Today on It’s Supernatural: [horn] When Don Heist blows the shofar, the ram’s horn, the atmosphere becomes a cancer-free zone. [horn]


Do angels exist? Are healing miracles real? Is there life after death? Can people get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 25 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.


SID: Hello, Sid Roth. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Paul Wilbur, is considered one of the finest

messianic Jewish psalmists in the world. We’re going to have a guest come on during this show that blows the shofar, the ram’s horn, and literally it becomes a cancer-free area. People have been healed of cancer when this man blows the shofar. Paul, we go back a long time. I have to tell you how much discernment and wisdom I operate under. I originally hired Paul to work for me. When you hear his voice, you’ll understand when I say he’s one of the finest messianic Jewish psalmists in the world. But what did I hire you to do, Paul?


PAUL: Actually, I read your mail.


SID: You wish you did!


PAUL: So I guess I was a prophet back then.


SID: He was in the mailroom. He was opening the mail and reading the mail. But we had a diversion. Lunchtimes we would go out to Farragut Square in Washington, D.C., where all the stock brokers and business types were trying to get away from the pressure of Wall Street and eat their nice little box or bag lunch and enjoy the park and the birds. And they had Paul Wilbur there, who was singing. You really gathered a lot of people, then I got up and said, with a lot of zeal, not a whole lot of knowledge, “Repent of your sins!” What happened to the crowds?


PAUL: They went back to their noisy, pressure-filled offices.


SID: He gathered, I scattered. (laughter) He’s being nice. But then, he police came. What happened?


PAUL: The sounds of what we were doing there, with that little sound  system, because of the buildings all around D.C., would bounce back and forth. We had police coming from nine and ten blocks away saying  “You’ve got to turn it down.” But I tell you Sid, those were special times, and I thank God for the zeal that we had. Alright, maybe we didn’t have all the wisdom…


SID: But we have the gray hair now! (laughter)


PAUL: Those were great times.


SID: Paul, speaking of a great time, you must’ve had a great time when you did this: “Night Of Extravagant Worship.” Tell me about it.


PAUL: One day, I felt in prayer that we were supposed to gather the finest people that we know in music and worship. That’s what we do.

We brought a gospel choir from Chicago, Bill Winston’s church, some of the finest people who have traveled with me and made recordings with Integrity all over the world, to Jacksonville, Florida to invite the glory of God; to invite the presence of God. Not just a feeling, not goose bumps, but the manifest presence of God. Fifty-two dancers came, banners, flags. Sid on that DVD is captured, in a very special way, the manifest presence of God, for all that happens in there.


SID: You have so many songs on this DVD and CD that I love, but one in particular has great meaning to me. What does “Days Of Elijah” really mean today?


PAUL: If we look back at the time of Elijah, in the Tanach, in the Old Testament, in the book of First Kings, there was economic upheaval, there was drought and famine in the land, the flocks and herds were dying, unemployment was at an all-time high.


SID: Sounds familiar!


PAUL: Doesn’t it sound familiar? There was bad leadership.


SID: I won’t comment on that one. Go ahead.


PAUL: We won’t comment there, but there was bad leadership, ungodly leadership. All of that culminated together during that time of Elijah.

He was raised up to be the voice of God in that society during that time. There’s other prophecies about that day. In Malachi, God says “I’ll turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers.” When? During the days of Elijah. It’s happening right now, and there’s many layers of that that we could speak about. But we are in the days of Elijah right now in many  different, discernable ways, so there’s a message for the world during those days.


SID: You know Paul, there are many things we could talk about: returning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. But the one that I love is Paul the apostle’s definition. He said “We owe a debt of gratitude to the fathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” So if the fathers represent the Jewish people, who do the children represent? The Christians. There is a blessing when these two people groups come together, and it’s an explosion. Just before the great and awesome Day of the Lord, the prophet Elijah will come. What I believe is it’s an Elijah company of people that walk in the spirit of Elijah, just as John the Baptist walked in the spirit of Elijah. Let’s go to a clip right now from

“Night Of Extravagant Worship.” “Days Of Elijah.”


§ music § § These are the days of Elijah § § Declaring the word of the Lord § § And these are the days of His servant Moses § § Righteousness being restored § § And though these are days of great trial § § Of famine and darkness and sword § § Still we are the voice in the desert crying § § “Prepare ye the way of the Lord” § § Behold He comes, riding on the clouds § § Shining like the sun, at the trumpet call § § Lift your voice, it’s the year of Jubilee § § Out of Zion’s hill salvation comes § § music §

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