SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Cindy Parton, and we’re discussing this ancient Jewish form that’s been lost for so long, on waiting on God. Because when you’re waiting on God, a tangible manifestation of His presence, you begin to hear God’s voice. And what could be more important that you hearing God’s voice? Cindy, those people that we saw on the last segment, they’re having so much fun, but I see you as a grandmother having so much joy watching your grandchildren.
Tell me of their experience in your soaking room.

CINDY: Well, I love being a mother, but being a grandmother is so much better. And my grandchildren, this is the only church they know. Just seeing people lie on the floor and get in the presence of God, having fun with God, that’s all they know, so they come in and enter in. Our little grandson, 5 years old, loves to get the power cord out. And he comes in… God gave me a word that the power cord, He wants us plugged in to the power. He wants us connected to that main power source straight from heaven; that we are plugged in directly to Him to where we have Him imparted into our life to give away to others. Well, my 5 year old grandson thinks this is the coolest thing, to go around the room and plug people in and connect them to God. I don’t know that he even knows entirely what he’s doing, but he’s having fun doing it, and he’s helping people
to enter into the presence of God. Because, what we’ve learned is God gives us a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. And when people see this, it helps them to react and respond to what God is doing in their life; how He wants to interface with them, get them connected to Him where they’ve got the power. And it’s just incredible, the things that people do and react. We’ve had people actually look at this and say, “Do you have that plugged in? I actually felt a current go through my body when you touched me with that.”

SID: Somehow it’s like a point of contact that God showed you. But then, what do you call these things?

CINDY: That’s a fireball. He told me one night that it’s better caught than taught. And so, we just throw it to people, and they catch the fire. It is incredible.

SID: You catch it! How about you? Ha ha!

CINDY: And that’s what happens, it releases something in your spirit. It gets rid of all the religious junk out of you, to where you can actually have a personal one-on-one relationship with God.

SID: You know what my spin is? All this religious tradition is beautiful. There’s a beauty to it. But there’s so much that we’ve lost the whole purpose of our being, and that’s to have intimacy with the Living God. What is going on, because I see some people, they are like blessing other people constantly? Explain that.

CINDY: Well, I’ve trained people that I want to go around the room while people are in position,
a comfortable position, whatever that is; whether you want to lie, sit, wherever you’re comfortable at, and to let the Holy Spirit come. And then I’ve trained people to come around the room and to touch them, to impart to them a special blessing, the love of the Father. And as people feel that touch on them, whether it’s on their shoulder, their head, wherever, it just helps them to feel connected to the Father. And everyone shares, as that touch is administered to them, that it helps them to see their Father and to experience Him even deeper.

SID: Well, you know, I can tell you for myself, I was experiencing so much peace, I actually haven’t stopped using this CD by Rohn Bailey that you put together. I go into my office and I close the door, and I put up a “do not disturb” sign, I play this CD, and members of my office team say to me the whole office is saturated with peace. I’m saturated with peace, but the whole office is saturated with peace. Isn’t that what most people tell you when they attend your Monday night meeting?

CINDY: That’s what they tell us, that they feel the peace. Sometimes they feel it walking up the sidewalk, on the street, getting out of their cars. We’ve had them walk in the front door and just fall over in the power of God, because the presence is so heavy. But we keep the soaking music playing in our house 24/7.

SID: Tell me about Nana Fire.

CINDY: Nana Fire is this little grandmother, so sweet, who came to us three or four years ago.
Her husband had just passed away. She’s a registered nurse, she’d been his caregiver, and had taken care of him until the very end. Someone invited her to come, and she came just desperate, tired, thinking that she had no reason to live.

SID: You know, many times when a spouse dies, the other partner dies shortly thereafter,
thinking just like you said.

CINDY: Well they’d been married for over 40 years, and she didn’t think there was anything left to live for in life. And when she came, the first night she came, as she’s just soaking in the presence of God – and this is new to her, she’s never seen it before – she saw a vision. And God gave her this vision, and He showed her this plant sitting in a windowsill that was dead, completely dried up. And she saw Him walk over to the plant, run His finger around the soil, and said “This plant will live again, and it will restore life.” And then she saw the plant coming alive,
green leaves coming out of this plant. And as she did, God said “And that represents you, and you will live again.” And now, she goes with me everywhere we go to share. She wants to give it away. She is so full of God and the joy of the Lord.

SID: Why is she called Nana Fire?

CINDY: Because she carries the punch of the fire of God in her. She has literally caught the fire,
and God has given her a special impartation and anointing to give it away and impart it to others.
And so, this little sweet grandma that sits there that you’d think nothing of, when she touches you
the fire of God literally burns through you. Which is what happened to Greg, he received an impartation of the fire of God. And it came so powerful, that’s what causes then the visions, the dreams, the words. That’s what releases God to show up in power, is when we allow Him the freedom to do what He wants to do, and we stop telling Him what we want Him to do and how we want Him to do it. We just say “Holy Spirit, come and do what You want to do.”

SID: I’m going to turn Cindy loose in the next segment to be like Nana Fire. Pray that the fire of God come on you. Get ready. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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