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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Kathie Walters, and let me tell you something. This is a very interesting show. So Kathie Walters, she starts having manifestations of the Holy Spirit. She’s involved with the mafia, and she’s engaged to a mafia leader. And he doesn’t know what to do with her, he’s going to get rid of her. He pulls a gun, but then he runs out and says “I’ll be right back” and he never comes back. Kathie isn’t dumb. She heads back to England from Australia, gets married to David to live normally happily ever after. But there’s a problem, she’s tasted some of the reality of the spirit world. And once you taste the reality after tasting boring religion, religion doesn’t satisfy. And she bumped into something that I have never seen in my lifetime. I have seen what are called revivals, and they’ve been good. But Kathie, what you’ve told me about, it’s way beyond what I’ve experienced. Paint me a picture of what was going on.

KATHIE: What happened was, when God came, He showed up and He zapped us. We came into incredible revival. This was in the south of London. Now we didn’t know anything, and probably that helped. We knew nothing. Somebody taught us a few songs. And the power of God fell on everybody, and I think the way this revival broke out is because it really was everybody. It wasn’t some people on a platform; it was literally everybody.

SID: That’s very different, you know. We have, for lack of better words, a one-man show, but God already has a one Man show. His name is Yeshua, the Messiah. Ok, so everybody. What do you mean by everybody?

KATHIE: What happened in the beginning was people were just coming from everywhere. We didn’t know who they were, they just heard something happened, so people would come and come and come. And our house and other houses were full, full of people. People were falling out the window even, because they were so squished. But we’d just started to worship and sing…

SID: You don’t have to advertise when God really shows up. You don’t need a sign, “Revival Meeting”. That has nothing to do with revival. But go ahead.

KATHIE: Anyway, the glory of God fell on everybody, because God used everybody. We didn’t know what was going to happen, we didn’t know who He was going to use, people were just open. We actually laughed for three years.

SID: You must be a very healthy person.

KATHIE: Yeah, well He washed all that religious stuff, He washed it away. And we eventually had to move, but we had to tell people. We had to move into the town hall because there was just so many people. And we had to tell people when they called, you know, to say “Where’s the meeting?”, we’d have to tell them “When you come to the meeting, there’ll be people laying on the street outside, because they never made it into the meeting. Don’t take any notice, just step over them and come on in.” Well, the glory of God, you sat in meetings sometimes like this, because the light was so bright, and the glory of God was on every person. It didn’t matter where you sat, because the person next to you would tell you your name. So there wasn’t a back. There wasn’t a front, there wasn’t a back.

SID: It was the way it’s supposed to be, everyone knew each other.

KATHIE: Yeah. No, they just knew by the Spirit.

SID: You’re telling me you knew someone’s name by the Spirit?

KATHIE: Yeah, it didn’t matter who you sat next to, the people that had been there for a while in that revival, the children, the old people, there were bankers, the trash man, kids – it didn’t matter who you sat next to, when you sat down, someone would say “Oh hi, your name’s John, right?” And it was just an incredible level of the anointing. Let me give you an example, ok, because we never knew who God was going to use, or what He was going to do. One Sunday morning, there was a little boy, his name was Steven. He was 6 years old, and he stood up in the meeting and put his Bible on the floor and he stood on it, because he read something about standing on the word. He put a handkerchief on his head, and I’m not quite sure what that was all about, but…

SID: Maybe he was Jewish. Go ahead.

KATHIE: He sang “I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth” and this wind swept into the building and knocked 300 people off their seats.

SID: That’s normal.

KATHIE: That’s normal. We had never knew.

SID: Now listen, that is normal, so if that is normal, what do you have? Is it true that you were at a church speaking and a pastor had a angelic visitation and he went in a chariot all over?

KATHIE: Yeah, when I was in New Zealand, a while ago, because I preach, see, the realm of the Spirit, right, the supernatural realm, the angels, heavenly visitations, the chariots of God, they’ve been coming in all the meetings. That’s supposed to be a normal part of our life. That’s normal for everybody.

SID: Yeah, that’s the operative word – for everybody.

KATHIE: For everybody. So I preached that in this conference in New Zealand. I was telling everybody “Look, the chariots are here, because I can see chariots, and you can receive. You don’t have to qualify, you don’t have to earn anything, because that’s your inheritance.” And when people started to believe that, everything started breaking out. Well the pastor, I started to pray for people, and I said to one of the elders “Where’s the pastor, because I need him to help me. Why isn’t he helping me?” There’s all these people. So they went to look for him and they came back and said, “Well, he’s under the piano.”

SID: What’s he doing under the piano?

KATHIE: So anyway, later when he got up, he went on five chariot rides. These angels came and took him to Israel, and then they said, “Do you want to go again?” And he said “Well I can’t stay here.” So they took him back, they took him to India, then they took him to Fiji, then they took him to…

SID: I love your three books that we’re making available so that people can become normal. Do you know that everyone qualifies? And Kathie, I want you to explain when we come back, right after this word, about your books. I want you to explain this. It’s actually a spirit that makes you think you don’t qualify. But the Messiah, He’s already paid the price. You qualify. I want you to be normal. Jump in! It’s good water.

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