SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally, supernatural. I recently took a trip to Texas, and I saw something outrageous. I went into some ones living room, it was jam packed with people, and the presence of God, was so strong, and Cindy Parton, it was your home. And I have to tell you, I brought a young man that works with me in our organization, and he walked through something, you call it a “fire tunnel.” What goes on in a “fire tunnel?”

CINDY: A fire tunnel is the game we played as kids, London Bridge, where we all joined together and put our hands up, well, we did the same thing with the fire tunnel. And as people would come through, we just bless them, and the presence and the power of God comes on them so strong, some of them can’t even walk through it, when he touches them.

SID: Well that’s what I was watching, this young man. Then, what happened to him was more outrageous. He had three visions, he knew someone’s name, that he didn’t know who they were.
And we went out for lunch, nice Mexican restaurant, I might add. That was a good lunch.

CINDY: Sure was!

SID: And he knew something about the waiter that totally arrested his attention. You call what you do, “soaking.” What is a soaking room?”

CINDY: Soaking is just being intimate with the Heavenly Father. Just letting the Holy Spirit
come and do what he wants to do. It’s waiting on God, abiding in him. You can call it many things.

SID: The ancient Jewish Rabbis understood how to be in the Shekinah glory,

CINDY: That’s it.

SID: The presence of God, be still. But all sorts of wonderful things happen when someone is still in God’s presence. How did you get into this whole “soaking” thing?

CINDY: Well when we first started, twelve and a half years ago, we were inspired by the Toronto Blessing, and God just really touched us. We were at a time in our lives, we were desperate for God, we had to have God. And we had to have him show up powerful on our behalf.

SID: I don’t understand why everyone isn’t desperate for God.

CINDY: I don’t either

SID: You know what they are? They’re just plain mashuga, that’s a Hebrew word. It means crazy.
You are mashuga if you are not desperate for God. There’s some people that are desperate for sports, there’s other people, desperate for entertainment. I’m desperate for God. I mean how do you even compare the two? So you were normal.

CINDY: We were desperate, so we were calling out to God. So my husband and I, then realized,
that in order to keep this, we would have to start doing this on a regular basis. So he and I began
to soak every night, And then it was decided, on Labor Day, 1995, that we would start this meeting in our home. Well all these people came. We didn’t know what we were doing, we just started getting in the presence of God, and we found that it was just so incredible how God would show up. All we had to do was open our door, invite him to come, and he always came. And he comes different every week, to meet the needs of the people that are there that week. It just amazes us. I’m still in awe and excitement, and anticipation, every week about what he is going to do that night. We look forward to Mondays.

SID: Do you have a semblance of order of what’s going to happen at your house on a Monday night?

CINDY: We have no plans and no agendas. All we do is just say “Holy Spirit come, and do
what you want to do here tonight.”

SID: I have to tell you another thing I observed. The people looked like they were having fun. They looked like they genuinely loved one another. How could people be having so much fun?

CINDY: That’s what happens when you get in the presence of God. When you get a relationship with God, when you’ve had your own encounter with him. Not just hearing somebody else tell you about him, or their experience. You have your own experience.

SID: Well before you have your own experience, I would like for you to hear some experiences from a couple of people in that room. Let’s take a look at that.

Woman: Well, as I was laying there soaking, I kept seeing the waves coming up and crashing, like all this turmoil was going on. I had a lot going on. But as I was just laying here soaking, I was just asking the Lord, to just take it all away, it just calmed. And the water just kept splashing over me like I was on a calm beach. And then after that, I saw myself running across the floor. And you know when you have socks on, and you scoot? Then I was jumping up and down, and I was playing with the Lord. And I was just having fun, and it was like, he was my Dad, and all my troubles were gone.

Man: Well it just came back to me. I was laying there soaking. And for a long time, nothing came. I was just laying there enjoying the Lord. And then I saw that I was beside a fence. You know when you take off in an airplane, and you see things that are close. And then you get further away, and everything changes, and more comes into the picture? Well this is what was actually happening. And as I was departing from the fence, the details began to get smaller and you could see the landscape larger. And I said “well Lord, where am I going, and what am I doing?” He says
“you’re not going anywhere.” He said “you just need to understand that everything is a matter of perspective. Its how you see things and from what position you see it.” And perspective means everything. That’s just what the whole Word is. You need to see things from a different perspective, or a larger perspective, or a heavenly perspective, rather than from our puzzle piece perspective. Because that’s how we are, were in a big ol’ puzzle, were the puzzle piece. And we think we see the whole picture from the puzzle piece perspective But that’s not true. We need to see it from Heaven. And Heaven has got it all under control. And it’s all in the right place, doing the right thing, so hang on, and it’s ok.

SID: I think you got the message. They’re enjoying themselves with God. But you know what?
I believe God’s enjoying Himself with them. And we have a special CD called “Soak”, and it’s by Rohn Bailey. How did he get these songs, Cindy?

CINDY: God gave Rohn every one of these songs. He has a special anointing to write these, and they are for such a time as this, for soaking. As you come into the presence of God, it helps you come and enter in a lot easier.

SID: We’ll be right back after this word.

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