SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Jordan and Michelle Cook. Jordan has a gift from God. She can paint like an adult, but more than an adult, because she uses the most extraordinary tools sometimes: a toothbrush, a leaf. This is certainly not something you learn in school.

JORDAN: One time I used my own hair.

SID: Really? You like to be really creative, don’t you?


SID: Tell me something. This is such an unusual painting. Tell me the story behind this painting called “The Keyboard”, would you, Michelle?

MICHELLE: Sure. Jordan, when she was 6 years old, was praying, and God told her to paint a piano, a keyboard, for Kim Clement, which she did. I watch Jordan struggle for hours mixing paint. She just kept saying “I can’t get the paint right. It has to be pearl. It has to look like pearls.”

SID: By the way, did you copy a piano? Do you have a piano in your house and you…

JORDAN: Yes, I’m trying to learn the piano too.

SID: Ok. That’s so beautiful. So, it took her a long time with this?

MICHELLE: This picture took her longer than any picture I’ve ever seen her paint. She spent hours on it. The Lord told her it was a keyboard of nine.

JORDAN: Later I found out there’s only eight keys.

SID: So why would it be a keyboard of nine?

JORDAN: A note from heaven.

SID: That is… Did you hear that? Normally you have eight. Jesus told her to do a keyboard of nine. A note from heaven. This was done for Kim Clement, the prophet. What did he think of this?

JORDAN: He thought that it was really, really pretty, and he liked it.

MICHELLE: He said “A keyboard of nine? I know exactly what that means.”

SID: Really?

MICHELLE: Yeah. I said “Can you tell us?”

SID: I don’t even know a keyboard has eight, let alone…

MICHELLE: I didn’t either. I said “Can you tell us a little bit?” He said scientifically, there are only a number of sounds that can be made, but that there are special circumstances, I guess playing different scales or something, that it would be a keyboard of nine. I don’t understand all the musical implications, but he knew exactly what that meant. He said he’d had visions since he was a very young man about having notes that are not worldly, not of this world.

SID: I believe that true psalmists from God get the music from heaven, so obviously, as you said, Jordan, it’s music from heaven. Now this is a very special painting. You call it “The Yeshua Tree.” Why do you call it “The Yeshua Tree”?

JORDAN: Well, it’s because it’s the Gentiles and the Jews coming together. The ‘Y’ is for Yeshua, which is Jesus.

SID: Can you see that? That is a ‘Y’, Yeshua. Michelle, she’s had a burden for the Jews and the Arabs for a long time. Where did this burden come from?

MICHELLE: It had to come from God. She’s had it since she was too little to understand it.

SID: Do you want to see peace between Jews and Arabs?

JORDAN: Very much, yes.

SID: Do you pray for that?

JORDAN: Often.

SID: I think that’s one reason you did “The Yeshua Tree”, because there isn’t peace until each receive Yeshua as Messiah. You’ve got so many other paintings. Have you got a painting inside of you that you haven’t done yet?

JORDAN: I have a whole bunch of them, yeah.

SID: Could you tell me one that you have inside of you that you haven’t painted yet?

JORDAN: Well, I don’t know. God’s going to surprise me.

SID: Ok.

MICHELLE: You have one of Jesus’ feet you started, of Him walking towards you.

JORDAN: That one is another picture that, I don’t think I brought, but it’s my feet running on the beach.

SID: What do you think God has for you in the future, as far as what you’re going to do when you grow up?

JORDAN: That’s another one I don’t know, because, well, He’s going to surprise me. I can’t judge what happens next.

SID: Well speaking of surprises, I want you to hold up my favorite painting of your mom. It’s called “Worship”. Literally, the painting came, and then the healing came, Michelle. You have to tell me, when she came on her birthday and said to you that Jesus came and said “Done”, what did you think?

MICHELLE: It was a lot to take in. When she first told me the story, I hate to say it, I almost doubted it at first. I thought she’s just excited, or whatever. But, she continued to explain to me the He was leaned over and writing on this certain table. I just stopped, because, she didn’t know, but in the nighttime sometimes when I hear something special from God, or I think about something really personal that I want to write down, I use that exact spot, and I lean over with a pen I keep there, and I write it. I knew that that was part of the story so that I would understand it really happened. I was so shocked. I’d been waiting for healing for so many years, and finally it came and there’s no pomp or circumstance or anything, it just happened without having a special feeling. It just sort of snuck in there. I was just overwhelmed. Excited, I couldn’t wait to get to the doctor.

SID: Were you sure you were healed, or did you hope? Between you and me.

MICHELLE: Well honestly…

SID: I know Jordan knew, but between you and me?

MICHELLE: I was skeptical, and I really felt bad about being skeptical. I really had to check my heart and say to God “I’m so sorry. I thought I had more faith than that. I shouldn’t be surprised.” That’s part of His name, God The Healer, Jehovah Rapha.

SID: You know what? The word rapha in the Hebrew means even more than “healed”. It means “The Restorer.” That’s what God wants to do, He wants to be Jehovah Rapha, in Yeshua’s name. He wants to restore whatever’s damaged. Jordan, will you look in the camera and pray for people to be healed, just like Jesus told you to?

JORDAN: In Jesus’ name, I pray that everyone who has any sort of illness, or has something wrong with their bones or anything like that, please have God heal them. This very instant. There’s someone being healed of breast cancer right now. I can feel it.

SID: That is wonderful! Anything else?

JORDAN: I also heard God say that there were 53 people being healed of just any kind of cancer. And also, a person named Jack with autism.

SID: I feel the sweetness and purity of a young child praying for you. Do you remember what Jesus said about Jordan’s mother? Done. On the back of the painting you’re going to be ordering, by Jordan, there’s a scripture. Let me read this scripture to you. John 16:23. “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that My Father will grant you whatever…” That’s pretty inclusive… “whatever you ask in My name.” My Father will grant you whatever you ask. And what you’re really crying out to God for is peace. Maybe not with your mouth, but with your heart you’re crying “Peace! I want peace!” And there is no peace except in the Czar Shalom, the Son Of Peace, Yeshua Hamashia Tsidkenu, Jesus The Messiah, our righteousness. If you’ll tell God you’re sorry for the mistakes you’ve made, ask for His power to do better, believe that the blood of Jesus washed away all of your sins, and that you’re clean, forgiven. First day of the rest of your life. Then ask Jesus to come and live inside of you and be your Lord. Just say “Jesus, I make You my Lord. Live inside of me. I love You, God. I want to know You.” Amen.

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