SID: Sid Roth here with Eddie Rogers. What would happen if an angel starts pouring liquid gold like honey all over you? You’d be changed. Eddie Rogers had that experience, and he was changed forever. However, he was in the wrong calling. He was disobedient. He wasn’t supposed to be a pastor. He went through a dry, dry period of time. I’m speaking to people right now who are going through a dry, dry period of time. Eddie, how did you break out of that?

EDDIE: God’s going to anoint you in your calling, and that’s where the most anointing is going to be. If we’re functioning in a position where we’re not called, then we’re not going to function in the full capacity of that anointing. I was attempting to pastor a church, when being a pastor was not my true calling. It was more of an apostolic, missionary type calling – called to nations, and called to an evangelistic type ministry. We were hungry for the supernatural, for the miracles, the signs, the wonders. That’s where my heart was. I wanted to live in that realm. God had to lead me through a very dry season so that I would be willing to give up whatever it costs to pursue Him, and to pursue the holiness, the righteousness it would require to walk in the anointing of the calling.

SID: During that time were you pushing for God, or did you just passively say, “Well God, if You’re walking by me, then You’ll walk by.” Were you passive or aggressive?

EDDIE: It was both. Initially it was, ok, I don’t care if I ever minister again, but here’s the key, I can’t live without Your presence. Because once you’ve tasted the presence of God…

SID: For sure.

EDDIE: …nothing else will ever satisfy you. Nothing else can ever compete with that presence.

SID: There’s nothing the world has to compare with the presence of God. Anything the world has that you think is good, is nothing – zero – compared to the presence of God.

EDDIE: And even now I feel the presence of God as we’re beginning to speak here now. I’m feeling His presence coming in. His presence means everything, because in His presence there’s the fullness of His power, the fullness of provision. So it became a pursuit of God’s presence, and I’m still in pursuit. I don’t think I’ve arrived. I don’t think any of us ever arrive.

SID: But there came a point, a moment, where you were instructed to move. If you hadn’t moved, you would’ve missed your destiny. Tell me about that.

EDDIE: In October 2005, the Lord spoke to us through a prophetic minister. He told my wife and I God was requiring that we move halfway across Georgia. If we fully obeyed… He said, “If you explicitly obey, the Lord says He will open the windows of heaven for you. But if you miss it, you’re only going to live in His permissive will.” It took a period of 18 months to find exactly where that place was. We made the move. We moved, and we’ve been there a little over two years now.

SID: You told me angels are showing up now.

EDDIE: Angels are showing up.

SID: From the beginning, were they?

EDDIE: From the beginning. From the initial day we moved in, the following morning, after a long night of moving halfway across the state, very early in the morning I stepped out on the porch with my coffee, and I sat down, tired, weary, my eyes still bloodshot. I said, “Lord, open the heavens.” The moment I said that, a wind began to blow in the trees, and every part of my body became electric in that presence. We began to see angels in the house, around the house, ministering to us in different times and places.

SID: You know something, Eddie? What you’re describing, I read in the Bible. I talk to people. That’s normal. There will be a time coming very, very soon, where a show like mine won’t be necessary, because this’ll be happening every day, to every one of us. The purpose for you watching is so you can have intimacy with God. Wherever you are. You may not know God, or you may know Him, or you may be walking through a dry spell. Eddie, you told me, before we went on the air, that God spoke to you about something in people that are watching right now.

EDDIE: If there is a pursuit of God in your life, if you’re hungry for more of God’s presence, then you can find everything you want by simply saying “God, here I am.” One of the prayers that I pray on a regular basis is “Lord, hit me with Your best shot.” God has only the best for you. No matter where you are, in a dry season, or in a very bountiful season, God always has more. There’s more for us now.

SID: Tell me about the person with the eardrum.

EDDIE: Several eardrum miracles. I’m going to go with the one where the lady had no eardrum. This was being ministered in a local food bank in Georgia, not a church service, not a religious place, no choir, no organ, no three verses of “Just As I Am.” Just to get the setting straight, these are poor people in need, so they’re there for supplemental groceries. We do a devotional. At the end of the devotional, I call for someone with a hearing problem in her right ear. A lady came forward and told us “I don’t even have an eardrum. It was removed when I was a child.” At that point I was able to tell the people listening “Either God is true, God is real, and He will do what He says He will do, or you don’t have to listen to a word I’ve just told you about the power and presence of God.” We prayed for the lady, and her ear popped. Instantly, she was able to hear. God recreated an eardrum in her, in a food bank.

SID: What would’ve happened if her ear did not pop? You kind of put yourself on a limb. You said “Don’t pay any attention…” Did you hear what he said? “Don’t pay any attention to me unless this woman is healed.” Did you know she was missing an eardrum? It’s one thing to be partially deaf, it’s another thing to be missing an eardrum.

EDDIE: I didn’t know originally when she came up, but she told me she didn’t have the eardrum before we ever prayed. Jesus told the Pharisees “You don’t have to believe Me, but you have to believe the works that I do, that the works that I do prove the message that I’ve brought.”

SID: You had a word of knowledge. Would you speak that right now?

EDDIE: There’s someone, I believe in Texas, and your name is either Jack or James or John. It’s a short name, J letter. You have a liver problem. You’ve got hepatitis, but there’s more than hepatitis that’s going on with your liver. You’ve got spots on your liver. It’s causing your whole body to be sick. Your liver’s not functioning correctly. In the name of Jesus, right now we speak the healing word. Psalm 107:20, “He sent forth His word and healed them.” Just receive it and marinate in that presence of God right now.

SID: Eddie, what kind of feedback are you getting on your new book “Supernatural: living under an open heaven”?

EDDIE: One local pastor made it required reading out of his church. He said if miracles are this easy, and they are if we’re willing to obey God, then he required his entire church. Those who couldn’t buy a copy, he bought a copy and gave to his church.

SID: Can everyone live under an open heaven, or is it just someone special like you?

EDDIE: It’s not about anybody special. It’s not limited to ministers, it’s not limited to special people. We are born as children of God. We have access to everything God has. It’s called the kingdom. It’s a common wealth.

SID: Have you ever seen dead people come back to life?

EDDIE: As a matter of fact, yes.

SID: Hold that thought. We’re going to find out about the dead coming back to life.

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