Keith Miller, speaking before a crowd, suddenly became frozen in a vision. He watched as books floated down from heaven supernaturally entering his spirit, through this and a series of other supernatural encounters with God he learned how to function and flow in the Holy Spirit. Now he shares these secrets with you.

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We now return to, “It’s Supernatural.”

Sid: Sid Roth here with Keith Miller and Keith Miller is watching television ad all of a sudden he sees this guy Benny Hinn who he didn’t like from a video tape, and you try to get away from him but you found yourself right back on it, it went right around the dial an he begins to speak to you, what did he say?

Keith: That’s right, as I was sitting there in my front room it was time, never forget, 1994, deep hunger to see the power of God and…

Sid: There is a correlation between deep hunger and receiving.

Keith: That’s right, yeah that’s where I was, listen I was in desperation to be honest, desperation crying out, every morning, five thirty, turned him on and like you said, I actually didn’t like him but when I saw a little boy being healed on the program I was sitting there crying in my front room saying oh my gosh Lord, I want to see this. and all of a sudden he goes to a studio setting and he just said, “there’s a preacher and you are in your front room floor crying right now that you want this anointing and the Lord says you can have it.” Well here I was in my front room on the floor crying saying I want that anointing. So once again I found myself looking around to see who is looking. But I knew right then that was the Lord, that was an opening for me and my wife and I went to Dallas June 1994, he called us out, out of two, three thousand people, Come from the very back, prayed for us and just said, and actually said these words, “Do you want this anointing?” And I had just told the Lord, I am not looking to a man, I want impartation, I want to see your power, I want to see people healed, I want to see people changed like that, I know that is real. And he pulled us out and man this anointing hit me, immediately we went back to our church.

Sid: What happened at your church after, and better than that did you expect what happened at your church to happen?

Keith: I didn’t.

Sid: I’m sure.

Keith: I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t even know what I had received, if I had received, and it was kind of like, and one of the young men met me that Sunday morning, we were getting coffee, he said you know I heard something from the Lord this morning, I said what did you hear? He goes use it or loose it. I go use it or loose it? And the Lord had just told me appropriate that which has been given, pray for the sick, and I was thinking how can I do that?

Sid: You are in a Baptist church?

Keith: Baptist church, so I hid oil behind my pulpit and I preached on the anointing of the Holy Spirit and brought it out in Acts, went to James, it says, “Is there any sick among you anoint them with oil and they shall be healed.” And then I says, “We got any sick people
in our church this morning?” I didn’t know what to expect, maybe a few, and the next thing maybe seven, eight people came up, and the first one was my son and he had gotten hit, four boys you know they did some cantankerous things and they were swimming pool and got hit with a crab apple and he lost his, they said he would never gain his sight and it was sixty percent bad or something, and the Lord instantly
healed him, well that caused everybody in our church, the next thing I know my whole front is full of people that are just going down under the power of God. I was more amazed in the fact that they were falling down like they were at Benny’s. I go wow.

Sid: Now so many people are getting healed at this point I want you to see a couple of more recent healings, let’s look at a man that has cancer. Last February, February 4th, I was diagnosed with cancer
in the throat, m two lymph node glands, and I had a tumor behind my tonsils and during this time I was going through radiation, chemo treatments, and I came to the Texas Ablaze Conference, I believe it was in July, and the first night of the conference they had a calling to
be prayed for cancer so I went up and when they prayed for me for cancer, I felt like when they, that was a pivotal point when they laid hands on me I felt a heat come through my throat around the areas where the cancer was on both sides of my throat and from that point on I just felt a very turning in my life and when I went to the doctor and had a pep scan done they looked at my body they didn’t see any signs of cancer.

Sid: Cancer can’t hold it’s own against the Name of Jesus. Arthritis, it can’t do anything in the Name of Jesus. Let’s take a look at someone that has arthritis. Where is the man that came with the arthritis,
where is he at? Come here brother because I know the Lord touched you a few minutes ago, but I saw the Lord, if you could stay right there be careful as you come up though, come on, take a few more steps, right there, just stay right there. Put your hands toward him, because not only do I believe the Lord is going to loose you from every bit of pain as you got prayed for, but I believe the Lord is going to pour out, not just a bucket, but rivers of oil for you my friend, you are going to know a freshness in the Holy Ghost, a fresh oil, fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit from the head to the toes from the toes to the head, right now in the Name of Jesus, oh my goodness, (laughing).
Right now in Jesus Name. In Jesus Name. You already got healed, just move your body, let me see. Look at that, give the Lord praise.
Wow Praise the Lord.

Sid: Sid Roth here with Keith Miller and what you saw that is normal and it is going to be on the increase and God is going to use you. Keith had one angel visit him three times and give him revelation of which he wrote a book which God told him to write about the Seven Fold Spirits of God. And you cannot have the fullness of God, wait until you find out when Keith was frozen and one of the Spirits of God is the Spirit of Wisdom, wait till you find, he has wisdom for business, you should see what happened in his business, wisdom for people that have organizations, wisdom for individuals, you need some of this wisdom Don’t go away we’ll be right back after this word.

We’ll be right back to, “It’ Supernatural.”

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We not return to, “It’s Supernatural.”

Sid: hello, Sid Roth here with Keith Miller. How would you like to have an angel visit you three times and then the third time you end up in the Throne Room of God and you come up with a book that is pregnant with impartation so that you can function in the fullness of God’s Spirit. Most people don’t even know about the seven fold Spirit of God. Keith, what did God tell you about this book I am holding in my hand?

Keith: Well it is like you said, I had two encounters with this incredible angel and unexpectedly, and then the third time I was actually at a church about to do a seven day meeting thee, and I lay down in the floor and I started praying and I had a prophetic encounter, I was caught right in to the Throne of God, and incredible brilliancy, pure power, holy realm of God, so intense so bright you couldn’t look upon the Throne it was just raw power, that’s the way I can describe it, but the only thing I could see was the angel was there on the right hand side, and now you have got to understand I am in this encounter, I don’t even know, I am going what in the world is going on, trying to pinch myself you know and the Lords’ hand, I saw the Lords hand and he handed an envelope to the angel and the angel came to me and he handed me the envelope, I was shaking so bad I dropped the envelope, and the angel picked it back up, handed it to me and I opened it up and it wasn’t really any paper in the envelope, the message was in the envelope itself, it was like it was written in the envelope. Can’t really explain it other than there was two scriptures in there and I saw Revelation 4:5, and Isaiah 11:2. And at that point and juncture I can say that I had never studied, never heard or anything about anything on the Seven Fold Spirit of God, so I went out and did that morning service because I was actually praying when that happened and then I went back to the hotel and began to dive in, what is the seven spirits of God, what is Revelation 4:5? And started studying it and immediately I was in was in some kind of realm of impartation because for the next seven days of those meetings it was one of the most intense, we had seen healings up to that point, we saw some incredible things, but everything intensified, everything amplified, metal rods disappeared.

Sid: Metal rods?

Keith: Metal rods.

Sid: They put it in because of a bad back.

Keith: Yes and there was no way the person could bend over, move and maneuver with the rod and the Lord instantly healed her, she was in constant pain, thousands of milligrams of pain killer every day.

Sid: and it was like God was saying that there was such a presence on this message.

Keith: Yes that’s right.

Sid: God wants you to understand his Holy Spirit in dimensions’ that I have never, I have never read a book about this before Keith, why did you write this?

Keith: Well that was the thing because we, in the season of time in First Corinthians Two it talks about the wisdom of God in verse six through ten. There is a wisdom for every age. And the hidden things of the Lord belong to him but he reveals then to us, not just for us, they are for us and our children’s children What he reveals to you in secret he wants you to proclaim from the rooftop. And what I felt like, and there are many others now, and other people beginning to minister bringing some great understanding on the seven fold spirit of God, and that is I believe an anointing that Jesus ministered out of. Mark 1:10, the Holy Spirit came and rested upon Jesus, which coincides with Isaiah 11:2, the first one is the Holy Spirit, the river of his presence,
and then the wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord. And in Zachariah four it says there is going to be a church, or a group o people who build by the plum line that is going to cause the seven to rejoice, that’s the seven fold of the Holy Spirit begin to build, begin to minister, begin to function and operate out of the seven fold full of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Let’s take one of these seven, and that is the Spirit of wisdom, now Keith, tell me about the time you were frozen.

Keith: Oh it was incredible, I can almost feel it right now just to start talking about it.

Sid: I’m feeling it now.

Keith: Oh man, it’s awesome isn’t it. But the Lord began to show me in the word about the flow, and in Mark 16 they said of Jesus, “Where did this man get such wisdom that these mighty works are done by his hand?” So wisdom isn’t this analytical ability, it is action. So I started praying Lord I want this river of wisdom, I know to get the wisdom I am so grateful for the gift of wisdom but how about a river, constant, continuous flow of wisdom that goes from ankle deep, knee deep to waist deep to bank to bank, just let it get bigger and bigger and I want that, and I want it like it says that David took the, got the plans for the Temple from the Holy Spirit and gave it to Solomon, I want the wisdom to build my plans as it is in heaven, I want to bring out the blueprints of heaven from the unseen to the seen, I want wisdom. And so I am preaching at a little church in Winnie, Texas, I am just right in the middle of preaching and I am frozen in a trance, and in the trance all of a sudden I see a word go into me and then I saw a paragraph go into me, come from the, from heaven, and then books started going into me and I know I was receiving the Spirit of Wisdom because it says one of the first places you see in scripture it says to be filled, the Lord told Moses get the artisans and I am going to fill them up with the Spirit of Wisdom and understanding so they can create those things I have shown you the pattern of on the mountain but they need the Spirit of Wisdom to be able to move in this workmanship. So the Spirit of Wisdom, impartation of wisdom and then the river of wisdom is the ability to function in what he has orchestrated for our life, not what we can do, and so it is beyond our ability and into his ability.

Sid: All right, give me an example, like for instance.

Keith: My electrical business I was just hanging ceiling fans and working on houses, pretty general electrical stuff, and Feedlock called me and their batching computer broke down and the guy that worked on it was in a blizzard in Minneapolis, couldn’t make it, so they said hey would you come take a look and I walked in there, we l I didn’t know anything about it, and they brought the plans out and I didn’t know how to read the plans or anything and for three days basically all I did was take something out and put it back in and hope it worked, and after the third day no luck, so I went home and I just went to bed and in my dream, it wasn’t a nightmares, sometimes you have a nightmare about your work but praise God, this was a dream, a good one, and in the dream I saw myself go back to that batching computer which is a huge batching computer that runs this whole mill that feeds forty thousand head of cattle. And I opened u the door as I walked in and stood inside there took my hand held liars, looked behind the step switch, thee was a little spring about this big that had fallen off the step switch, took my (inaudible) put it back on and it started working. I jumped up out of bed, I told my wife, “Babe I have got to go back to Feedlock, she said you just got home, I said I got to go try something. So I did exactly like I saw in my dream, and I did I mean exactly and sure enough that little spring and I reached up on there and put it on and that machine started working and instantly my business just exploded overnight and I was known as a control specialist. We had so much work we didn’t know what to do.

Sid: The supernatural spirit of wisdom. Can you imagine with the time we are living in being able to walk in that type of wisdom? Keith, you told me God told you something about someone watching us right now.

Keith: Yes.

Sid: Will you speak to them?

Keith: I sure will right now I just really have, on the plane coming here on this taping I saw an open vision that the Lord wants to minister to those who are battling cancer, especially in the area of the stomach, anywhere in that area, if you have been battling any kind of cancer I am telling you right now that there is no distance between us and you wherever you are because the Holy Spirit is there and we have the power of the mighty Name of Jesus and right here, right now I am going to come into agreement with the vision, I am going to pray that the, in the mighty Name of Jesus that that tumor is dissolved by the power of the Holy Spirit. Now I am telling you get ready wherever you are and wherever you are watching any sickness, any disease,
any oppression, any depression that you are battling, any addiction, guess what man, you can be free in the mighty Name of Jesus and it can happen for you just like that and the power of media is that we are just proclaiming and he is right there with you, right there.

Sid: You know Keith, I am hearing that anything you need in your head is yours, you have sinus conditions, deafness, sight problems, headaches, migraines, anything you need in your head, and the healng is coming down to the neck right now, move your head and see that the pain is gone right now, the back I mean God is so good. You are healed in Yeshua’s Name. But get to know the Healer, he is everything and everything is nothing, Yeshua, Jesus.

Keith Miller, speaking before a crowd, suddenly became frozen in a vision. He watched as books floated down from heaven supernaturally entering his spirit, through this and a series of other supernatural encounters with God he learned how to function and flow in the Holy Spirit. Now he shares these secrets with you. Call now to get Keith Miller’s brand new book, “Surrender to the Spirit.”

This book is pregnant with impartation. Through this book you will learn:

You will begin to walk in God’s unprecedented supernatural anointing.
It is time to get off the sidelines and become a participant, don’t miss out on getting Keith Miller’s brand new book, “Surrender to the Spirit.”

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