going to come to Jesus, and immediately this answer came to me Sid, and I just gave him the answer, I thought to myself I had better write it down, it’s a good answer. And I didn’t quite know what was happening. Well that river began to give me scripture and revelation

and then he asked the second question, I didn’t know the answer, and the same thing happened, this answer came to me, in all honesty Sid, with my mind I didn’t even know if the answer was true, but in my heart I knew it was true, and later I opened up the scriptures and I found the scriptures that I was sharing with him, not exactly the same way it was written, but the same message of the scripture, I was communicating and I realized it was the Spirit of God doing this, I didn’t know how he was doing it but all I knew was that I was pursuing love and love of the Father, it opens the door to revelation and the flow of the Spirit, if we really yield ourselves up to the love of God, then we’ll open the door to God Himself to move in our lives.

SID: What happened bottom line, to this fellow?

FAISAL: Bottom line, on the 20th question he says how do I know this Jesus? And we took him out to the car, we used to call it the save-mobile, he got saved that night, he gave his heart to Jesus as the Messiah, and he got healed of asthma that night, and he called me the next morning and said for the first time I slept in my life, and he said what is this peace that I have that is so unusual? I said this is Jesus.

SID: What is this peace that you’re experiencing right now, this is Jesus. We didn’t get to the angel story, we’ll get to it when we come back, don’t go away.

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