SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Eddie Rogers, literally had an angel pour liquid gold all over him, and he was changed forever. You’d be changed forever. If you just saw an angel, you’d be changed forever. Eddie, you had several attempts on your life, one in particular in which you almost drowned. Tell me about that.

EDDIE: Exactly. When I was about four years old, I fell into a ditch that was full of water. Went underwater. I don’t know how I got out of the water, but the next thing I knew, I was standing on the ground out of the water. I thought the interesting thing was wow, I can see underwater. It never once dawned on me that I could be dying or anything. That was one attempt. I had another one at 18 months old where I ate a bottle of aspirin and survived that.

SID: But then you would have nightmares, and I have to believe it has to do with going underwater and the aspirin and everything. At age 4 you had a mysterious visitor.

EDDIE: Exactly. The nightmares probably began at 3. Something I never shared with my parents, just because of the age, but every night, or almost every night, I would have these dreams, these nightmares, of this dark ominous cloud that would be outside my window. It had a face in it. I would wake up absolutely terrified. Then at age 4, as you said, one night there was a bright light that came into my bedroom. It had a figure of a person standing there. The lights was as bright as a headlight, and I was equally as terrified of that as I was of the shadow and the cloud. But from that night forward, I’ve never had another nightmare.

SID: Many years later, a prophet, Kim Clement, nailed you on that. Explain.

EDDIE: In 1997, we were in Detroit Michigan in a meeting, just hungry for God, wanting more of Him, like every good believer should be. He called us out, and part of the word that came forth was “When you were 4 years old, I came and visited you and made a deposit in your life.” What I had forgotten, it had been many years ago, vividly became so real to me. I understand, wow, that was Jesus.

SID: You know what’s so interesting, Eddie and I, in 1994, in Georgia went to a meeting. I’d like to say the same thing happened to me, but nothing special happened to me. But Eddie’s life was totally, forever transformed. Explain.

EDDIE: I think I’ve always been hungry for the supernatural, even without being able to put a label on it, that that’s what my hunger was for. In this particular meeting again, just going, seeking more of God, wanting more of Him. We had come out of a denominational background, had just started a denominational church. In this particular meeting, a gentleman you and I both know named Dan Duke, a missionary to Brazil, laid hands on me and prayed for me. The power of God hit me and I literally became stuck to the floor in those few moments.

SID: I’ve heard people say, and this hasn’t happened to me, “I’m stuck to the floor.” Are you being literal? Are you saying that there was something that stopped you from getting up?

EDDIE: I’m saying that it would’ve taken quite an effort to get off the floor. It was like a heaviness, a weight, a glory, like a quilt.

SID: The Hebrew word for glory is kavowd, and it actually means heaviness and weight.

EDDIE: I laid there on the floor and literally wept for about 20 minutes. God was just going into a place that I thought I had hidden all of my hurts and all of my pains. The hand of God went where the hand of man couldn’t go, and He removed layer after layer of hurts and pains that I had experienced in ministry and the passing of my father the year before. After about 20 minutes of literally crying so much, my ears were filling up with my tears and I was having to turn my head to get the water out of my ears. When I looked up, standing over my head was an angel. I made the statement “There’s an angel standing at my head.” He had a pitcher in his hand, like someone would carry water in. He looked down at me and tilted the pitcher forward. He didn’t have to tilt it as though what was in it was going to run out, but just a tilt. I saw – I literally saw – a golden substance, honey-like substance, begin to pour out of the pitcher. I watched it as it left the pitcher. As it hit my forehead, I broke out in joy and laughter. Uncontrollable. Could not stop it for the next 20 minutes. I laughed uncontrollably until my sides were splitting. I was actually saying “Make it stop, make it stop.”

SID: There was nothing funny going on?

EDDIE: Absolutely nothing funny, but it was hilarious at the same time.

SID: Medical doctors tell us, if you have cancer, look at comedy shows and laugh, because something is released good when you laugh. How much more if you’re laughing, not from comedy shows, but from the Spirit of God causing joy to well up in you?

EDDIE: Yeah. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

SID: So you’re saying you almost hurt from laughing so much?

EDDIE: It wasn’t almost, I was actually hurt. I was wanting it to stop. I was holding my sides. I could not even catch my breath. I couldn’t breathe laughing so hard. From that point, it radically changed the way we ministered and the way we looked at and experience the supernatural.

SID: He began to see, all sorts of miracles started happening. But then, all of a sudden, things got sabotaged.

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