Do angels exist?

Are healing miracles real?

Is there life after death?

Can people get supernatural help from another dimension?

Has the future been written in advance?

Sid Roth has spent twenty-five years researching

the strange world of the supernatural.

Join Sid on this edition of, “It’s Supernatural.”


Sid: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world

where it is naturally supernatural.

I love breathing the air of heaven and you can do this too.

As a matter of fact I believe that as you are watching this

show you will be literally receiving the rarefied air of

heaven, and wherever that air goes it is almost like a river,

wherever that river goes you are going to be healed.

My guest Bobby Conner prayed for a baby with half

a face missing, before his eyes the face materialized.

That’s normal.

I wish the whole world were normal.

Bobby Conner, you started at a real young age

with prophecy, I mean this is, I have to tell you

I have interviewed a lot of people but this

kind of blows me out of the water.

You are a fetus in your mother’s womb and you know

what’s going on, tell me what you knew was happening

as a fetus in your mothers womb.

Bobby: Let me set up the story how it happened.

My father, this is 1943, my father was a heavy equipment

operator and he began to travel all over the place

but he began to sleep with strange women, and he

caught an venereal disease and it traveled up his spine,

settled in his brain, he died a lunatic in an insane asylum

and the doctors interviewed my mother and said the

baby in her womb would have the same disease that

had killed his father, so my mom is desperate.

She already had two children, she had my brother

a year older than myself, and my sister two years older

than myself and so my mother is desperate.

She takes a coat hanger, turns it into a hook,

opens her womb, inserts the coat hanger into her body

and attempts to pull my life out.

And the hand of the Lord came and pushed me aside and

kept my mother from extracting my life out of her body.

Sid: Now how do you know this is not just a f

igment of your imagination, I mean a fetus,

how does a fetus know such things?

Bobby: That’s the same thing my wife asked me, I told

my, the story I just old you to my wife before my mother

ever told me about the details, and so my wife said,

“Bobby, how could anybody know what happened

to them when there were a fetus?”

I said me and John the Baptist do.

Remember John the Baptist got full

of the Holy Ghost where?

In his mommy’s tummy.

But it is Jeremiah 1:4, Before I formed you in the belly

I knew you, before you came out of your mommy’s womb

I ordained you and sanctified you and set you apart

to be a prophet to the nations.

Sid: But your mother told you, had an exchange

with you about this many years later, explain.

Bobby: That’s exactly right.

She came to one of the coliseums where we do our

meetings, a demonstration of God’s power meetings, and

she watched the supernatural take place and it so gripped

her till she was real remorseful about almost taking my life

so she came to me and tried to tell me all about it and I

armed her up and said, “Oh mom, I know all about that..”

Sid: How did she take that?

Bobby: Oh she was stunned but she really,

really loved Jesus.

Sid: Just, I mean, as a fetus you had a gift within

you of knowing things, you told me that there was a point

where it is just like in this atmosphere, there are television

signals, radio signals, telephone signals,

signals in the invisible world going all the time,

and you had the ability to hear this, you could sit down

with someone and know what their inner thoughts were,

what they had done that day, and you actually

asked God to take that away, why?

Bobby: Because I would walk into a place to eat or

something, maybe several hundred in people there, I could

distinctly hear everything they said and thought.

And I thought aw man, I don’t know if I can function

like this because I could clearly hear, I could hear what

the cameraman would think, what the people seated there

would think, and so I thought that must be why prophets

got out and lived on a rock, going “hum” or something

like that, I thought I can’t function like that and so I said

Lord, what are we going to do, and he said,

“I will tune it back like a radio receiver and then

when I get ready to use you I will tune it in.

So that took all the sweat out of it, now we just have to –

Sid: So you only speak things when god shows it to you?

Bobby: That’s the best thing to do, that’s what Jesus did,

he said I only say what I hear my father say

and I only do what I see my father doing.

Sid: But this gift of prophecy that you have, it so intrigues

me, you were five years and you knew something very bad

was about ready to happen to you, tell me about that.

Bobby: Yeah, that was, can I tell you when I was five it

was my first time I’m without my brother or sister.

They had gone to public school, and so I walked down

behind my mothers house, and it seemed like I had walked

for miles, but actually maybe two hundred yards at the

most, and I am a little bitty five-year-old boy and I laid

down on the ground under a big old tree and I am laying

there on my tummy with my face in my hands like this and

I say out of my mouth, “Well I guess I will have to be by

myself,” and I was referring to the fact that my brother and

sister was gone, that’s what I was thinking, a

nd the moment I said “well I have to be by myself,”

a wind came, a wonderful wind came and got in the tree

above my head and began to spin around and Sid,

a voice spoke to me out of the wind and said,

“No Bobby, you will never be by yourself, see.”

And when he said see the heavens, where the birds fly,

the heavens rolled back just like that and I could see horses

running back and forth with their mane and their tails on

fire, and I am a little five-year-old Texas boy so what I am

seeing is angels but I think that it is horses, and so that is

when all of this really, really, really started.

But I’ll tell you one of the ways that God spoke

to me that preserved this I believe, a voice came

to me later and said, “Don’t get on that pony.”

This is a story you will want to hear.

Don’t get on that pony, so I though what pony?

And he said again, “Don’t get on that pony.”

So my brother a year older than myself, he was born

crippled and we had to pull him around the yard in a little

red wagon because his hip bones didn’t function right,

but see I told my brother I said don’t get on that pony.

I said I don’t know but don’t get on that pony.

Anytime I would be still and quiet that voice would come,

don’t get on that pony.

And sure enough later on my mother now, remember she

is desperate, we got a crippled boy and then me, and so

one day my mother fixed us up a little lunch, and put some

of our clothes in a little box, and she gets me and my

brother and we get in my uncles car and we drive for hours

and hours and hours and sure enough we drive through a

gate and up to, sort of like a ranch house and a lady comes

up with a pony, a little bitty pony and they opened the door

and they said, “Boys get on the pony.”

And me and my brother screamed and scooted

as far over as we can in the car screaming,

“We’re not getting on that pony”

It was an orphan’s home, and that is how they would

take the children from the parents, or from the guardians,

they would bring the little pony up with some

little cap pistols and some little hats and you would

get on the pony and they would ride you away

and then the people would drive away.

Sid: And really, this is hard for me to believe but at

eight-years-old you became an alcoholic?

Bobby: Started drinking, first time I, first time I ever

drank was when I was eight-years-old, I found wine down

in my grandfathers storm cellar and drank it and listen,

the moment I drank it, a de, I was demonized.

Because then I could fanaticize when I was under the

influence and I wasn’t that little poor boy that lived down

the side of the road anymore, I could fanaticize and be

anybody I wanted to be, and I started drinking

shaving lotions, shoe polish, sniffed glue, gasoline,

anything it took to stay stoned.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, hold that thought,

we’ll be cake in a moment and you are going to

find out when he takes a shotgun, puts it in his mouth

and tries to kill himself, don’t go away.

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