Sid Roth Welcomes Steve Foss

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Steve Foss. And I am so excited that God has given you this insight, because when God identified these two demonic spirits that give power to every other problem that people have, it’s making such a difference. Now you work a lot with teens. And I want to find out, if I had only understood this as a teenager. But I understand it now, and I’m not going to give them any power.

STEVE: Yes. It’s why, and there’s a lot of parents right now wondering, why is my teen acting up so much? Insecurity and inferiority. Why did they join a gang? Because they felt insecure and inferior. So what does a gang give them? A sense of false security and a sense of value. I’m a Crypt. I’m a Blood. I’m a this. I’m a that. Why do they get a part of this extreme group, gothic or punk, or whatever? Because they’re trying to get a sense of value, a belonging. They’re trying to shore up any insecurity or inferiority that is rooted in the lack of the revelation of who God has made them.

SID: But of course, you don’t have to be a teenager to have insecurities or inferiority.

STEVE: No. Oh absolutely. It affects every part of life, you know. It’s the root of why marriages fall apart. It’s because, and the fighting that occurs. The wife doesn’t feel like the husband values her. What is she feeling? Insecure. She’s feeling inferior. See, when we stand in a place that we are secure in our relationship with God and we are secure and valuable in our, because of who He has made us, we no longer need other people to provide that for us.

SID: You know, another thing that excites me so much is your work with young people. I understand you have meetings in which you might teach for five, six, seven, eight hours. How do you get teenagers to sit that long?

STEVE: When the revelation of God is there, when the power and presence of God is there, the manifestations are so strong. Young people crying out to God, seeking God. When they truly, we don’t need to entertain them, Sid. We need to give, bring them the power and the presence of God, a real encounter with a real Jesus, not just words. Because when they see God, this is what the Bible teaches, when the see God, they begin to see who God is called them to be. And that lifts them out of this bondage so that they’re subject to the strategy of the enemy, and insecurity, and inferiority. But you know, one of the areas, too, in this area of insecurity and inferiority that we see manifest right today, it allows the enemy to set us up. The whole economic collapse that’s coming, the whole one world government system that’s coming, the entrance of why so many, we’re going to surrender our freedoms–

SID: Those two spirits will be the Anti-Christ system.

STEVE: That’s right.

SID: I mean, I saw it when I read your book.

STEVE: We see it happening right now. Why are people willing to give up so much of their freedoms right now? Because they feel insecure about the economy. They feel inferior. They feel like I won’t be able to have retirement. I won’t be able to take care of my kids. I won’t be able to do this. So they’re beginning to grab for anything, and that’s where the enemy is able to flood in, instead of understanding that God is our source and God is our protector, and God is our provider. You know, God–

SID: Speaking about that whole one world government thing, God has given you insight into the administration. For instance, the Bush administration, he gave you some supernatural words. Tell me about that.

STEVE: Well the Lord spoke to me in January of 2000 before Bush was even the nominee. He said that George W. Bush was going to be the next President of the United States. He said it was going to be the hardest fought election in modern American history. And we all remember the hanging chads.

SID: We’ll never forget.

STEVE: And then He said, “During the Bush administration there would be a season of unprecedented wealth creation, which we all remember the housing boom and the stock market boom. He said at the end the economy would collapse. And then He showed me about an incredible evil that would come in the government of the United States following the Bush administration, and that there would be an incredible assault against Christianity and against our Christian freedoms, and an incredible release of evil that would come upon America. And we’re already seeing that happening right now.

SID: Now when you say evil, what do you mean?

STEVE: Well evil is rooted in deception .One of the great deceptions is when we begin to call that which is good evil, and that which is evil good. And we see that happening right now. The terminology is being changed to stand up and now, and a law that’s being passed, in the Congress right now, is that if a preacher stands up and says a certain sin, homosexuality or pedophile is a sin, that’s correct. But now the law that’s being passed is going to say, no, that’s evil. It’s evil to identify that as sin. It’s a hate crime. It’s trying to switch everything around. That if you stand up and preach righteousness you’re evil. Even in the church, Sid, we see this. If someone starts preaching, “Let’s live for God and live holy,” you’re now called, accused of being religious. We’re in a day where good is being called evil and evil is being called good. It’s good to be involved in perversion. It’s good to have no restraints. It’s good to not honor God. We’re calling those things good.

SID: The only answer is knowing the security that comes in knowing who you are in Jesus, and you get that point so, impounded so home in your book. But you had, you were speaking before young people and there was a four-angel vision you had. Tell me about it.

STEVE: It was amazing vision, and I’m only going to talk about the first two. But the first angel showed up. I had this vision, and then in two weeks I was at youth camp, and these four angels showed up. The first angel that showed up, he had a banner on him that said “Purity.” And God had spoken to me that he had come to bring holiness back to the church. He had a shield that was made of the most amazing silver, outlined with a gold that was so bright, it was like on fire, and a sword with the same silver and gold. He said, “The shield is come to shield my people’s minds from the vile thoughts of the enemy, and the sword has come to pierce their hearts with the deepest of conviction.” When that angel came into the youth camp, spontaneously, young people started screaming out to God confessing their sins. “God forgive me! God, I’ve sinned against you! God I’ve done this!” I mean, some of the most horrible sins you could imagine, they started confessing them publicly. This went on that whole morning and all evening services. And the next morning while I was ministering, the next angel walked in, and he had a banner that said “Power.” And as he walked on the platform, the power of God started hitting these young people. And I saw in his hands like these giant balls of blue-white light, the glory of God. And it was strange. He blew on them and little specks would fly out and touch young people in the stomach. And as it soon as it touched them, they began to shake uncontrollably.

SID: Now was this group a particularly spirit-filled group that understood this?

STEVE: They came from a Pentecostal background, but they were not, most of them had never even slain a spirit or spoken tongues. They had never seen anything like this, nor had I talked about it. So they weren’t worked up in some psychological, you know, mindset. This started spontaneously happening. Within 15 minutes, 70 percent of this youth camp, adults and youth, were shaking uncontrollably under the power of God. It went on for hours and hours. And there was a large chunk of them that shook under the power of God, Sid, for three days, non-stop.

SID: You know, they will never forget that. Just out of curiosity, do you know if there are any long-term effects that this encounter with God had?

STEVE: So many of the ones that I talk to are in ministry today. They all talk about how that day changed and transformed their life. We have just started a brand new church in Dallas, and I had someone come down and visit one of our first church services. They came down specifically because they were in that youth camp, and she came down, and she’s in a full time children’s ministry right now. She said. “That was the camp that transformed my life when I had that encounter with the power and the presence of God.” And that’s what God is going to do. You know, and there’s some parents right now that are struggling. Their teen, my teen. My teens battled insecurity and grabbing on to all these other things. We’re going to break that thing, that devil in the name of Jesus.

SID: Very quickly.

STEVE: Right now, in the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of insecurity and inferiority off of your child’s life in Jesus’ name, and God give them a supernatural encounter with your presence that will change their lives. Sid, this is what we’re seeing God do all over the world.

SID: Do you remember the two voices that Steve heard, one voice saying “God forward,” the other voice saying, “Don’t.” You have those two voices right now. Who are going to choose? Choose God. God’s for you. God will help you. Tell Jesus you’re sorry for every bad thing you’ve ever done your whole life. Believe that that blood washes away your sins and then raise your hands up and say, “I make Jesus my Lord. Jesus is my Lord,” out loud.

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