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SID: Hello Sid Roth here, welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Many Muslims are having dreams and Jesus is revealing himself, but when you hear the audible voice of God, showing that Jesus is the Messiah one time, you’d better pay attention. When you hear the audible voice of God two times you really better pay attention, but when my guest hears the audible voice of God three times, convincing him that Jesus is the Messiah, this former Sunni Muslim really paid attention. My guest, Faisal Malick, Faisal, you had an unfortunate thing happen, as a young boy your father died, you were born in Pakistan, you move, you immigrated to Canada, your father dies, you go back to Pakistan. I know as a Jew I used to go to Hebrew school and study Hebrew, what does a Sunni Muslim do as far as your preparation?

FAISAL: Well I used to, for example, after school go and study the Koran for three or four hours every day, that was kind of our practice growing up.

SID: Three or four hours, didn’t you think that was a little much, I thought mine was a little much; I have to tell you.

FAISAL: Well that’s how we were brought up, you know, we didn’t think it to be much; it was just normal. You know your parents were wanting you to get to know God and walk ad follow the path of Islam, and from a young age they wanted to put those patterns of behavior in our lives.

SID: So you come then back to Canada, you get involved in business; you’re doing pretty good, and you go to a big business conference, how many people were at this conference?

FAISAL: Approximately twenty thousand.

SID: Okay, you’re at this conference and they say have I got a deal for you, you can sit in the front row if… Explain.

FAISAL: Well they said if you come to this non- denominational service when they stopped the business conference on this Sunday morning, they said we’ll give you a front row seat and you can keep it for the remainder of the business event, so I took the bait and I showed up and I noticed that they carried up some chairs from the night before from the front area, and I was very curious and I asked somebody why is all this empty space here and they said well something is going to happen here. And I said what is going to happen and they said oh don’t worry you will soon find out. So I got very curious and a man got up and began to share, just a businessman and he said Jesus is the Son of God, and that really offended me because that is the greatest sin you can commit as a Muslim is to confess Jesus as Savior.

SID: Interesting, in Judaism that’s a great sin, and in Islam that’s a great sin, but what went on inside you when you heard Jesus was the Son of God?

FAISAL: I got angry Sid, I got angry and upset when I first heard it, because I was subconsciously brought up to oppose the deity of Jesus all my life, and so I was really upset, I couldn’t believe you could say certain things like this and then he went on to say that there’s only two books that claim to be the written Word of God, he said the Bible is, and the other one is not.

And he was talking about the Koran, and that made me even more angry. And so I thought Sid, I can go talk to the man, he is deceived, and he began to give this invitation for people to come to respond to the Messiah, I didn’t know what he was doing but I got up and I ran to the front, I was one of the first people there, I was actually just going to talk to the man, I thought this was my chance to straighten him out, but it turned out hundreds and hundreds of people, Sid, began to jump out of their chairs in the auditorium and began to run to the front, I thought they were coming to ambush me.

SID: Serious, really?

FAISAL: Yes, I didn’t know what was going on and I remember I was stuck to the front of the stage and I thought I better get out of here, but I didn’t know who to get out of there because I was stuck now with all these people weeping and crying, and they were responding to an invitation, I remember that businessman with tears in his eyes looking at all of us and he said I want you to repeat this prayer after me. And he started this prayer by saying Jesus is the Son of God, and I said no way, I can’t say that as a Muslim.

SID: Like a dagger going through your heart.

FAISAL: Yeah, and I said “malkuma” which is a statement of faith of a Muslim, and when I left there a couple of friends came over and wanted to give me a hug and said, hey congratulations, and I said what for? They said well you went to the altar, you became a Christian, and I said no, I’m a Muslim and don’t you ever call me a Christian, the mountains can move, the earth can shake, but there is nothing on this earth that can make me confess that Jesus is the Son of God.

SID: Okay, so why did you go back for another meeting like this, you already know the routine?

FAISAL: Well I went back again for a business convention, again they did a Sunday morning service, again they gave me a front row seat, and so that’s when I realized they were using business as a means of platform to evangelize people to follow the Messiah, Jesus, and so that’s when I made the decision I would do the same thing, and I would share Islam and preach from the Koran and get Christians, in particular to follow Islam because I thought they were deceived.

SID: Ah, pretty bright idea; okay so you go a third time but something different happened.

FAISAL: I go the third time and again he is talking about Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and how you can become a child of God and they asked everybody in the auditorium to stand, and I knew he was going to do this invitation again, which I knew I did not need to respond now, and while I was standing there, Sid, suddenly the living God showed up, and when God comes you know it with every fiber of your being, my very soul, my spirit, my whole body, I was conscious of Him and His presence and His presence went right through me, went right around me, I felt alone with God, and I had all these questions going through my mind, and my heart, couldn’t understand why would God come and manifest Himself amongst a people that I thought were blaspheming Him by worshipping Jesus, and in this density of His presence I asked one question to Him, I said, God what are you doing here, I thought these, meaning the Christians, were the bad guys. And He said no, these are my children, and He said it again, no, these are my children, and a third time, no, these are my children. When He said that, it was as if a veil fell from my eyes and I knew that Jesus is the Son of God. It was not just something I believed, Sid, it was something I knew inside of my being, with every fiber of my being, in fact it was the only thing I knew; that Jesus is the Son of God.

SID: And you know what is the most amazing thing? The same thing that happened to you, and of course I come from an orthodox Jewish background, happened to me. The identical thing, I was at the end of my rope, and I pretty much gave up, and I prayed, I did pray, Jesus help, that was my prayer, and I woke up the next morning not caring whether I lived or died, and the presence of God was in the room. People say well how did you know that Jesus is the Son of God, I can’t even tell you how I knew, but I knew it, and you just said the answer, he just said the answer, a veil came off of his eyes, and so he is so happy but his parents are not so happy, and through a series of maneuvers, he becomes homeless, he is living in his car, I guess you lost your joy then?

FAISAL: You know I didn’t Sid; I was passionate and excited just to know Jesus as a person, that reality of…

SID: But living in a car? Look, we’ll be right back after this, wait till you hear about the angel; don’t go away.

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