SID: Hello, Sid Roth with Suzy Yaraei. I don’t know about you, but I still hear in my ears and my spirit “He’s alive.” In fact, you told me something interesting, as we were coming back after the break that you could hear the music in the atmosphere. Do you really?

SUZY: Yeah.

SID: Because like a radio wave or TV wave has everything in the atmosphere, but your spirit can hear it. I have it ask you another question. I noticed you were singing with your shoes off. Ha ha!

SUZY: It’s way more comfortable.

SID: It’s comfortable, but you asked me if you could do that, and I wanted you to, because I wanted you to just be as free as you could be.
And songs from heaven make you free.

SUZY: That’s right.


SID: But I love the miracles that happen when you sing. Tell me about the woman who had the baby that was dead in her womb in Russia.

SUZY: She had come to the conference hoping for healing. She had a baby in her womb that was dead, and she was going to have to deliver that baby in the next day or two. I think also it was dangerous, because of some kind of poison that was coming from the whole situation. She was completely healed. The baby came alive in the womb, and she had the baby. Our friends have it documented in Russia, in St. Petersburg.

SID: It almost reminds me of that song you just sang, “He’s Alive.” The baby became alive. God has been so good to you, Suzy.

SUZY: Yes.

SID: The Devil attacked your throat, and you had supernatural surgery. Explain that.

SUZY: I was in a friend of mine’s cabin and I had what felt like calluses on my throat, and I couldn’t hardly talk. I couldn’t sing at all. I felt that I heard the voice of God tell me to sit down and close my eyes, and open my mouth. Then the presence of God came in the room really strong, and I felt, really felt, something going in inside my throat on my vocal cords. It felt like there was pressure and moving around. It felt like actual surgery is what it felt like. I knew it was angels. I felt like there were two angels. Then after that I fell asleep for a while, and woke up, and it happened again, twice. I fell asleep again, and when I woke up, my voice was healed.

SID: What types of miracles have you observed when people hear your music?

SUZY: There’s been many different kinds of physical, spiritual, and emotional healings. The physical ones, like recently, this last year
during a breakout meeting at Morning Star, a lady’s leg grew out while we were singing “Praise Is Beautiful.”

SID: Like one leg was shorter than the other?

SUZY: Yeah. And she was so excited, needless to say.

SID: I can imagine so.

SUZY: That was awesome. She sent me a really long letter. She also got healed from some other things, emotionally.

SID: And you’ve had people healed from AIDS.

SUZY: HIV in Russia, and a lot of physical problems, like a dislocated shoulder, problems with shoulders in Holland, and then heart disease.
One older man in Russia couldn’t even walk. He was bent over. Just like that one story in the Bible, he was bent completely over. He got touched during worship and was completely healed. He could hardly walk – he started running around and dancing around the whole conference.

SID: I imagine you’re almost like in awe in these things.

SUZY: Yes. Because we are worshiping God in spirit and in truth, as best as we can. We’re really seeking after the prophetic and spontaneous worship, and these things are just happening. So I learned to say “Ok, anybody with a testimony, please come forward, if you had a healing during worship.” We always make sure we do that so we can hear what’s going on.

SID: You have a very unique gift. You almost have this childlike faith.
The unique gift you have is you can literally put a demand on heaven and sing a song. The reason I know this is because I asked her to do it. It wasn’t just a nice little song, it was a song from heaven. Suzy, can I ask you to look at that camera over there and sing a song from heaven?

§ SUZY: Hope is the anchor § § Hope is the only way today § § Put your hope in God § § And swim in the ocean of His love § § Hope is the anchor § § Throw your anchor down in God’s love today § § Throw your anchor down in God’s love today §

SID: You know what I’m thinking about when you’re talking about God’s love? I’m thinking about how, when you were in that horrible state, I mean you were literally drinking vodka and you heard the audible voice of God. He had a purpose for you. What is your purpose? I know what God’s purpose is, what is your purpose?

SUZY: To bring the love of Jesus everywhere I go. Mostly through music.

SID: I’m going to ask you to go to the music set in a moment, but my favorite song on your CD is “Praise Is Beautiful.” When I just… That’s another song that’s in the sound waves in the air. I can hear it, “Praise Is Beautiful.” What feedback do you get on that song?

SUZY: We’ve had amazing feedback from the CD. A lot of it is, I’ll get emails and letters of the presence of God falling in peoples’ houses,
and healings from that as well, but mostly live at the conferences. But either way, live and from the CD, it brings a fresh anointing of God into your car, into your house, wherever you play it. I get so many letters of people getting refreshed, set free, particularly through a song called “Dance.”

SID: I want you to look in the camera right now and tell me people that are being healed.

SUZY: I would like to say that people with cancer, I just want to say be gone, cancer, be gone. And virus, be gone in the name of Jesus.

SID: You’re about ready to have an encounter with love. And you don’t need an audible voice to speak to you to stop you from having a plane crash. My voice is enough. It’s time to turn your life over to God.
Because this life is just a blink of the eye, and that’s it. But this is your time to experience the love of God. I would like you to go to the set, Suzy, right now, and I want to hear “Praise Is Beautiful.” Let’s hear that right now. “Praise Is Beautiful.” Get ready to experience the love of God right now.

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