Sid Roth Welcomes Steve Foss

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Steve Foss, heard a choir of angels singing for 40 minutes. It began a search for him in which he literally reached into the invisible world and obtained supernatural wisdom, wisdom that’s going to change your life forever. Steve, you came from a broken home. You started drugs at a young age. How young?

STEVE: Fifteen years old and got heavier and heaver into drugs, using many drugs and heavy, heavy drinking, and literally my life was spiraling out of control. I was literally on my way to death, and got close to death many times.

SID: So you were on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

STEVE: Yeah.

SID: And someone invites you to what you think is a dance club.

STEVE: Right.

SID: But it really wasn’t. What was it?

STEVE: It was a Holy Ghost service. It was a revival service. All they told me, they said it had a live band and they danced. So I showed up in my dancing clothes and everything, and I get to this college university and slanted lecture hall, and they have a band, but there’s no dance floor. And I thought, well where do they dance? And the music started playing, and they started dancing everywhere. I was raised in the Catholic Church and I had never seen anything like that before. And then they got to the slow songs, and the guy who brought to me, he got down on his knees and he began to lift hands, and he began to weep before the presence of God. I literally was freaked out and I said, “Lord get me out of here.”

SID: I was just going to say, why did you stay?

STEVE: Well actually, they were smart. They stuck me in the middle and they put big people on either end of the row so I couldn’t get out. And so then, the preacher started preaching, and he started quoting scriptures one word after another, one scripture after another, and it was hitting me in my spirit. He got to the end, and he said, “If you want to give your life to Jesus raise your hand.” There’s 300 students in the room, and about four raised their hand. But I stuck my hands into my legs. There was no way I was gonna go forward. And he called them forward. And the first guy that went forward he was what we call a nerd, you know. And he had the broken glasses and pimples everywhere, and he just looked liked, you know. And when he went down there, I could understand, my thinking was I can see why he wants God.

SID: He needed that.

STEVE: That’s right. He needed God.

SID: Right.

STEVE: And two other people who went down were normal. The fourth guy that went down was one of the football players, good-looking guy, perfect body, dressed like he had money. So I thought he has money, he has talent, he’s got the looks, he’s got the women obviously. He’s got everything. What does he need–

SID: So he’s faking anything.

STEVE: No. What does he need God for? I mean, the nerd, I understand. You know, who’s gonna love him? But what is this guy need God for? And they went down forward and the preacher had them all pray a prayer giving their life to Jesus. He went and prayed for the nerd guy first, and he fell to the ground. I had never seen anything like this. I literally stood up and said, “No way! The dude passed out.” He prayed for the next two people. They fell down. I don’t understand what’s going on. He goes to the football player. I’m thinking there’s no way this guy is gonna fall down. When he starts to pray for him, he doesn’t fall down. He begins to cry like a little baby.

SID: A football player? A macho man?

STEVE: That’s right. And that’s exactly what hit me. Guys like this do not cry about God in front of 300 of their fellow students. And I thought, man, man, this must be real. As soon as I did that, my heart began to race. My hands began to shake. A numbness started going up and down my arms and up, and down my legs. People said, what happened to you? I said, “I got mugged by the Holy Ghost.” And I literally felt a very still small voice saying, whispering, “Give your life to Jesus.” And I heard another voice screaming in this side of my, saying, “No! Keep doing your drugs!” For 40 minutes, I wrestled. For 40 minutes, I fought as they continued to pray for people. And then finally, I bowed my head and closed my eyes and said, “God, if this is really you, if this is not phony or fake, if this is really you, have that preacher call me out of your audience.” Sid, within 30 seconds, 300 students, that preacher looked right into me. He looked me right in the eye and he said, “Brother, the Lord wants you down here.”

SID: You weren’t in the front row either.

STEVE: I was way up in the back.

SID: How could that happen?

STEVE: I didn’t know. I didn’t know about the gifts of the spirit. It was supernatural. And I went down there. I didn’t even ask the big people to move. I climbed over the chairs to get down there He said, “Do you want to give your life to Jesus?” And I started crying and I said, “I’m scared.” He calmed me down and he asked me again and I said, “Yes.” I gave my life to Jesus. He laid his hands on me. He prayed for me. He said, “Jesus, feel him right now!” And when he said “now”, it was lightening bolt from heaven came down and hit me in the stomach. It exploded through my body. The next thing I know, I’m on the floor, Sid. I can’t get up. I’m physically pinned to the floor for 40 minutes.

SID: Steve, you’re not exaggerating.

STEVE: No. I had done all kinds of drugs. I had done LSD.

SID: Why did you stay down for 40 minutes?

STEVE: I couldn’t get up. I was physically held–

SID: Like if someone had yelled, “There’s a fire in the house!”

STEVE: I couldn’t get up. It was like I was under a giant waterfall pulsating, but it was pure love and power pouring through my body. I heard what sounded like a choir of millions of angels singing an indescribable song.

SID: How beautiful was it?

STEVE: It was, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a choir or an orchestra. They hit that one note that sends chills down your spine. Imagine a choir of millions hitting that perfect note for 40 minutes non-stop. That doesn’t even begin to get close to describe the beauty, the majesty, the glory of it. And I literally felt the bodily presence of Jesus come and hover over my body. When I sat up 40 minutes later, Sid, I was now crying tears of joy. I was instantaneously delivered from five years of drug addiction. Never had a withdrawal.

SID: No desire?

STEVE: No desire. Not only did it deliver me from the addiction, the desire was gone. I never even wanted to touch a drug since that day.

SID: And then two days later you receive a purpose for your life.

STEVE: Two days later, I had another incredible encounter. And after I got up, I’m on my knees, two days with the Lord, on my knees worshiping God in service. And the Lord spoke to me and He said, “I’ve called you to preach my Gospel.” And He literally showed me all my dreams before me. And I said, “Yes Lord, I will.” And I saw those dreams go up. And right there, Sid, raised in the Catholic Church, knowing nothing about this, right there, God gloriously baptized me in the Holy Spirit. And I began to speak in a heavenly language, a prayer language. It just began to flow out of me.
SID: Supernatural wisdom that Steve obtained from Heaven. That once you get this wisdom, the power that is keeping you captive in various areas of your life, it will be broken, broken forever.

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